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What Is Sales Enablement?

Class Overview:

Sales has become much more complicated over the past few years. It’s harder to get in touch with people, harder to keep their attention and harder to coordinate complex sales with multiple decision-makers. Sales operations helps you bring strategy, tactics, technology and analytics to the sales process. This makes all aspects of sales smarter, more efficient and more effective.


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The Potential Impact Sales Enablement Upgrades Have On Revenue

Class Overview:

You might think your sales effort is locked and loaded, but did you know if you took your close rate from 20% to 40% you’d double your revenue without needing even one more lead? Sales enablement has the potential to help you exceed your sales targets and fuel your company’s growth to new levels.


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10 Little-Known Sales Metrics

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What Content Is Required To Help Sales Be More Effective?

Class Overview:

If your reps are guiding prospects through their buyer journeys, they need to be offering relevant educational content in context to their conversations with prospects. They must be prepared with the right content to answer prospects’ questions, concerns and challenges.


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How To Equip Sales Reps With Quick Access To The Right Content At The Right Time

Class Overview:

Prospects have questions, and a sales rep’s job is to answer those questions quickly and confidently. The better you serve your prospects, the safer they’ll feel and the faster they’ll sign up for your products or services. Quick access to supporting content is the key.


Learn how your CRM should be arming your reps with content.


How To Use Nurtures And Sequences In Your Sales Process

Class Overview:

Not every prospect is ready to buy today. In fact, 90% are not ready. You’ll need highly creative, educational and personalized emails, workflows and sequences to nurture leads throughout their buyer journeys.


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Understanding Exactly What Sales And Marketing Alignment Means To Your Organization

Class Overview:

Sales and marketing alignment is more than just working together. It might mean sharing quotas and goals, it might mean sitting together and it might mean having a service-level agreement (SLA) that defines what each team will do and how they’ll be accountable.


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How Data Drives Better Sales Results And Dramatic Business Outcomes

Class Overview:

What gets measured gets done. If you want to improve sales results, start looking at data. Information uncovers opportunities to improve your sales process, your sales reps, your sales content and your sales follow-up.


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