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Why The Cyclone Beats The Waterfall Every Time

Understanding Your Prospect’s Buyer Journey Is Critical To Orchestrating Marketing And Sales Activities

It might not sound like a big difference  water running over the cliff and falling into a pool of churning water, or the whirlwinds associated with being in a cyclone  but when it comes to understanding your prospect’s buyer journey, the differences are night and day.

The problem with the waterfall is that gravity is involved, and the journey down the falls is straight and without interference. Its also fairly predictable, as the water continuously flows all day, every day.

This is where the challenges with today’s buyer journey start. Nothing is predictable in today’s buyer journey, and more variables are interfering with it than ever before.



Why We Are Dropping Marketing From Our Name In 2019

Square 2 Provides Revenue Consulting, Services And Technology To Help Companies Grow

It’s a new year, and we’re getting a new name to better reflect the services we provide clients.

We’re excited to announce that Square 2 Marketing is officially rebranding as Square 2, effective immediately. We’re updating our logo as well, but the website domain will remain for the foreseeable future.

The way companies work with agencies is changing so quickly that agencies are struggling to keep up. What digital marketing agencies, ad agencies and website design companies used to do is no longer what companies need them to do.



8 Excellent Revenue Growth Predictions Affecting Your Company In 2019

You Should Be Planning For These Today To Drive Revenue At Your Company Tomorrow

Before we jump into what I expect for 2019, let’s look back at my predictions for 2018. Here’s the link to the post with those predictions.

Overall, my predictions were on point.

My first prediction talked about the importance of creating an experience for both prospects and clients. Not a controversial prediction, but it’s one that has come true.

Digital transformation is the buzzword that consulting companies use to sell engagements that create amazing experiences for big brands customers and prospects.

Here’s how I did on the other four predictions.



Square 2 Recognized As Top Digital Agency With Honors From

The Clutch 1000 Recognizes Digital Agencies For Their Ability To Deliver Results

Square 2 is dedicated to helping improve business outcomes. Our goal is to help our clients determine the right ingredients for their marketing, sales and customer service recipe.

We’re proud to announce that has recognized our work by ranking Square 2 at #366 on The Clutch 1000, a list of the top 1,000 companies with the highest “Ability to Deliver” scores. Additionally, we've shown strong performance across competitive categories on Clutch, including web design agencies in Philadelphia.



MQLs: 5 Metrics To Track After Marketing Qualifies A Lead

Marketing Attribution Is About More Than Getting The Credit You Deserve

As a marketer, you work every day to drive qualified leads that are great opportunities for your sales team. You test different tactics and channels. You measure your results and optimize accordingly.



5 Reasons Customer Journey Mapping Must Be Part Of Your Growth Strategy

If You Want To Grow, Youre Going To Have To Learn Some New Techniques In 2019

I know we don’t write a lot of articles about optimizing your landing pages, writing better emails or getting more followers on social media. Honestly, blog articles like that are a dime a dozen. Just Google those topics and enjoy.

Instead, we think its important to get you thinking more strategically about what your sales and marketing execution should be designed to deliver, as well as the business outcomes you should be looking for.

Does getting more conversions from your landing pages or increasing your Facebook followers really produce business results? Maybe.

But if you want to grow revenue next year, we want to share insights and recommendations around big ideas that can transform how you attract prospects, nurture leads and close new business.



What’s Missing From All The Expert Marketing Advice And Why It’s Preventing You From Realizing Results

Why Stories, Messaging And Differentiation Are The Missing Ingredients In Your Revenue Recipe

I spend a fair amount of time poking around the internet, reading what “experts” are writing about, watching videos and following people who publish thought leadership pieces. It’s fascinating to see what people publish.

Lately, a lot of content is about getting ready for 2019 and all of the secret tips, fast tracks and shortcuts to producing better results.

Most of them are pretty good: Get ready for voice search, use more video and make sure your marketing is focused on more than one channel. The list of tactical recommendations goes on and on.

Yet most companies and many marketers are still struggling to produce consistent business results. Leads, sales opportunities, new customers, new revenue, shorter sales cycles, increased close rates and lower cost of acquisition — these are the metrics that marketers should be measured on, and yet they continue to be elusive. Why?



What Is Omni-Channel Marketing?

Why It Has To Be Everything When Youre Planning Your 2019 Revenue Strategy

Omni-channel marketing has some very specific definitions, but it is most readily defined as “seamlessly integrating an organization’s channels, processes and strategies to gain the ability to engage with consumers anytime, anywhere and on any device.

As a RedPoint Global blog post explains, an example of technical omni-channel marketing is if a customer at a physical store received an email with a discount coupon off their next purchase, or someone browsing an item online received an SMS offer when they enter a retailer’s brick-and-mortar store.”

But what if youre B2B? Does it mean omni-channel is irrelevant? Far from it. In fact, we like to describe omni-channel in slightly different terms to make it more relevant for our B2B clients.



Planning For 2019? Are You Stacking Marketing, Sales And Service Revenue Growth?

With Only 13 Shopping Days Until Christmas, Your Planning Time Is Expiring Quickly

Every client and prospect is in planning mode right now. The problem is your time to do planning is quickly coming to an end.

On January 2, you’ll be in 2019, and if you’re still planning or just getting your execution locked down, you’ll be eating into any hope you have of hitting your 2019 goals. Miss your January numbers, and youre likely to miss the entire year.

Let’s work to make sure that doesn’t happen. One of the best ways to do that is to know where your numbers and revenue are coming from.

For example, let’s say you’ll finish the year at $25 million in revenue, and you’ll start next year with $15 million in booked business. If you want to grow to $35 million in revenue, you’ll need an incremental $20 million in new revenue. Where is that coming from?



Content Marketing In 2019: What Major Changes Are Coming Your Way?

Content Marketing Is Changing Very Quickly; Don’t Miss Out On These Massive Moves

The Content Marketing Institute (CMI), one of the best places to research the history of content marketing, has examples of content marketing that go back hundreds of years.

CMI notes the term “content marketing was first used in 2001. Want to learn more about the history of content marketing? Check out this infographic.

For a lot of that time, however, content marketing didn’t change much. It has evolved from quantity to quality, and many more tools and formats are available for deploying content marketing. But the biggest changes are yet to come.