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Lauren Sanders, Senior CopywriterTue, Oct 5, 2021 2 min read

An Ode To Editorial

From Oxford Comma Corrections To AP Title Case, Editors Keep Us On Brand With Style And Grace

When it comes to marketing, creativity reigns king
We value bold images and disruptive storytelling
But while copy and design get all of the credit
Let’s pause to remember – someone still has to edit

Here’s the thing about editors: They get a bad rap
For being nitpicky curmudgeons who think our writing is crap
I’ve been guilty myself of rolling my eyes
When copy comes back again after multiple tries

But the reality is, editors make our work better
And that’s the reason I’m writing this letter
Without editorial, we couldn’t give clients our best
Infographics would suffer; case studies wouldn’t impress

Editors are like sculptors, chiseling art
From the meandering tip sheets and blog posts we start
With suggestions and revisions, they help us to see
Why sentences with 10 words only need three

Because when every word matters, the message is stronger
I’m sure our editor is wondering will this run on much longer?
Sorry to say, I’m not finished yet
There’s another reason we’re all in your debt

Editors do more than keep copy tight
Their work goes beyond the words that we write
They’re responsible too for checking every detail
Making sure hyperlinks and CTAs don’t fail

They click every button, scour every page
When new websites are in the final proofing stage
To ensure we go live without a single mistake
The last line of defense for our clients’ sake

For catching our missteps, for doubling back
To fill in the tiniest vernacular crack
For your attention to brand and every style guide update
Thank you for helping make Square 2 so great!

Of our esteemed editor, I have just one tiny ask
Because I know that you’re ready to take me to task
Yes, much of this poem is in passive voice
But please let it be – it’s a deliberate style choice!

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Lauren Sanders, Senior Copywriter

Lauren is a senior copywriter at Square 2. She originally joined the Square 2 team in 2018. When she left to work on an in-house marketing team at a fintech firm, she always knew she’d come home someday – and she was right. She has a B.A. in English with a concentration in creative writing from Cedar Crest College and an MFA in creative nonfiction writing from Goucher College.