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    Press Release: Square 2 Launches RGS™, the Revenue Generation System

    New Service Helps Businesses Achieve Sustainable Revenue Growth

    PHILADELPHIA – Square 2, a data-driven digital marketing and sales agency dedicated to helping clients grow revenue, is excited to launch a new service called RGS, the Revenue Generation System

    Our industry research reveals that 90% of companies don’t hit their revenue goals month over month because they’re missing a system. RGS includes the process, methodology and tools needed to build repeatable, predictable and scalable revenue growth.

    “Businesses run on systems. You have a system for paying bills, hiring people and making purchases – revenue generation should be no different,” Square 2 CMO Eric Keiles said. “RGS helps you implement a strategic system that brings together your sales, marketing and customer service teams.”

    When you implement RGS, you’re building a powerful system that helps generate revenue today and into the future. Just like EOS® for overall business operations, RGS provides the framework to install a system for your revenue generation efforts.

    “The old playbooks around revenue, marketing, sales and customer service aren’t working anymore,” Square 2 CEO Mike Lieberman said. “It’s time to try something different. It’s time to take a systematic approach to revenue.”

    RGS works because it delivers a coach to help you learn how to gain clear alignment around your go-to-market strategy, a methodology for selecting the right marketing and sales tactics, an organized process for executing campaigns, and technology guidance to automate and analyze overall revenue efforts.

    Since 2003, Square 2 has been using the RGS framework for its clients. Now it’s releasing RGS publicly and enabling clients to use the tools, framework and methodology associated with the system. In addition, an RGS Coach helps companies implement, use and optimize the system over time, delivering results even faster. 

    “We’ve helped business leaders quickly and cost-effectively change the way they’ve approached growing their companies,” Lieberman said. “Our top priority is helping companies learn what’s missing in their revenue efforts and then providing them with the missing ingredients.”

    CEO and Chief Revenue Scientist

    Kristin Stricker, Chief Operating Officer

    The Secret to Generating High-Quality Leads for Your Sales Team


    The Secret to Generating High-Quality Leads for Your Sales Team


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