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Let Your Marketing Team Go, Lay Off Your Sales Reps, Fire Your Marketing Agency AND...

Replace It All With A Revenue Team And Revenue Growth Model

A few weeks ago, I read a blog article from a VP of marketing who was sharing how they track and manage each tactic in their own marketing portfolio.

While the metrics aspect of the article is interesting, and more data than ever before is certainly available, this tactic-by-tactic approach to marketing is exactly how I ran marketing at my software company over 20 years ago.

Therein lies the challenge. You can’t do what you did 20 years ago and expect it to work today.



6 Super-Fast Ways Video Improves Your Close Rate For Highly Qualified Prospects

Sales Is Undergoing Its Own Digital Transformation; Get On Board Now!

Marketing is changing faster than ever before. Email marketing, social media, websites, search and content have been in hyper-growth modes for the past few years. Even for agencies specializing in digital, it can be challenging to keep up with all of the changes.

To make revenue generation even more challenging, sales is getting into the game, too. Today, how we sell looks nothing like how we sold even 12 months ago.

Video is one of the tools quickly becoming a mandatory element in the sales process.



A Quick Start Guide To What’s New In Website Optimization

Digital Marketing Is Changing At Breakneck Speed; Don’t Be Left Behind

If your website is more than 24 months old and you haven’t been making ongoing changes or upgrades to the site, it’s likely underperforming dramatically.

If you’re watching the site performance and the visitor numbers are not increasing month over month and/or the site-wide conversion rate is not increasing month over month, you’re not actively optimizing the site correctly.

If you haven’t checked your rankings on search engines and tried adding new conversion tools like chat and video, youre probably losing potential prospects to your competitors.



4 DIY Strategies For Generating Website Traffic

Help People Find Your Site With These Tips

Your new website finally went live. Congratulations!

After spending countless days and sleepless nights building your site from scratch, you’re finally ready to open the doors and let people in. But there’s just one problem:

You have no idea where to start when it comes to generating traffic.



Brewing A Potent Content Strategy: 5 Questions You Must Ask

Effective Content Marketing Starts With Knowing Where To Focus

Content is the lifeblood of successful marketing.

But your content “strategy” has to be a lot more than simply “let’s create some content and see what sticks.” Expecting great results from content developed without carefully developed strategy is a lot like throwing random ingredients into a pot and expecting delicious craft beer to be the end result.

To create potent content that drives results, you need a detailed strategy. Your content strategy gives you the focus you need to actually get the powerful results you’re craving from content.



'Sell' Is A Dirty Word: A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Replace Selling

Look Up Sell In The Dictionary – Its A Dirty Word: Embrace The Evolving Nature Of Sales And Make Major Changes Today

I’m sure this article will generate come conversation. Some people will passionately agree, and other people will passionately disagree.

Whether you agree with my commentary or not, few positive definitions are associated with the word sell.

Go ahead, look it up. Here are some definitions from the Oxford English Dictionary:

Sell – Give or hand over (something) in exchange for money. ... Persuade someone of the merits of. ... Trick or deceive (someone). Click here to see for yourself.

The first definition has the connotation of value in exchange for money (something people work hard to hold on to). It’s certainly an adversarial definition, at best. At worst, it puts the person with the money at odds with the person who wants it.



Want A Quick Spike In Leads From Marketing? Try A Buyer Journey Methodology Map

A Map Helps You Get Where Youre Going; A GPS Works Even Faster And Better

If you’re not getting enough leads, no worries. If you’re getting leads but you need more leads, no worries. If you’re not getting any leads and you don’t know why, no worries.

If you think a single tactic is going to drive a quick spike in leads, think again.

No easy buttons exist in marketing or sales. You wont find secret tactics that you buy to get leads.

We have a guaranteed way to help you turn your lead generation frown upside down. Well show you a step-by-step guide for orchestrating your marketing activities differently to drive more leads.



Why We Don’t Use The F-Word At Square 2 Marketing Anymore

The Traditional Sales Funnel Is Over 100 Years Old, And Its Time For Retirement

No, I’m not talking about the curse word that starts with F. I’m talking about funnel, and we’re no longer using the word funnel internally or externally with clients because it doesn’t illustrate anything close to the process your prospects are going through when making a purchase decision.

I also believe that continuing to think of the buyer journey as three simple stages, with gravity contributing to pulling people through, is a major contributor to the challenges people are having with their marketing and sales execution, as well as setting expectations around results.

Since we’re not talking about the f***** anymore, then what are we talking about?



A Simple Way To Perfectly Blend Inbound Marketing And Outbound Marketing

Inbound, Outbound, Upbound Or Downbound: Who Cares What You Call It

The days of pure inbound marketing are over. It’s rare these days that we’re working with any clients on engagements that don’t include a strategically designed set of tactics that span across a variety of marketing approaches.

But that doesn’t mean when CEOs, CMOs and VPs start working with us there isn’t an active conversation about the mix of proactive outreach tactics (like ABM) and more reactive tactics (like conversion rate optimization).

The key to figuring this out is revenue strategy.



Marketing Regulations? Coming To America!

GDPR In California, The Future Of Marketing Will Be REGULATED!

It was just a matter of time. In this article, published on April 12 of this year, we predicted the U.S. would start considering, and certain states would likely be passing, GDPR-related regulations and legislation.

While we hate being right when it makes all our jobs more challenging, regulation and legislation are coming. You had better be prepared, or you run the risk of taking at least a few steps back on lead generation and support of your sales efforts.

As marketers, we have to take some responsibility for this. We harassed, over-marketed and took advantage of the tools and data provided to us.