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Why Hiring An Internal Marketing Director Won't Get You More Leads, Sales Opportunities And New Customers

Buck The Trend To Only Hire In-House; Instead, Work Collaboratively With A Team Of Experts

A few months ago, I wrote this article on the benefits and challenges associated with hiring an in-house marketing person or hiring an outside digital agency team. Yet we still talk to companies that look at this as an or strategy when they should be looking at this as an and strategy.

In short, you might do fine with your in-house marketing director or manager. However, when you assess the complexities and daily challenges associated with creating revenue-generating strategy, tactics and analytics along with effectively leveraging technology, the reality is no single person has the skills and depth of experience to cover everything required.

Today’s Cyclonic Buyer Journey and the application across both marketing and sales makes this a team sport rather than an individual one.



5 Reasons to Avoid Cookie-Cutter Website Templates

Every business needs a website in today’s market. Your website is your home online, and it allows your customers and prospects to find you. It’s also one of the only assets you can fully customize to do exactly what you need it to do.



The Most Important Sales Enablement Metrics

Over the last few years, sales enablement has become all the rage in business circles. The majority of companies have now adopted sales enablement program for their sales teams. Those who haven’t yet invested in are planning to do so in the near future.



How To Create Bullet-Proof Service-Level Agreements (SLAs) For Sales And Marketing

Stated Alignment Between Sales And Marketing Is No Longer Sufficient To Drive Revenue Growth And Goal Attainment – SLAs Are Mandatory

The relationship between sales and marketing has historically been compared to the situation with the Hatfields and McCoys  constant battling, arguing and feuding that has gone on for generations. Today, things are a little better.

Recently, sales and marketing people have realized that if they want departmental success, they have to work together. Ask CEOs if they think their marketing and sales teams are aligned, and the answer is generally yes.

However, HubSpot Research found that only 26% of respondents report having a documented service-level agreement (SLA) between the two departments.



5 Key Demand Generation Tactics to Know in 2019

The world of sales and marketing has changed rapidly over the last decade. The pace of change shows no signs of slowing down in 2019. One of the hottest topics of 2018 was demand generation, and the trend looks to continue over the course of the next 12 months.



Need to Clean up Your HubSpot? Time for a HubSpot Audit

Sales and marketing move fast these days, and you may find you struggle to keep up. New tactics and strategies are being implemented all the time. Keeping a CRM like HubSpot neat and tidy during this constant shifting is a challenge, and you might find your portal in a state of chaos every time you log in.



Why The Cyclone Beats The Waterfall Every Time

Understanding Your Prospect’s Buyer Journey Is Critical To Orchestrating Marketing And Sales Activities

It might not sound like a big difference  water running over the cliff and falling into a pool of churning water, or the whirlwinds associated with being in a cyclone  but when it comes to understanding your prospect’s buyer journey, the differences are night and day.

The problem with the waterfall is that gravity is involved, and the journey down the falls is straight and without interference. Its also fairly predictable, as the water continuously flows all day, every day.

This is where the challenges with today’s buyer journey start. Nothing is predictable in today’s buyer journey, and more variables are interfering with it than ever before.



How Website Speed Affects Your Business

Your website is an integral part of your business. You’re working on building a great design or revamping the one you already have. You’re building an outstanding content program to keep visitors coming back for more.



Is Sales Enablement Worth It?

Over the last few years, the business world has become enamoured with the idea of enabling sales teams. Out of this interest has come a more complete view of how to prepare sales teams for success. Training is no longer enough on its own.



7 Insights You Can Learn from a Google Analytics Audit

Google Analytics is one of the most common tools to use when it comes to tracking your website metrics. If you want to know how the site is performing, you can just look at Google Analytics.