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    Client Reviews

    Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our clients say about what it’s like to work with us.

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    Business Analyst and Project Manager
    Diego Hernandez
    Campbell Property Management
    “We partnered with Square 2 in order to take our marketing strategies and CRM use to the next level and they have been excellent. Their team works in a cohesive and professional manner. They plan every step well in advance and have very open communication with our team.” 
    VP Business Development
    Justin Sherman
    Campbell Property Management
    “Our experience with the Square 2 team has been outstanding. Their Accelerator process in particular is a unique and efficient way to accomplish many initiatives in a short period of time. The deliverables created in just 5 weeks provided analysis, content and strategic recommendations that will drive our Marketing objectives for the next 6 months at least.”
    Customer Success Manager
    Daniela Martos
    PTO Exchange
    “My experience with Square 2 has been excellent. They listen to your needs and ensure that they are met and that we are satisfied with the results. Everything from content creation to executing projects has benefited our start-up business. They always bring different ideas and knowledge to the table, which helps us think outside of the box! Thank you, Square 2!”
    Chief Revenue Officer
    Joe DeRosa
    “Square 2 has been helping with a number of very specific campaigns, including account-based marketing. They’ve uncovered several data-driven recommendations that informed our action plans over the last few months. These recommendations have been very valuable in us seeing improved results month over month."
    3-time Square 2 client!
    Director of Marketing
    Kylie Morrissey
    Healthy Business Group
    “The Square 2 team was organized, fast moving, and helped us flush out creative ideas while keeping in mind what we need to do in order to scale. After the Accelerator we felt that we had a handle on how to use HubSpot, automate emails, share assets, and more. Would definitely recommend to other startups looking to accelerate their marketing initiatives to grow."
    Marketing Manager
    Astrid Hall
    Resolute HR Pros
    “My experience with Square 2 was nothing short of educational and helpful. HubSpot has many aspects to what you can do to help build your business, and the best way to see what HubSpot can do was through my Square 2 training and on-call assistance. Square 2 helped us to streamline internal processes and more effectively learn how to use HubSpot.”
    Managing Partner
    Kevin Fox
    Capstone Group
    “The HubSpot suite can certainly be overwhelming especially for first-time users. From our initial kickoff call through the conclusion of our 1+ month project, the Square 2 team made it easy for us. They did a great job of coordinating and educating various members of our team. They were patient and professional and we never felt like we were ‘on the clock.’ We greatly appreciate their guidance and would highly recommend Square 2 to any firm looking to implement HubSpot.”
    Director, Customer Relationship Management
    Michael Goldenberg
    “Square 2 has helped us with numerous miscellaneous marketing projects as we are new to HubSpot. They deliver what they promise, they are accessible and responsive, and they truly are very good and what they do. Thanks to the whole team there!”
    Digital Marketing Specialist
    Lynn Urback
    CDI (A Michelin Group Company)
    “Working with Square 2 has been and continues to be a great working relationship. They understand our goals, answer timely and are always available to answer questions. I highly recommend them.”
    Marketing Coordinator
    Shumaila Ashraf
    Chandler Asset Management
    “Square 2 is a great professional team. They are excellent in their area of expertise. … They have taken our website to the next level in terms of design and representation. Frank and the team have great knowledge when it comes to strategizing, designing, and shaping the materials. I highly recommend working with Square 2.”
    Christian Hamm
    “Square 2 was spot on from start to finish of our 3-week Accelerator Engagement. They gained a substantial understanding of our business and customer base prior to commencing and their team were complete pros all the way through. I look forward to continued work together and would highly recommend working with them.”
    Senior Director of Business Operations
    Brian Flaim
    “Square 2 is buoyed by an imaginative leadership team, which results in excellent ideas and content. Leadership is strong and organized, which makes for seamless execution of our joint vision. I cannot recommend this team enough.”

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