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Content Marketing Has Never Been More Important — Here’s Why

Publishing Has To Pick Up For Customers, Prospects, Partners, Friends And Family

You may have noticed a ton of content being published, primarily on social media, and it’s not by accident. Content marketing is more important to your lead generation efforts than ever before.

People are out there looking for information related to your company, products and services. But they’re not all ready to jump on a call and talk to a sales rep.

Today, perhaps more than ever, they’re looking at you from the shadows, cautiously educating themselves about your company and all of your competitors.



How The Team At Square 2 Has Always Been Built For Rapid Response

Not All Agencies Are Created Equally, And Not All Agencies Are Going To Weather The Storm

Now more than ever, you need a digital agency with a distributed team, solid financial footing, long-tenured team members, access to trusted resources, a proven methodology and an engagement model focused on delivering results at lightning-fast speed.

If you’ve pared down your internal marketing team, if you delayed your plans to hire marketing people or if you’re uncertain about the next few months, you should still be planning on investing in your ability to generate leads, create new sales opportunities and close new business.



How A Virtual Trade Show Booth Could Save Your Trade Show Season

Now Is The Time To Rethink Your Entire Event Marketing Strategy

The companies that emerge from these uncertain times strong are those that quickly pivot their business strategy, including the marketing and sales that go with it.

Most of us expected to attend at least a handful of events, trade shows and conferences this year. Over the past few years, live events have exploded as an opportunity to meet prospects, introduce new products, close deals, entertain customers and build your brand.

Even when we go back to working at offices, large gatherings like trade shows will remain on the shelf. Now is the time to start aggressively moving toward digitally transforming your marketing to match today’s new normal.



What Is Content Syndication? Why It Works Now More Than Ever

You Created Content, But Now What? Content Syndication Allows You To Share That Content With The World

Now the size of your brain is more important than the size of your wallet. You have to be smart to leverage every asset in your marketing campaign bag of tricks.

Content syndication is one of those tricks that gets very little attention but can pull a lot of leads without you having to create new content marketing assets.

Content syndication means republishing the same piece of content, like an article, a video, an infographic or an e-book, on one or more different websites.

Publications, community websites and even industry associations like to syndicate content because it helps them give fresh information to their readers and members. You can benefit from this demand generation tactic since it gets your brand and your content in front of prospective customers.



5 Sales Upgrades You Need Right Now To Help Your Company Thrive In 2020

To Close Deals Now And Through The Rest Of 2020, You Have To Look Closely At How You Sell

This is a crazy time for most businesses. But we can’t give up, give in or run and hide. The businesses that survive, and then ultimately thrive, are the ones that adapt and push through.

We’ve seen this over and over again during post-9/11 and the 2008 financial crisis. This will come to an end, and the proactive companies will emerge stronger than ever.

This is especially relevant for sales and marketing. A week ago, we did an article on how to adapt your marketing strategy in the wake of canceled events, like trade shows and conferences.

Today we look at sales. If you can’t travel, if you can’t meet prospects face to face, if prospects are scared and if companies are more cautious than before, what can you do to keep closing new business?



Everything You Need To Know About Sales Compensation

Not All Sales Comp Plans Are Effective At Driving Sales Rep Behavior

Updated March 19, 2020 - Did you know 43% of sales reps would be willing to leave their companies for a 10% salary increase?

Compensation is an important factor in attracting and retaining employees, especially in sales. Imagine if almost half of your sales team left the company because of a poorly designed compensation plan.

When establishing a sales compensation plan for your company, you need to pick one that’s going to benefit both your employees and your organization. Sales reps do what you pay them to do.

Choosing the best plan will motivate your sales people to work toward your business’ overall goals.  



8 Of Your Sales Team’s Biggest Challenges And How To Solve Them

Recently Updated - No company is exempt from sales challenges. Even the most high-performing sales teams face obstacles in developing buyer relationships and effectively communicating with prospects and customers.

What sets successful companies apart is their ability to strategically overcome these sales challenges. They have marketing and sales teams who work together, and they have shared goals, KPIs and metrics.

Here’s how you can achieve something similar at your company.



Shift To Customer Communication And Outreach During Challenging Times

Marketing To Customers Is Just As Important As Marketing To Prospects, Now More Than Ever

Not many companies have a crisis communication plan in place and ready to go just in case. After all, if you’re a digital marketing agency, a software company, a manufacturing firm or an accounting company, what kind of crisis might present itself?

Well, now we all know, and we all need to be prepared to deal with a crisis.

How you communicate with your customers might be the most important aspect of your own marketing program right now. Let’s make some good, thoughtful and strategic decisions now to protect your business and your customer relationships.



6 Marketing Upgrades You Need Now To Help Survive

Digital Marketing Tactics Can Continue To Drive Leads For Your Business, Even When Travel Is Limited

To be clear, articles like this are timely and not designed to scare anyone. They’re designed to help us all navigate a difficult and uncertain time.

No matter what’s going on in the world, data shows that those who push through and continue to invest in digital marketing always rebound faster, respond quicker and get ahead of their competition.

With travel bans, conferences and events canceled, and companies looking for answers related to the coronavirus (COVID-19), you can make moves now that keep leads coming in, sales opportunities moving and revenue growing.



Why The Coronavirus Outbreak Is The Best Time To Accelerate Digital Transformation

Your Prospects Are Asking For A Richer, More Interactive Digital Experience; Now Is The Perfect Time To Start

There is no question the coronavirus is going to have economic implications for many companies. But how you respond to the challenges could make or break your year.

Circling the wagons and trying to weather the storm is the worst advice.

Progressive companies are taking advantage of technology, digital trends and buyer behavior now more than ever before. If you’ve been considering changes, don’t wait. Start now so when the world returns to its new normal, and it will, your company will be positioned to take full advantage.