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How To Build A Strategic, Scalable Content Marketing Strategy That Generates Leads

Content That Doesn’t Generate Revenue Is A Waste Of Time And Money

In a previous article, I wrote about content being the fuel that allows the marketing engine to achieve optimal levels of performance. Think about your revenue generation machine as a NASCAR vehicle. It needs to be finely tuned with the fuel mixture dialed in just right and a team in the pit crew to keep it in race condition.

If you want more leads, more new customers and to exceed your revenue goals, you need this same approach to both marketing and sales.

You read that right; content isn’t just for marketing anymore. Today, the content you leverage in your sales process might be even more important than the content in your marketing process. After all, the people getting your content in the sales process are already qualified, they’re actual opportunities and they’re engaged in a buyer journey. What you say to them and how you say it will make or break your chances of turning them into new customers, beating your competitors and driving revenue.



How To Use Marketing Automation For Demand Generation

Marketing Software Has Tools For People Who Are Not Converting

Marketing is moving forward at light speed. If you blink, you’re left behind. What this means is that the standard visit to a website with content downloads and form completions followed by an email nurture strategy is, believe it or not, becoming old school.



How To Shorten Your Sales Cycle By 2 Weeks And Improve Revenue By 25%

You Think You Have A New Customer, They’re About To Sign And Then They Go Underground

Does this sound familiar? It’s happened to almost all of us. This behavior doesn’t mean you’re not getting the deal, it doesn’t mean they don’t like you or want to work with you and it doesn’t mean they changed their mind. But it does mean your sales process is allowing this to happen, and maybe even causing it.

Working on your sales strategy, tracking the metrics associated with sales, and continuously identifying weak spots and adding improvements is how you dramatically improve your company’s ability to increase top-line revenue and do it in a scalable, repeatable and predictable way.

By eliminating friction in the sales process, you’ll help execute the process more quickly and increase close rates, driving revenue generation up and to the right.



Top 4 Ways To Engage And Nurture Customers With Retention Marketing

As every business owner knows, it’s much harder to get a client than it is to keep a client. So, to keep your client retention rates high, you must keep your clients happy and engaged.

Most companies use lead nurturing strategies for marketing programs, with the goal of moving prospects through the sales funnel using emails or social media to offer content, promotions and personal touch points. But sometimes we give short shrift to continuing this process once someone becomes a customer. 

The Harvard Business School found that increasing customer retention rates by 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%.



Packages: A Non-Starter In Your Search For An Inbound Marketing Agency

How Can You Be Agile If You Bought A Package Of Deliverables?

You want to hire an inbound marketing agency. You’re doing your due diligence by looking at websites, downloading content, scrolling through reviews and checking the partner tiers on HubSpot. You’re making all of the right moves.

But it’s still confusing. They all sound good. They all look similar. They all seem, on the surface, to be able to deliver what you need. But all agencies are not created equally, and bigger doesn’t make them better. Having Diamond Partner status doesn’t make them better. Being Agile doesn’t make them better and using points doesn’t make them better. Even though this describes us, it’s not what makes us better.

What you should be looking for is a team of highly skilled, highly experienced people who work within a framework that is tested and proven to do only one thing — get you results.



The 6 Biggest Marketing Challenges Today And How To Solve Them

Inbound Marketing Or Demand Generation? The Issues Below Sound Like People Are Confused

Over the next couple of days, you’re going to see everyone and their brother publishing HubSpot’s 2017 State of Inbound report. While we could do the same, instead we’re here providing you with solutions to the challenges identified in the report. Yesterday we highlighted the sales challenges, and today were focusing on the marketing challenges.

When you look at the top issues uncovered in the report, it’s startling that 63% of the people identified generating traffic and leads as the top challenge. Wow! As a community of smart marketers, we’re still struggling to do the basics. How is that possible? The short answer is that it has become even more difficult. While the tools are more diverse and widely available, how you use those tools has changed so dramatically that it’s still a challenge.



Solutions To The 6 Biggest Sales Challenges Facing Sales Teams Today

The State Of Inbound Is Out And Salespeople Have Spoken  You Have Issues

A few days ago, HubSpot published its annual State of Inbound report. HubSpot surveyed over 6,000 people, asking them for comments on their future marketing and sales strategies. To get the report for yourself, click here.

I dug into the report and found the six biggest sales challenges facing sales teams today versus two or three years ago. They included everything from getting prospects to respond to avoiding the dreaded discounting conversation. While more than 13 sales challenges were identified, these top six appeared to include most of the pain.

I thought it would be interesting to provide solutions and recommendations to deal with each of the top six sales challenges facing sales teams today.



Inbound Marketing And Account-Based Marketing: What You Need To Know To Get Results

Inbound Might Actually Make ABM Better If You Plan It Properly

Marketing isn’t getting easier, it’s getting more complicated. What used to be two clear and obvious differences  inbound marketing vs. outbound marketing — are now blending and devolving into one giant mess.

What appears to be making it even more challenging is the champions of inbound marketing are leaning into and investing in account-based marketing, which means there’s a spot in your inbound marketing campaign for outbound marketing tactics, if executed correctly.

Taking revenue generation, which today has never been more complicated, and making it simple is something we’ve been trying to do for our clients since we started the company. Our mantra of give clients the right advice” is based on boiling all of the opinions down and then creating a simple revenue growth strategy built for your business.



CASL Compliance: Essentials Every Marketer Needs To Know

If you are a digital marketer in North America, you need to be aware of Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL).

CASL was created to minimize spam and “promote the efficiency and adaptability of the Canadian economy.” According to the American Bar Association (ABA), CASL is one of the toughest anti-spam laws in the world. It was not created to hinder e-business, though – just to minimize the impact of spam on users, and to maximize valuable and reliable content.

Read below to learn the essentials all digital marketers should know about CASL.



How To Use A Buyer Journey Map To Increase Visitors, Leads And Revenue

Understanding The Buyer Journey Helps With Inbound Marketing And Demand Generation Tactics

You’ve probably heard a lot about the buyer journey over the past year. It’s become a big buzzword in a world of buzzwords. But when you think about it, understanding the buyer journey and being intimate with it does provide a ton of insight that becomes valuable when crafting marketing strategy, marketing messaging and tactical revenue growth plans.

Interestingly enough, it also falls in line with a growing move to align sales and marketing into one single revenue team that is focused on delivering a complete click-to-close experience for your prospects. That buyer journey sometimes starts before your prospect visits your website for the first time and it ends when they sign your paperwork.

Today, some experts are suggesting it doesn’t end there, and that you should be working just as hard to delight your current customers as you are to attract new customers. I’d agree. However, I think most businesses are in a better position to take care of their current clients than they might be to attract and secure new clients.