Your B2B Big Story Web Series

A 4-Video Series That Explores How Businesses Can Turn Messaging Into An Advantage

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Episode 1

Bland To Boring: The State Of B2B Messaging 

Hosts: Mike Lieberman, Julie Golden and Bob McCarthy 


Great messaging – we eat it up, honor it and share it freely. It influences nearly every aspect of our world…except for our B2B world. But in a crowded digital space, those that do messaging well hold a clear competitive advantage. In this episode, we’ll discuss why B2B has shied away from creative messaging, why that’s starting to change and how it can be used to tell a cohesive, compelling and memorable story across every touch point.

Episode 2

Differentiating In A Sea Of Sameness
Hosts: Bob McCarthy and Beth Shope (Fractional CMO at Solver Global)


In an increasingly crowded digital market, too many competitors look and sound alike. This is especially true in B2B, which tends to emphasize product over brand. In an effort to differentiate, B2B companies typically fall back on features or quantifiers such as “more,” “better” and “faster.” The problem is that features aren’t usually terribly unique – most products are more similar than different.

Creative messaging – particularly in the B2B space, where it’s underutilized – has the power to separate you from the pack in a memorable way that evokes emotion and quickly tells a compelling story. In this episode, we’ll explore effective messaging and how B2B companies can take advantage of it to differentiate in a sea of sameness. 

Episode 3

Creating Campaigns That Connect
Hosts: Bob McCarthy, KA Breitlow and Sam Lieberman (PTO Exchange)

Messages shouldn’t just live atop your homepage or within an ad. They are a powerful extension of your brand that can be used to bring narrative, creativity and cohesion to complex omnichannel campaigns. In this episode, we’ll discuss how effective messaging can help you make stronger connections with your target audience while creating a seamless and consistent experience that sticks with prospects.

Episode 4

Bringing It All Together – The Benefits Of Building A Community
Hosts: Mike Lieberman and Gary Pica (TruMethods)

Communities are becoming a powerful way for companies and customers to connect, communicate and share. Communities can arise in a place – a physical or digital location – but they can also be something that’s emotional and internalized. In this episode, we’ll speak with Gary Pica to discuss the power and value of communities and what role messaging plays in building them.