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How Buyer Journey Mapping Is Becoming The New Revenue Growth Strategy Platform

Marketing Not Generating Enough Leads? Your Prospect Experience Is Broken

We hear it every day. Is it your website? Is it your content? Is it your email campaigns, social media or search engine optimization efforts? No. Well, partially no. Yes, those aren’t working, but there is a reason.

Your marketing isn’t generating enough leads because you don’t have a comprehensive revenue generation strategy as the foundation for those tactics mentioned above.

You are partially correct when you say your website isn’t working right, but it’s not because the website is designed improperly or built incorrectly. It’s because the website has the wrong story (or no story). It’s because you content isn’t answering the right question (or any question) for your prospects. And it’s because you have no overarching orchestration to all of your marketing and sales tactics.



What Is Customer Marketing?

Your Customers Need To Be An Active Asset In Designing A Proactive Revenue Growth Program

Too many labels already exist for different types of marketing. I’m not trying to introduce a new one, but I am shining a light on an area of marketing that rarely gets enough attention.

Marketing targeted to your existing customers is one of the first places we look for revenue when we start with a new client.

One of our partners, Influitive, defines customer marketing as “activities designed to drive retention, loyalty, advocacy, growth and community participation for current customers. The strategy, which is different from marketing with the goal of acquiring new customers, relies heavily on maximizing strong customer relationships.”

This type of marketing is more and more important. As all of our businesses become more transparent, making sure your customers are having amazing experiences with your firm is key.


How Agile Marketing Turned Into Agile Sales And Now Agile Revenue Generation

The Pace Of Change In Marketing And Sales Is Accelerating: What Are You Doing About It?

Agile Marketing and Agile SalesNone of us can get to every conference, but when I have the pleasure of attending one of the year’s best conferences, I like to share those experiences with all of you.

I recently returned from one of the best conferences, SiriusDecisions’ annual summit in Austin, Texas. This is my second time attending and our agency’s third. This is the first time we exhibited. What I love about this conference is the high level of attendee (CEOs, CMOs and VPs of both marketing and sales) and a heavy focus on technology solutions.

What I also love about this conference is the level of thought leadership shared by the SiriusDecisions team. If you don’t know this company, I like to refer to them as the Gartner of sales and marketing.



24 Remarkable Statistics Prove Digital Transformation Is The Secret To Revenue Generation

If Youre Not Working On This Now, You Can Be Sure Your Competitors Are Ahead Of You

We’re a strategic revenue growth agency. All that means is we try to help our clients rise above the ocean of marketing tactics and look more holistically at how they’re making each prospect’s buyer journey easier, more educational and more personal.

It also means helping our clients understand how that ties directly to driving them to exceed their revenue goals month in and month out.

This always includes looking at marketing, sales and customer service for ways to improve the experience for prospects and customers. It means knowing what to say to whom and when to say it. That’s the strategy. But there is much more.



How Many Touches Does It Take To Close A New Customer?

The World May Never Know, Because Only You Know Your Customer

If you’re old enough, you get the subtle references to the old Tootsie Pop commercial that showed a wise old owl and a young boy discussing how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop. The owl attempts to find out but can’t wait and bites the candy to get to the chocolaty inside.

If you want to see the old commercial, click here to watch it.

A similar age-old question challenges marketing and salespeople to this day: How many touches does it take to turn a prospect into a customer?



Social Media For Sales 101: 5.5 Killer Results-Producing Strategies You Can Use Right Now

Sales Teams Can Use Social Media To Drive Much More Than Appointments

We all get awful emails in our social media inboxes. These messages come with questions like, “Can I get five minutes of your time?,” “Would you like to see a demo of our software?” and “My CEO is going to be in your area; does Tuesday at 10 a.m. work for you?”

Today, it seems like hardly anyone is using social media in a constructive, helpful, educational and prospect-centric way.

Instead, most people, internal marketing teams and agencies seem to think social media is simply a superhighway for the worst of what marketing is today. Send out a thousand connect emails, and hopefully you’ll get one or two people to take you up on the offer.



Sales Enablement Should Focus First On Improving The Prospect’s Experience

If You Want To Close More Deals, Give Prospects More

With more and more people talking about, asking about and working on sales enablement, it’s good to know what’s at the heart of this new type of sales improvement technique.

Ultimately, any sales-related improvements should be designed to produce a higher close rate and a shorter sales cycle. Sales enablement work is no different.

But sales enablement (done right) isn’t directly about asking better questions. It’s not about any specific sales process. It doesn’t include reaching out on LinkedIn or using a secret email that everyone responds to.



How To Create Content Strategies That Improve The Customer Experience

Your Content Needs To Be Part Of A Holistic Approach

Billions of pieces of content are produced annually. But just as much of that content is generic and indistinguishable, the content strategies that produce it tend to be half-baked or, even worse, nonexistent.

The content craze has reached a point where most businesses are creating content without any real purpose or thought. Content has become an obligation everyone feels they need to fulfill rather than a powerful tool that uses strategy to marry customer needs and business goals.



Want More Leads? The Top 6 Conversion Optimization Tips For Your Homepage

These Simple Homepage Upgrades Can Drive Big Growth In Lead Numbers

I’ve probably looked at (for the sake of evaluation) over 25,000 homepages.

We end up working with many of those companies to help improve their sites, so I’ve had the benefit of watching as our recommendations and upgrades produce the desired results.

Today, we evaluate and provide website homepage recommendations to almost anyone who contacts us. A lot of those recommendations are similar, and all are designed to produce improved results. 



Marketing Strategy And Planning Has Changed So Dramatically You Won’t Recognize It

Gone Are 12-Month Plans, Dedicated Strategy Time And A Defined Set Of Deliverables

For 15 years prior to Square 2, I worked in corporate marketing.

Every October and November, we cleared the decks and worked on the upcoming year’s marketing strategy and plan. It took weeks to get the plan together, it was comprehensive and then it required a presentation to the management team for approval.

Once approved, the book went on the shelf, and I admit that I rarely looked at the plan again.