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Prediction #3 — Shortcuts On The Creation Of Inbound Marketing Tactics Impact Performance

There Is No Easy Button When It Comes To Inbound Marketing, So Stop Looking For It

I get it; people are always looking for shortcuts. However, I’ve seen a major influx of new services, software and apps that appear to be cutting too many corners.

No, I don’t want an e-book created simply by having you look at my website. That’s not going to produce leads; it’s only going to give me a crappy e-book to give to prospects. The e-book will likely disappoint them and not get them to feel safe and hire me.

Resist the urge to cut corners next year. No, we can’t build you a 50-page website in two weeks if you want the site to support your prospects' buyer journey and get them to convert into leads for your sales team.



Prediction #2 — Marketing Strategy Remains A Missing Element From Inbound Marketing Programs

2017 Continues With Companies Skipping Inbound Marketing Strategy And Executing Disconnected Tactics

I write about this every year hoping it will change, but it never does. Companies don’t value strategy, don’t want to pay for it, don’t want to work on it and don’t even want to talk about it. Yet its quality and presence within an inbound engagement is a direct predictor of inbound lead generation success.

So many factors contribute to this habitually absent element of almost every inbound marketing program that we’re asked to comment on. I recognize the complexity of attempting to get a company to change its messages, tell different stories and actually operate in a remarkable way. But if you want leads, it’s not an optional element — it's mandatory.



Video Becomes Prominent In Content Marketing And Inbound Marketing

2017 Prediction #1 – Video Becomes Mandatory Within Inbound Marketing Campaigns

No earth-shattering revelations here. Video marketing is already insanely popular as a content type, but going forward short, homemade snippets for use on social, web, mobile and email are going to be much more popular as vehicles to carry your story and engage your prospects.  

The major change that has been going on and will continue to go on is that video is becoming much more mainstream. No more need for expensive production resources, professional video resources or complex shoots. Don’t get me wrong, there will always be a place for the professional corporate video. However, when it comes to inbound marketing and content creation, the homemade variety of video can produce results with only a small investment — making the ROI extremely attractive.



An Early Holiday Gift Filled With 2017 Inbound Marketing Predictions

Inbound Marketing And Inbound Sales Accelerate The Pace Of Change Next Year

While I’m not going to tell you I know exactly what’s going to happen next year, I do have enough experience to give you some insight into the trends and challenges we’ve seen this year that are setting up to have major impacts on what might transpire in 2017.

They key for you is to be aware of what’s going on, understand the speed at which the transitions and evolutions are progressing, and then make decisions based on these changes. I’m a big believer in having a plan A, plan B and, in some cases, a plan C.

If for some reason cold-calling became hyper effective (don’t worry), at least we would be prepared to start moving some effort into this suddenly highly effective tactic. But if I have no idea it's coming, I would be ill-equipped to make that move. Consider the next 12 predictions as a “heads up” as to what might be coming in the foreseeable future. Enjoy!



Purchase Decisions Rely Heavily On Emotions

A lot of similar products are on the market. In fact, some are basically the same thing, only with a different logo. So why do you choose one brand of shampoo over the other? Let's be honest, they all clean your hair. Maybe you choose certain things out of habit because you've been using them since you were little. Or, maybe your purchase decisions reflect how the brand positions itself in the marketplace.

Let's go over a couple of companies that are doing things to separate themselves from similar brands. The separation circles around one common factor: emotion.



A Look Back At 2016 Predictions Around Inbound Marketing — Part Two

We had so many predictions about 2016 that it's taking me two articles to cover them all. If you missed yesterday’s article, check it out. It covers half of the 14 predictions we made at the end of last year about 2016 and, honestly, I’m batting about .300. I guess that’s not too bad considering I did attempt to go all-out with some fairly aggressive predictions.

In this article, we’ll cover the remaining seven predictions from last year and evaluate my performance again. As you start to think about your plans for 2017, try to keep these trends and predictions in mind. You want to take advantage of these trends and be prepared for them. You don’t want them happening to you; you want to have them happen for you.



A Look Back At 2016 Predictions For Inbound Marketing

It’s the first day of December and this month is filled with tons of predictions, forward-looking thoughts and prognostications. I certainly have plans to share my own thoughts on what to expect in 2017, but before I do that I thought it would only be right to look back at the predictions I made a year ago for 2016 and see how I did.

I like to hold my team accountable for results and I expect our clients to hold us accountable for results. The least I can do is be accountable for those ideas I had last year. Did they come true? How accurate was I? Did I miss the side of the barn entirely? By the way, I was very aggressive last year, making 14 bold predictions. It will take me a couple of articles to get through all of them before I move on to what to look for in 2017.



New World Headquarters Built To Focus On The Scientific Study Of Inbound Marketing And Inbound Sales

HubSpot’s Largest Partner Opens New Office With A Focus On Repeatable, Scalable And Predictable Revenue Generation

Square 2 Marketing, an inbound marketing agency, has moved into its new office in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. The new office space provides team members in the Philadelphia region and those working remotely the tools they need to continue driving the company’s growth, but more importantly helps the team to continue driving revenue for its clients.



Why Black Friday Offers Insight Into Inbound Marketing For B2B Businesses

The Data Points To A Dramatic Shift In Buyer Behavior – Take Advantage Of It!

You’ve been thinking about this for a while. You know the trade shows you attend don’t produce the business they used to. You know the calls your sales team makes are less and less effective each month.

You’re not even sure why you do email marketing because the results are so low. Your website hasn’t changed much over the past few years. Still, you need to know what to do differently, and that’s been challenging.



What Is DNS Propagation And How Does It Work?

An Easy-To-Understand Overview

You've probably heard the term "DNS propagation" before, but aren't quite sure what it means. Don't worry, you're not alone. DNS propagation is a complicated subject, and to fully understand it you need to know how the internet works. In this blog, I'll provide an easy-to-comprehend overview of the internet and DNS propagation.