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How To Create Content Strategies That Improve The Customer Experience

Your Content Needs To Be Part Of A Holistic Approach

Billions of pieces of content are produced annually. But just as much of that content is generic and indistinguishable, the content strategies that produce it tend to be half-baked or, even worse, nonexistent.

The content craze has reached a point where most businesses are creating content without any real purpose or thought. Content has become an obligation everyone feels they need to fulfill rather than a powerful tool that uses strategy to marry customer needs and business goals.



Want More Leads? The Top 6 Conversion Optimization Tips For Your Homepage

These Simple Homepage Upgrades Can Drive Big Growth In Lead Numbers

I’ve probably looked at (for the sake of evaluation) over 25,000 homepages.

We end up working with many of those companies to help improve their sites, so I’ve had the benefit of watching as our recommendations and upgrades produce the desired results.

Today, we evaluate and provide website homepage recommendations to almost anyone who contacts us. A lot of those recommendations are similar, and all are designed to produce improved results. 



Marketing Strategy And Planning Has Changed So Dramatically You Won’t Recognize It

Gone Are 12-Month Plans, Dedicated Strategy Time And A Defined Set Of Deliverables

For 15 years prior to Square 2, I worked in corporate marketing.

Every October and November, we cleared the decks and worked on the upcoming year’s marketing strategy and plan. It took weeks to get the plan together, it was comprehensive and then it required a presentation to the management team for approval.

Once approved, the book went on the shelf, and I admit that I rarely looked at the plan again.



Why An SOW Is NOT What You Want From Your Digital Marketing Agency

Simply Put: Do You Want Work, Or Do You Want Results?

I get it: A statement of work (SOW) clearly defines what you’re buying. But is that the best way to get what your company ultimately needs?

Do you need work, or do you need results? What happens when the scope of work has to change (because SOWs change 95% of the time)?

A lot of agencies will jump at the chance to put together an SOW and get it over to you. You review it and it looks like it’s what you need.

But how can you be sure? How does the agency know it’s exactly right? What happens when you learn something new, change the requirements or together decide that you need different work, different tactics or an altogether different strategy?



What Is Sales Operations? Why It’s Critical And Almost Always A Missing Link In Revenue Growth

Sales Hacker defines sales operations as the unit, role, activities and processes within a sales organization that support, enable and drive front-line sales teams to sell better, faster and more efficiently.

In a blog article on the topic, Sales Hacker go on to say that more than anything else, sales operations brings a system to selling. This often-overlooked and sometimes underappreciated department uses data to drive strategy, best practices to guide training and technology to hack success.

Its this systems thinking that makes sales hum, and when you’re looking for a repeatable, scalable and predictable revenue generation machine, you need to be thinking sales operations.



How Can You Improve SEO? Think User First

Boost User Experience And Rankings

Whenever someone asks for tips on improving SEO, I can’t help but feel they’re looking for a silver bullet: Just do x, y and z, and watch your fortunes change.

It’s probably because that’s what SEO was for many years – mysterious tactics few people knew anything about. And, more importantly, those tactics did improve organic rankings.

With SEO, everyone wants a new trick, something akin to insider info on Wall Street – you can’t go wrong with longtails. That could be why they’re shocked when I respond with a simple answer: Think user first.



Which Marketing Automation Platform Is Right For You?

 Jamie Hardin, Director of Client Services at Square 2, contributed to this blog post.

Strike A Balance Between Today’s Needs And Tomorrow’s Growth

Marketing automation platforms have quickly transitioned from a nice-to-have tool to an essential technology – a foundational solution all modern marketers need. And their appeal only continues to grow, with many platforms boasting expanded capabilities and integrations.

However, the rise in marketing automation has led to an explosion of options, each with its own unique set of features geared toward specific needs. So while every business might need marketing automation, choosing the right one often proves to be a challenge.



Your SEO Strategy Needs To Include Your Creative Team

The Ability To Create Great Content Is Key To Winning Customers And Rankings

This is not another “SEO is dead” hit piece. Nor is it an “SEO isn’t dead, it’s changing” sidestep of the same topic.

This is the most obvious SEO hack of all time: You need quality content to rank today, so make your creative team part of your SEO strategy.

SEO is alive and well, particularly technical SEO, given the importance of mobile first and site speed. However, on-page SEO is no longer the difference-maker it used to be. 



Chat And Conversational Marketing: Is It Mandatory?

In Our Microwave Society, Your Prospects Want Answers Right Now

Live chat on websites today has come light-years from where it was just a few years ago. Today the practice of conversational marketing created by Drift has turned chat into a “must-have” if you’re looking to generate leads from your website. 

As part of the wave to get your prospects the answers they need when they need them, adding chat to your website and enabling it to turn visitors into leads has never been easier.

However, using chat to get high-quality leads, create a remarkable experience and not distract your sales reps with tire kickers is key to getting your program to produce high-quality business results.



Is Your Sales Pipeline Full Or Just Full Of It?

All Leads Are NOT Created Equally; Do You Know The Value Of Your Sales Pipeline?

We’ve all been part of companies with sales leaders who love to report that “the pipeline is full,” only to have the end of the month come and the full pipeline didn’t produce enough new sales to hit the revenue goals for the month.

We continue to hear reports from prospective clients that they’re still not hitting their revenue goals in a consistent, scalable and predictable way.

Could it be that while we were busy smashing the funnel, we should have also been looking at smashing the traditional pipeline view of company sales opportunities?