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Why NOT To Fire Your Digital Marketing Agency In The First 3 Months, 6 Months Or Even 12 Months

Treat Your Agency Like You Would Treat A VP Of Marketing Or CMO

Bad news for marketing leaders at companies: The average tenure of these leaders is 44 months, as reported last year in the annual analysis from Spencer Stuart. This is not surprising. The marketing lead has the lowest average tenure of any leadership position.

What is surprising is the massive disparity between the way people treat their marketing leaders and their marketing agencies. If you’re going to give your marketing leadership hires almost four years, why would you not give your agency the same time frame?



Stop Random Acts Of Marketing With This Mistake-Proof Marketing Strategy

Marketing Has Only One Objective: Generate Leads

If you’re investing money in marketing and getting trade show booths, collateral, websites or email campaigns, youre experiencing what we call “random acts of marketing”  a series of activities that produce stuff but don’t deliver the results required to drive revenue growth in your company.

The antidote to random acts of marketing is not marketing activity, a new agency, more internal people or new software. What you need is a well-thought-out strategy that looks at revenue across marketing, sales and customer service.



8.5 Secret Ways To Connect Content Marketing With Search Engine Optimization

To Some Experts, Content Marketing And SEO Are One In The Same

I’m a big fan of Neil Patel. On his blog, he recently wrote an article about content marketing and search engine optimization being completely tied together. I could not agree more.

Its one of the reasons we get nervous when clients want us to help them with just SEO or just content creation. The siloed approach to marketing is one of the big reasons people can’t get their marketing to produce real lift in lead generation.

Content, SEO, web, nurture, video, email marketing and any of the other marketing and sales tactics you’re considering need to be tightly tied and orchestrated together to produce real results.



Want Leads But Lack Budget For Marketing? Fire Your Worst Salesperson!

One Simple Move Can Free Up Enough Budget To Fund A Years Worth Of Lead Gen

It’s a common problem. You want to grow and you need more leads, but you didn’t budget or can’t budget enough for marketing to really drive results.

No worries. I have a simple solution that you can execute today, and while it might feel painful at first, its going to be the best move you ever made.

If you’re like most CEOs, you have a sales team (even if it’s a small sales team), and 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your sales team. Even if this is not the case at your company, you probably have one salesperson who is at the bottom of the list for new revenue generated most months.

You now have an opportunity to shed your worst-performing sales rep and move that money into lead generation. The result will be a more efficient sales effort and an aligned lead generation process that gives you a much better chance to hit your revenue goals.



The Shocking Insights Uncovered During My Session At INBOUND 2018

Session Attendees Unveil It’s Worse Than I Thought – You’re NOT Meeting Revenue Goals

It’s always risky when you ask the audience attending your talk to answer a question. If they give you the wrong answer, your talk can get off on the wrong track quickly.

My session on the final day at INBOUND 2018 started with me asking the 500 attendees to stand up and remain standing if they found a way to consistently hit their revenue goals.

Everyone stood up and agreed to answer my questions honestly. I actually asked them to raise their right hand and take an honesty oath.



HubSpot Announces Shiny New Features At INBOUND 2018

Christmas Comes In September As HubSpot Rolls Out New Features For Their Marketing Automation Suite

The Square 2 Marketing team looks forward to HubSpot’s INBOUND conference every year as excitedly as a kid looks forward to Christmas. Like Christmas, we get together with old friends and new, though we’re talking marketing, not singing carols.

And, frankly, one of the things we look forward to are the presents under the tree – the new marketing automation features and functions that HubSpot rolls out.

The presents were delivered last week at INBOUND 2018, when Nicholas Holland, general manager and vice president of product for HubSpot’s Marketing Hub division, announced what’s new this year.



Demand Generation Is A Quality, Not Quantity, Game

The ultimate goal of marketing is to get your leads into the end zone. The way to do that and examine why demand generation should be a quality game, not a quantity game.

As more and more companies focus on sales and marketing alignment around shared revenue goals, quality leads become the central focus of the entire team. This calls for a solid demand generation program, which differs from brand awareness or even a traditional inbound lead model.

A strong demand generation program contributes to revenue and profit goals. It involves a shift from lead volume to improving the quality of leads, and from the demand gen budget to the demand gen ROI.



Growth Demands Discomfort And Other Big Insights From #HYPERGROWTH2018

Brands And Marketers Must Embrace Change Or Risk Obsolescence

On a repulsively hot early September day on the Boston waterfront, approximately 4,500 sales and marketing professionals gathered for #HYPERGROWTH2018, a marketing conference presented by Drift, the leading conversational marketing company.



Top 3 Ways To Optimize Your B2B Facebook Strategy In 2018

Earlier this year, the public’s perception of Facebook shifted after a historic data-harvesting scandal. According to an article in Business Insider, the platform’s user growth is showing signs of a plateau for the first time in its history.

Still, Facebook remains the most popular social media platform in the world, with 241 million monthly active users in the U.S. and Canada.



How To ABM: Strategies From The 2018 FlipMyFunnel Conference

Finding The Right Balance Between Effort And Results

It’s clear that account-based marketing (ABM) is here to stay, but marketers seem as confused as ever. At the 2018 FlipMyFunnel one-day conference in Boston on August 8, Sangram Vajre of Terminus started by surveying the crowd as to whether ABM is hype or real. While most people are doing some sort of ABM strategy, few feel that they are doing it well.

Why is there so much confusion? Because the conversation has been developed by a slew of technologies rather than by leading marketing strategists and practitioners. Technologies help to scale an existing ABM strategy, but purchasing ABM software alone will not ensure a successful ABM program.

The FlipMyFunnel conference was a tremendous opportunity for marketers to engage with the best and brightest ideas of our time. If you’re considering an ABM strategy or want to see how yours stacks up, this article covers the key components of designing a successful account-based marketing strategy.