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Mike Lieberman, CEO and Chief Revenue ScientistFri, Oct 4, 2013 4 min read

CPA Marketing Secret #5: Video Marketing Drives Purchase Intent

video marketing,social media,inbound marketing,lead generation,buyer behavior,marketing,the new buyer behavior,videos,sleepy hollow, halloweenWhen it comes to the new buyer behavior, video marketing plays an integral role – especially concerning experiences a potential client or customer has yet to encounter.

The fact is, people who watch relevant marketing videos are more likely to purchase what is being offered than when presented with more traditional, less interactive approaches.

For example, as I prepared to book a short October trip this past weekend, there were many hotels and activities to consider. As I browsed, they all sounded great. But with a limited amount of time, it was important to be sure that what I was booking was going to maximize the experience and be worth the time, money and effort.

Luckily, my destination offered a stellar website and gave me an immediate introduction to its history and activity options. There were teaser videos, testimonial reels and additional video content to continue elevating the experience. Without the videos, I would’ve been flying blind. With the videos, my purchasing intent was driven.

The same goes for marketing your professional services. With so many CPA firms around, how can you differentiate yourself from your competitors? What can you do to engage potential leads on another level, driving their interest and trust in your services up so they’ll put their money down?

Because of smartphone technology, creating quality videos is cheap and easily accomplished – a relatively small investment in time and resources to humanize the CPA experience you set out to create for your clients.

Videos also increase conversion rates:

Viewers engage more after watching a video, with clicks for more information increasing by 30-40% and phone inquiries increasing by 16-20%.

When optimized properly, video has a better chance of appearing on the first page of Google results than plain text – a 50 times better chance.

With marketing videos, it is important to be authentic while keeping the material short and relatable. Give your viewers CPA tips, highlight new or remarkable services and always address your prospects’ accounting pains and educate them on how you can solve their pains. Once you create your videos, you are able to share them across all of your online platforms.

Video marketing for your CPA firm plays a huge role in a prospect’s all-encompassing internet search for more information to make a well-informed, confident purchasing decision. You have the opportunity to influence your prospective clients with the inclusion of videos into your marketing effort.

Start Today Tip – If you're having trouble deciding what content to include in your videos, take a few of the blog topics you've created and turn them into videos. These videos should be short, yet informative. Then, intersperse your blog with the videos, providing your audience with multiple channels to consume your content.

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Mike Lieberman, CEO and Chief Revenue Scientist

Mike is the CEO and Chief Revenue Scientist at Square 2. He is passionate about helping people turn their ordinary businesses into businesses people talk about. For more than 25 years, Mike has been working hand-in-hand with CEOs and marketing and sales executives to help them create strategic revenue growth plans, compelling marketing strategies and remarkable sales processes that shorten the sales cycle and increase close rates.