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    Love Growing Your Company

    Learn more about how Square 2’s B2B marketing services are designed to take your revenue generation to the next level.

    The Missing Piece You’ve Been Looking For

    We bring passion and precision to everything we do to help you achieve the growth you’re seeking. Scale your business with a proven revenue generation system, guided by in-depth expertise across our services. Get the B2B marketing expertise you’ve been missing.

    Real Talk, Real Results

    Twenty years ago, Eric and Mike (the two co-founders) started Square 2 with a couple of guiding principles. One, always give people the right advice in a no-fluff way. Whether we work with you or not, you’ll be sure we’re giving it to you straight. We want to help you, not sell to you.

    And two, think before you act. No random acts of marketing, just a thoughtful strategy before tactics approach to helping companies grow revenue. With these two simple ideas, Square 2 is an agency people love working with and love working at.

    Grow Better

    We built a company dedicated to meaningful growth, and we want every client and team member to feel similarly. Our goal is to ensure you love your time with us and that our team loves the work they do. We also want to share that love through our ongoing commitment to charitable endeavors.

    To realize these lofty goals, we’ve created an agency experience like no other. We’re the only agency to offer RGS™, an easy-to-use system to achieve consistent results. And we provide innovative engagement options that deliver those results at the speed that’s right for you. These engagements not only benefit you, they also allow our team to do exceptional work that’s personally and professionally rewarding.

    No Juniors and No Winging It

    You should love the journey to grow your company. Whether you need a project, ongoing help or a jump-start, you’ll work with a team where everyone has over 10,000 hours of experience.

    A better story, increased visitors to your website, a higher conversion rate, more leads, more sales opportunities, a higher close rate, a faster sales cycle, help with your technical projects and more consistent revenue generation — you’ll love working with us.

    Living Our Values

    We know we’re in a position to help others, and our core values call us to support causes that we’re passionate about. Our team members have selected these organizations because they deserve our attention, our time and our financial support.

    If you feel a similar calling to help people who need it the most, please join us in supporting these causes and others.

    Our Core Values Are at
    the Heart of Everything We Do

    These values reflect our commitment to you and each other, and a passion for what we do.

    Love Your Agency

    We carefully weigh all decisions we make as a team to ensure all stakeholders will love their experience with Square 2.
    Chalkboard with S2 inside a heart

    No Fluff

    We always tell it the way it is because honesty and transparency build long-lasting relationships.
    Bunny rabbit

    Remarkable or Nothing

    We go the extra mile to make the work and experiences we provide to clients and team members remarkable and differentiated.
    Person on a tightrope in between jagged mountains

    Always Teaching, Always Learning

    Our core purpose is teaching companies how to grow their revenue. That requires our team to be fanatical about constantly improving our craft.
    Level up video game screen

    Practice What You Preach

    We test and do everything ourselves first before we teach it to our clients.
    Old-school photo of scientist with a colander on his head doing a test

    Team = Family

    We treat our clients and team members like family. We don’t always agree, but we always respect each other.
    Photo of a family on a wall

    Professional and Prepared

    Nothing Less Than Lasting Results

    Learn about how we go beyond basic B2B marketing services to offer an experience our clients will love.
    Marketing Coordinator
    Shumaila Ashraf
    Chandler Asset Management
    “Square 2 is a great professional team. They have taken our website to the next level in terms of design and representation. Frank and the team have great knowledge when it comes to strategizing, designing and shaping the materials."

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