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2018 Planning Tips: Steps To Ensuring Sales And Marketing Alignment

Next Year Is The Year Marketing And Sales Come Together As One Team

Nothing is more annoying and frustrating than the age-old debate among sales and marketing folks. Marketing thinks sales doesn’t follow up on the leads they generate, and sales doesn’t think marketing generates any high-quality leads.

For years, this was just an accepted state of the union. Over my career, I’d like to think I did my part to break down the barriers by spending time with sales, visiting prospects with them, giving them an opportunity to share their experiences and using that feedback to create more sales-friendly marketing campaigns.

But today there’s still too much misalignment. Next year must be the year you break down the walls and perfectly align sales and marketing to produce revenue growth and business results for your company.



Make An Awesome Customer Experience Your Ultimate Marketing Tool

A marketer’s job is to carefully evaluate, prioritize and execute a set of marketing and sales tools to drive leads and revenue. When you’re focused on marketing that drives revenue, an awesome customer experience may be the greatest tool to have in your arsenal.

That’s because your customers become advocates, and your advocates become a part of your marketing. They even start doing some of your marketing for you. This is called advocacy marketing.

It’s pretty amazing – and it makes total sense.



2018 Planning Tips: Inbound Marketing’s Role In Demand Generation Plans

You Need Inbound Marketing As Part Of Your 2018 Demand Generation Strategy

In 2017, there was a dramatic drop in focus on inbound marketing tactics and an equally dramatic increase in more proactive marketing-awareness-related tactics. As you move into 2018 and start doing planning for next year, youre going to want to look carefully at the mix of tactics in your plan.

When you look at Google Trends data, inbound marketing is still a highly searched term, while demand generation is searched much less frequently. But conversations with CEOs and CMOs show businesses are much more interested in a proactive demand generation methodology than an inbound methodology.



2018 Planning Tips: Step Up Your Social Media Game To Grow Revenue

Shift Your Focus From Publication To Promoting And You’ll See Lift

Digital marketing gurus everywhere are still desperately trying to figure out what to do with social media. Everyone agrees that its an excellent vehicle for getting your message out (especially if youre a B2C company), but do you create social media lead generation? The jury is still out.

Yes, you can run fun campaigns and drive a ton of likes, follows, friend requests and connections, but how valuable is all of this? How does campaign success like this impact revenue growth, and how do you calculate ROI on metrics like friends and followers? These are great questions to ask.



2018 Planning Tips: Content Marketing Converts Visitors Into Leads And Leads Into Customers

Answer Questions, Understand Prospects Concerns And Educate, Educate, Educate To Drive Revenue

Youre going to be creating content in 2018, but what content, for whom and in what formats?

These are all questions that you need to answer before you type even one word. Writing content to simply have content is a waste of time. If your content marketing is not turning visitors into leads, leads into sales opportunities and sales opportunities into new customers, why do it?

Content marketing that works always comes from a well-thought-out, orchestrated content strategy. When you look at all of the places content lives, its no wonder an orchestrated strategy is the difference between success and failure. You have content on your website pages, you have content offers on your site, you have content in your lead nurturing campaigns and you have content in your educational email campaigns. You have content in the sales process, and you have content that is designed to help with awareness, consideration and decision-making.



2018 Planning Tips: Website Upgrades To Drive Lead Generation

Everyone Has A Website, But Hardly Anyone Has A Website That Generates A High Volume Of High-Quality Leads

I want you to go look at your company website. What do you see? Do you see compelling, emotional and disruptive messaging that tugs at your heartstrings and motivates you to act?

Do you see a variety of offers for people at all stages of the buyer journey? Do you see a compelling bottom-of-the-funnel offer that is not take a demo? Do you see a site that is easy to navigate? Do you see a site that works just as well on phones and tablets as it does on laptops?

I hope youre good to go on all these aspects of your site. But if your site is like most of the sites we see all day every day, several of the aspects mentioned above could use an upgrade. Now that 2017 is coming to an end, you should be planning aggressively to make those upgrades early in 2018.

Keep in mind that your site is much more than a collection of pages that prospects look at. Your site impacts how you rank on Google. Your site impacts how your prospects view you even after they get into the sales process. Your site is at the top of your funnel. In 2018, make sure you have that strategic perspective on your website and invest in it accordingly.


2018 Planning Tips: Getting Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Results Ramped Up

ABM Is Much Harder Than Select, Target, Email: See What You Might Be Missing

Account-based marketing (ABM) is like email marketing was in the early 2000s and like inbound marketing was in 2010. Today, everyone and their brother wants to do account-based marketing, and they think (like all of the other options) this is finally the answer to their lead generation prayers. Guess again!

Yes, ABM is a highly effective tactic if planned, built and deployed correctly. No, ABM should not be your only approach to marketing. It needs to be orchestrated with a collection of other supporting and relevant marketing tactics if you’re expecting it to produce enough leads to drive your revenue goals.



2018 Planning Tips For Demand Generation Improvement

When It Comes To B2B Demand Generation, All Demand Is Good Demand

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, blog authors like me are going to be writing tons of content to get you ready for 2018. Since I don’t want to be left behind, I have a series of articles with 2018 planning in mind. Now is the perfect time to start looking at what you’re doing, what youre planning on doing and applying some upgrades to produce better results.

Of course, you should expect a demand generation agency to provide remarkable planning tips, including recommendations that we’ve already proven to produce lift. They will be cross-functional tips, meaning not only marketing-related ideas but also sales-related, revenue-related and strategy-centric ideas. Most importantly, these 2018 planning ideas will be steeped in the science of revenue, apply a formulaic approach to driving revenue and, if executed correctly, produce a scalable, repeatable and predictable revenue machine for your business.



2 Sales Enablement Upgrades For Today To Close More Customers Tomorrow

Sales Enablement Improvements Are Key To Dramatic Results In Days, Not Months

Over the past few months we’ve been doing some testing with a new sales process tool that allows us to look more closely and leverage the data to review a company’s entire funnel for full click-to-close analysis. The most interesting part of this review is we see almost every company has challenges at the back of the funnel.

This means they either struggle to close a high percentage of proposals or they’re not able to move qualified leads through the funnel and down to the proposal stage. Both of these funnel challenges present opportunities to upgrade and improve revenue generation efforts without having to move one stitch of marketing.



Pick Your Side Dishes Carefully When Practicing B2B Demand Generation

The Website Gets A Lot Of Attention, But The Supporting Tactics Drive B2B Demand Generation And Leads

Thanksgiving is coming up tomorrow, and it’s one of my favorite holidays, with family, friends, good food and football. Of course, we also get to argue the virtues of high-quality lead-generating marketing vs. get-your-name-out-there marketing.

Regardless of how you think about demand generation, this gives me a chance to compare the wide variety of supporting marketing tactics to the sides at a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

We believe strongly that the key to driving revenue in a scalable, repeatable and predictable manner is to properly configure (or orchestrate) the wide variety of marketing and sales tactics required to create, manage and optimize this revenue machine. Just like Thanksgiving dinner, you have the turkey as the star, but the most memorable meals feature amazing supporting dishes. Revenue generation works the same way.