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    An innovative approach to lead generation drives 600% growth in just months for a garment storage and retrieval software company.

    Planiform chose a systematic marketing approach to launch its automated warehouse solution – and scored over $1 million in new sales.

    Drawing of a machine
    Drawing of a machine
    GOH Hive

    Clothing hanging from ceiling to floor at a warehouse

    A System That Works

    Drawing on 50+ years of experience, Planiform built a fully automated garment on hangers (GOH) solution for better space utilization, efficiency and accuracy than traditional static racks. Planiform wanted marketing strategy, tactics, campaigns and technology that measured up to its inventive achievements while providing an immediate impact on growth.
    Here are some of our deliverables for Planiform:

    An Attractive Message

    Square 2 crafted a story emphasizing the benefits and value propositions of Planiform’s leading-edge GOH solution.
    Planiform new homepage

    Assets To Tell the Story

    We developed attention-grabbing assets to engage and guide prospects through the buyer journey.
    Planiform assets image

    A Homepage That Connects

    Our team delivered an engaging, eye-catching homepage built for conversion.
    Planiform homepage images

    2 Campaign Approaches

    To maximize lead potential, Square 2 built dynamic, focused nurture and account-based marketing (ABM) campaign strategies.
    Planiform campaign assets

    A Disruptive Approach to Direct Mail

    Square 2 created a surprising, playful direct mail campaign, sending piñatas to retailers and inviting them to “Smash the Competition.”
    Planiform direct mailer with piñata

    HubSpot Migration

    We executed a smooth transition to HubSpot’s Marketing and Sales Hubs, optimizing Planiform’s revenue generation efforts.
    Hand holding a cloud

    Dream Big for Big Results

    Within weeks of launching their new messaging and new marketing campaigns, Planiform landed a million-dollar account from a major logistics provider. But that wasn't all. Leads continued to flow in producing multiple six-figure contracts and massive growth for this company.

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