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    What Prevents Most Companies From Scaling?

    Let’s have an open and honest conversation about random acts of marketing. You know what we are referring to – an earnest attempt to grow your revenue by engaging in a series of disconnected marketing tactics without an overarching strategy. “Let’s try this!” “How about some of this?” And so on…

    What’s the Cure? RGS™, the Revenue Generation System

    How Healthy Is Your Company's Revenue Generation Efforts?

    Grow Your Business With RGS

    What the heck is RGS? It’s a tried-and-true system that fast-growing companies use to organize and prioritize their revenue generation efforts. It includes the sales, marketing and customer service teams all working together to hit the revenue target. RGS has two parts:
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    Before you do anything tactical, you need a killer go-to-market strategy. You have to answer questions like “What’s our Big Story?”, “How are we different from the competition?”, “Who is the perfect client we want to attract?” and “What problems do we solve for them?” That strategy MUST be created before you do any tactical execution, or the results won’t be there.
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    Now that you have a great strategy, RGS allows you to apply a framework and meeting rhythm to execute your plan. Weekly revenue team meetings, 30-day sprint planning and quarterly objectives are all baked into the RGS methodology. It aligns perfectly with your overall company annual goal, three-year goal and BHAG (big hairy audacious goal). And it’s all driven by an RGS Coach who is your company’s advisor, facilitator and guide.

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    of leaders rate their organization as poor or very poor at implementing strategy

    80% (or Better) on 6 Pillars

    If you can’t rate your efforts at least an eight out of 10 in the six critical areas of revenue generation, you have some work to do:


    Install a repeatable, predictable and scalable revenue generation framework and meeting rhythm to ensure you hit your revenue goals month over month.


    Create the Big Story to emotionally connect with the prospects you want to attract and stand out from a crowded marketplace of competitors.


    Identify the marketing tactics required to hit your revenue goals and deploy them in an orchestrated manner across multiple channels (including your website!).


    Take your remarkable story and get it in front of the right prospects with personalized campaigns that leverage multiple tactics to produce leads and sales opportunities.


    Apply HubSpot and supporting technology tools to automate, accelerate and analyze each revenue generation activity.


    Make sure you have the right team (internal and external) to execute on your revenue growth plan.


    • Weekly
    • Monthly
    • Quarterly


    • Personas
    • Story
    • Differentiation


    • Foundation
    • Lead Gen


    • Inbound
    • Outbound
    • Analytics


    • HubSpot
    • Supporting Tools


    • Internal
    • External

    Realize Your Vision of Success

    Your RGS coach will quantify your results every 90 days to make sure results are improving every quarter – no more guessing or hoping.
    No company is perfect and ranks 100% in every area. But if we can achieve continuous improvement, we know we’re on our way to realizing our vision of success!
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    of well-formulated strategies fail due to poor execution

    Hear From Companies That Have Used RGS

    Don’t Take Our Word for It – Read Reviews From People Like You

    Everett Katzen
    Springboard Media
    “RGS completely changed the way we approached growing our business. The framework enabled us to get twice as many projects completed in the same time. This directly impacted our growth rate!”

    Looking for Tips, Resources and Advice Around Revenue Generation?

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    Is RGS Right for My Company?

    RGS is not for every company. If you are looking for a traditional agency relationship where you outsource everything, this is not a fit. This system is for companies that want to learn how to build a powerful marketing machine for today and tomorrow. Our philosophy at Square 2 is more “teach a person to fish” as opposed to “we will do it for you.”

    RGS companies that excel typically have these qualities:

    • Business-to-business model
    • High ticket average/large engagement size
    • Long sales cycle
    • Complex sales
    • Engaged in some form of company strategy and planning
    • Using or interested in the marketing automation platform HubSpot

    But most importantly, successful RGS companies:

    • Are STRATEGIC, not tactical
    • Have PATIENCE to let RGS gain traction
    • VALUE investing in sales and marketing (both effort and budget) as the key growth driver
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    of leaders acknowledge that their firms often struggle to bridge
    the gap between strategy formulation and its day-to-day implementation

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