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8 Benefits of Infographics


{}If you’re not taking advantage of the power of infographics when it comes to your content marketing strategy, you’re seriously missing out! Since 2012, search volumes for infographics have increased over 800 percent—yes, eight hundred! Not only are infographics visually appealing and fun to look at, they’re also an extremely effective marketing tool.

Not sure why? Here are eight benefits of infographics and why you can’t afford to give them a blind eye.

1. They’re Persuasive and Eye-Catching

People love information—especially statistics, numbers, and figures. Infographics are perfect for compiling a lot of data into one easy-to-follow format that’s both nice to look at and persuasive.

Not only will your audience appreciate the flawless format of your information, they’ll also find your information more credible and compelling.

2. They Prove You’re the Expert

When you share your knowledge through an infographic, you’re not only positioning yourself as the expert, you’re also increasing your brand’s credibility. The research required to create a compelling infographic takes time, knowledge, and experience, something your readers don’t have until you give it to them. Readers will appreciate the newfound knowledge and trust you as the expert next time the subject comes up.

3. They Generate More Traffic

If your infographic is beautiful and compelling, it will naturally drive more traffic to your website. Every “click” or “share” is one more person seeing your content, and these days, people are more likely to share visual content. 

Not only will this content be more “shareable,” it’ll also make your brand more memorable.

4. They’re Easily Read, Understood, and Remembered

What’s the point of great content if readers forget what they’ve read seconds after leaving the page? Not only are visuals processed 60,000 times faster than text, but 65 percent of people are visual learners, meaning visuals are one of the best ways to get information across to the reader. 

With infographics, your readers are able to quickly scan the document, understand the message you’re trying to get across, and remember it long after they leave the page.

5. They’re Great for SEO

As mentioned before, visuals are much more “share-worthy” than traditional text content. The nature of an infographic makes people click, like, and share it, leading Google to index your website higher thanks to Google’s “Page Rank” algorithm. 

So, not only are people more likely to share your infographic, Google even sees it as more shareable and will more likely give your page a higher ranking. 

6. They’re Portable and Embeddable

From a more technical perspective, one of the biggest benefits of an infographic is its portable and embeddable design. 

When you include an embed code with your uploaded or posted infographic, other people can then easily share your content by embedding it directly into their webpages. The embedded infographic will then automatically link back to your site, bringing readers from other sites right to you.

7. They EnableYou to Connect with Your Target Audience 

Infographics are aimed at educating or teaching people—not selling. This characteristic allows you to not only educate your audience but also build a relationship with them as well. This is key to selling to today’s buyers. People are much more likely to connect with a brand that has their best interests in mind as opposed to a brand with tons of hard sells. 

With an infographic, you’re sharing information, building a relationship, and creating a potential customer without being pushy.

8. They’re Easy to Track and Analyze 

Last, but definitely not least, infographics are easy to track and analyze. This allows you to monitor the success of your infographic and determine whether it was effective or not. This will also help you build insights as to what type of content your readers want, helping your future infographics succeed.

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