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    Medical device manufacturers have an opportunity to tell a story that’s bigger than their products.

    G&H Orthodontics embraced a dynamic, engaging marketing message that became the foundation for a rejuvenated team culture.

    Drawing of a mouth
    Drawing of a mouth
    tune in to the boom

    tune in to the boom campaign messaging

    Opportunity Knocks

    The growing aligner market presented an exciting opportunity for G&H Orthodontics to expand with tune™, a proprietary and highly effective clear aligner system. The G&H team knew it could provide distributors and dentists with a superior, affordable product powered by more than 40 years of orthodontic expertise. But how could G&H stand out from other aligners?
    Here are some of our G&H Tune campaign deliverables:

    The Message: tune in to the boom

    The Square 2 team drew on the Tune name for inspiration and developed a fresh, playful new messaging approach focused on aligners’ growth potential for distributors. The enthusiastic message and striking design inspired G&H to incorporate “tune in to the boom” into its internal culture, framing every customer opportunity as another chance to grow.
    tune in to the boom messaging

    Digital Demand-Gen Campaigns

    Leveraging G&H’s extensive presence in the orthodontics industry, we crafted email campaigns that put Tune on distributors’ radar.
    tune digital banners

    Assets That Guide the Journey

    The Square 2 team created dynamic, engaging infographics and leave-behinds to debut the new message and Tune’s unique differentiators.
    Educational assets on tune aligners

    Results-Driven Landing Page

    The brand-new tune webpage put Tune’s value propositions front and center, boosting its growth opportunity message and driving conversions.
    Computer screen showing the tune landing page

    Direct Mail → Demo

    To build on initial awareness emails, we developed a two-tiered direct mail campaign featuring earbuds as a gift for hot leads.
    tune direct mail assets

    Bold Trade Show Banner

    G&H took its new message to the trade show floor with a stand-out banner guaranteed to start conversations.
    tune trade show assets

    Remixed Internal Design

    We designed another playful Tune logo to help G&H energize its company culture.
    tune into the boom design

    ‘We Like To Implement It Everywhere’

    G&H embraced “tune in to the boom” within the company to emphasize their core mission to provide exceptional quality and service.

    “We are not approaching our markets or segments in a traditional path. We are not trying to copy anyone. This easy-to-understand, relatable message really helps make the connection between the target audience and G&H, so we continue to drive to the ultimate goals of engaging customers and closing deals.”

    Jim Aycock
    Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Business Development G&H Orthodontics

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