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Intent Data: What It Is, How To Use It And How To Drive Revenue With It

Why Using Intent Data Might Be The Smartest Move You Make Next Year

During my session at HubSpot’s INBOUND 2019, I spent a few minutes talking about intent data as a smarter way to go to market. I was surprised at the level of interest and equally surprised at how few exhibitors and agencies are talking about and using intent data with their clients.

Intent data takes your marketing from ordinary to extraordinary as you drive a higher quality lead, a more qualified lead for sales and leads that close much quicker than traditional inbound-marketing-qualified leads. 

Let’s dig into intent data and help you get a better handle on whether this new marketing and sales innovation is right for your business.



Using Video Marketing To Explode Lead Generation And New Customer Revenue

Video Must Be A Core Component To Your Content Marketing Strategy In 2020

In case you missed it, video is exploding, and it’s now a requirement for any revenue generation program.

If you’re not producing and publishing at least one video a month, you’re not executing a complete content marketing strategy. Video is what people want, and you have to include it in your plans.

There are some keys to having an active video marketing strategy. You have to know what to talk about, how to produce the videos in-house and how to use the videos to capture new leads as well as nurture leads through your sales process and your prospects’ buyer journeys.



The Recession Is Coming! How To Get Your Company Out In Front Of It...

...And Minimize Its Impact On Your Business

As The Washington Post reports, “Most economists believe the United States will tip into recession by 2021, a new survey shows, despite White House insistence that the economy is sound.

“Nearly 3 out of 4 economists surveyed by the National Association for Business Economics expect a recession by 2021, according to results released [recently]. The outlook reflects growing skepticism among economists and investors that the U.S. economy will be able to withstand a protracted trade war with China without serious harm amid a weakening global outlook.”

Responsible CEOs should be preparing their companies for the next recession. And if it comes sooner, never comes or comes later than expected, make sure you get full value for your foresight and planning.



When Salespeople Attack, It’s Time To Rethink Your Entire Go-To-Market Strategy

CEOs And Sales Leaders: Your Teams Are Aware That Your Strategy Is Massively Flawed

We do a ton of educational sessions with CEOs, sales leaders and marketing leaders. One of our favorite questions in the session involves asking the executives if they answer their own office phones, answer their cell phones if they don’t recognize the number or still have phones in their offices.

You wouldn’t be surprised to learn that 95% of the people are unreachable by phone of any kind.

For our next question, we ask how many of their revenue generation strategies involve using cold calls to reach their prospects. You might be shocked to know that 80% of the people still have their teams making cold calls.



The Ultimate ‘How-To Playbook’ For Creating A Customer Advocacy Program

Customer Advocacy Is A Must-Have For Today’s Marketing And Sales Execution

The world has shifted 180 degrees in the past 10 years. In 2009, sales still ran the show. Sales reps controlled the sales process, leaking information out to prospects on a “need-to-know” basis. If prospects wanted anything, they had to ask a sales rep.

Fast forward to today, and 90% of the buyer journey is self-serve and controlled by your prospects. Your prospects are only reaching out to you for that last bit of information they can’t get on their own, like cost, delivery and terms. You can ignore this reality or embrace it.

This means that your customers are playing a much bigger role in your prospects’ buyer journeys.



Why You Don’t Have To Accept ‘Results Take Time’ From Your Digital Marketing Agency Anymore

Now You Don’t Have To Hire Deloitte Or Accenture To Get A Dedicated Team That Produces Results In Weeks, Not Months Or Even Years

Ask any digital marketing agency and most in-house marketers this question: “How long is it going to take to get results?” The answer is almost always that it will take longer than any CEO would like. We know, because we answer this question constantly.

What you hear (and you might have heard this from your agency) is usually something like this: “Today’s marketing is a marathon, not a sprint.” Again, this is what we told clients all the time. While it’s true, it’s not an optimal answer for companies that want results fast.

That answer is also not 100% accurate. The reason marketers tell you this story is because they can’t do everything they want to do as fast as they need to do it to produce better results faster.



Podcasts Are Now One Of The Top Lead Generation And Content Marketing Options

Popular Revenue Growth Podcast Smash The Funnel Returns With 7 New Episodes

Research shows that “right now, there are more than 700,000 active podcasts and more than 29 million podcast episodes. According to Apple at WWDC 2018, these numbers stood at 550,000 and 18.5 million, respectively.” So the figures have increased rapidly in the past year!

What’s fueling the meteoric rise in this content format and how should you consider this as part of your company’s marketing mix?

Right now, you might be thinking, “My prospects and customers aren’t listening to podcasts.” You couldn’t be further from the truth.



Digital Marketing Trends, Strategies And Tactics For 2020 And Beyond

Keep Up With The Changing Digital Marketing Strategies, Tactics, Analytics And Software, Or Be Left Behind

Social media changed the digital marketing landscape. Today, new forces are changing digital marketing again.

There’s more emphasis today on personalization, video, micro-content stories, artificial intelligence, visual search and voice search. We’re moving toward a world where technology will be integral in all aspects of our lives, including work, family and social interaction.

Digital marketers already know the value of SEO and its ability to help rank higher on search engines. Today’s marketing strategy is shifting toward new mediums for attracting and appeasing customers.



How To Get 6 Months Of Marketing And Sales Execution Completed In Just 30 Days

New Agency Engagement Format Is Already Delivering Massive Results For Progressive Companies

Ready to change the trajectory of your business today?

Working with digital marketing, inbound, demand generation, revenue growth and sales execution agencies is an excellent idea when you lack the bandwidth or proficiency to drive lead generation, sales growth and overall revenue generation up and to the right.

Under the traditional agency model (practiced by 99% of all agencies today), the people assigned to work with you are also working with between four and 10 other clients. This means you only get their attention for part of the month. It means they’re being pulled in multiple directions by multiple clients and multiple projects.

In some cases, you might only have them for four to five hours a month, yet you’re paying thousands of dollars a month.



The Robots Are Coming, And They’re Coming To Help You Drive Leads And Close More New Customers

Artificial Intelligence Is All The Rage; How Should You Use It To Drive Results?

So much to do, so little time. Marketing has never been more complicated.

With so many tactics, so many software tools to consider, so many different strategies and so much data to analyze, how can anyone make heads or tails from all of this stuff?

Now introduce the idea of artificial intelligence (AI), which is all the rage. Almost every software tool among the over 10,000 MarTech and sales tech solutions have some element of AI included in their stories.

But how many are really helpful, and how do you assess these AI tools to drive results?