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Smash The Funnel For Consistent, Scalable And Predictable Revenue Growth

Say Goodbye To The Funnel As A Model For Driving Revenue

You might have noticed we’ve been talking a lot about revenue and the new buyer behavior, and that’s forming our thinking around how to proactively influence, manage and expedite revenue at B2B companies today.

You might have also noticed that this blog, which used to be called the Revenue Generator, is now called Smash The Funnel. This is going to be a consistent change to our branding, our content and our approach to revenue generation, both in the content we produce and in our approach with prospects and clients.



How Funnel Metrics Apply To The New Cyclonic Buyer Journey

Buyer Behavior Has Changed So Dramatically That You Have To Forget The Old Funnel

We’ve been writing a lot about and talking to a lot of clients about the changing buyer behavior and the impact that change is having on the old funnel thinking. Lately, we’ve been talking internally about smashing the old funnel and introducing the cyclone model that shows how buyers are cycling through a more complicated and confusing buyer journey.

If you don’t remember (or didn’t see) the article that introduced the new cyclonic buyer journey, click here to check it out.

If you buy into this new thinking around the buyer journey, then you also need to start rethinking how sales and marketing execution needs to be altered to better influence prospects as they work through the chaos and cycles associated with the new model.



Technical SEO Upgrades Drive 20% Increase In Organic Visitors In 30 Days

Everyone Is Looking For Quick Wins; Here’s One That Drives Leads

Your website might be holding back your entire lead generation program. Yep, that’s right, your website. Not the words on the site, not the design of the site and not the flow of the site. The technical SEO (search engine optimization) underpinnings of the site might be preventing you from ranking as highly as you could.

That’s what we found when we started digging into the technical optimization of our own site. We already had a great site that was driving new visitors and leads every month. But because our site is old (the domain is over 15 years old) and the site has undergone several design and content changes over the years, technical challenges with the site were putting downward pressure on its ability to rank.



The One Secret Sales Enablement Upgrade To Change Your World Forever

You Can Implement This Change Today And Start Closing More New Customers Tomorrow

People always ask us how they can get more leads. Then they ask us how their salespeople can be more efficient and close deals faster. But when we start to do our diagnostics and apply our software to really see how to move the needle, there is one area of the traditional funnel where we can have big impact.

Just because your prospects are asking for your proposal, agreement or recommendation doesn’t mean you’re getting a new customer. But you worked hard to get them down into the bottom of your funnel, and it would be a shame to lose them now. So the one big sales enablement secret we’re going to share with you today is….



Is Marketing And Sales Alignment A Non-Starter At Your Company?

10 Reasons Why A Lack Of Marketing And Sales Alignment Is Killing Your Chances To Get Leads And Grow Revenue

I get it; most companies still have their marketing and sales functions split between two teams with two leaders. It’s partly due to legacy thinking and also probably coming from the people on those teams. Change is hard, and it’s always easier to just keep doing what you’re already doing.

But if you’ve noticed that it’s hard to close new customers, harder to generate new leads and even more difficult to differentiate your business within your industry, then it might be the perfect time to try something different at your company.



Why Content Marketing Should Be A Company-Wide Responsibility

The Power Of Internal Expertise Is Massive

Creating content is a huge initiative for your marketing team. But wait, what if this is more than a marketing initiative? It should be.

Your marketing team (or the digital marketing agency you work with) can do a great job creating content for your company. An internal content team can create and deliver content for your company, too.

But consider for a minute the huge amount of expertise you have locked up in your company. What if you could unlock that domain expertise and turn it into a steady stream of educational, engaging and lead-generating content that helps you gain new customers? Here are some ways to get your company to start thinking like a content creation factory.



3 Phrases You Never Want To Hear From Your Digital Marketing Agency

And 3 Phrases You Do Want To Hear As Often As Possible

The pool of people and companies available to help you with your company’s demand generation, inbound marketing and sales execution is bigger than ever before. Sifting through all of these companies (and the people who work there) is more challenging and more confusing than ever before.

A digital marketing agency that looks similar on paper (or the web) to its competitors might be dramatically different when you pull back the covers. However, you have to decide which agency you want to work with long before you get to truly see the inner workings. We’ve made it our mission to help you make the best, most educated decision by providing the materials that help you uncover an agency’s true nature long before you hire them.



The 3 Simplest Ways To Drive More Visitors To Your Website

Search Engine Algorithms Are Highly Complex, But These Tried-And-True Traffic Generation Tips Work

Everyone knows the more people you get to your website, the more leads you’ll usually generate and the more sales opportunities your sales team will see. Then, if you have a sales process that is repeatable, you’ll get the big wins, more closed deals and more new revenue.

But if you want to drive more visitors to your website, it’s not easy. We see client sites every day that languish at the same level month over month despite the company’s marketing crew doing several visitor-driving tactics. What’s up?



Agile Marketing Is NOT About Speed; It’s About Knowing What To Do Next

Revenue Generation Is Complicated, But Agile Helps You Get Their Faster

Most of the marketing teams I’ve worked with prior to starting Square 2 Marketing were in a constant state of chaos. It might have been organized chaos, but it was chaos nonetheless. Multiple campaigns, multiple priorities, multiple opinions, multiple directions from multiple people and everyone thought they were a marketing expert. Sound familiar?

You’ll find few microwavable marketing tactics that instantly produce results. Most of the tactics take time to gain traction. Today, people need to see your stuff between seven and 12 times before it registers. People are distracted and have a short attention span. For your message, content and tactics to cut through the clutter, they need to be excellent. The only way you get to excellent is with solid thinking, planning, strategy and creativity.



How To Use Directories To Find The Right Digital Marketing Agency

Knowing What Tools To Use When And How To Use Those Tools Is Key

You’re looking for a digital marketing agency to help you with marketing, sales and revenue generation. That’s great, and it’s a smart choice. Marketing and sales are so complex today that they require expertise, methodology and an understanding of data to bring strategy, tactics and execution together to drive revenue.

A number of good tools are available to help you in your selection process. Certainly, the agencies you’re talking to are also a good source of information to help you.

References are another obvious source of high-quality and objective information. Online reviews offer some insight, but just like restaurant reviews, you never really know the source of the review, and some could be from disgruntled customers.