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What Is Omni-Channel Marketing?

Why It Has To Be Everything When Youre Planning Your 2019 Revenue Strategy

Omni-channel marketing has some very specific definitions, but it is most readily defined as “seamlessly integrating an organization’s channels, processes and strategies to gain the ability to engage with consumers anytime, anywhere and on any device.

As a RedPoint Global blog post explains, an example of technical omni-channel marketing is if a customer at a physical store received an email with a discount coupon off their next purchase, or someone browsing an item online received an SMS offer when they enter a retailer’s brick-and-mortar store.”

But what if youre B2B? Does it mean omni-channel is irrelevant? Far from it. In fact, we like to describe omni-channel in slightly different terms to make it more relevant for our B2B clients.



Planning For 2019? Are You Stacking Marketing, Sales And Service Revenue Growth?

With Only 13 Shopping Days Until Christmas, Your Planning Time Is Expiring Quickly

Every client and prospect is in planning mode right now. The problem is your time to do planning is quickly coming to an end.

On January 2, you’ll be in 2019, and if you’re still planning or just getting your execution locked down, you’ll be eating into any hope you have of hitting your 2019 goals. Miss your January numbers, and youre likely to miss the entire year.

Let’s work to make sure that doesn’t happen. One of the best ways to do that is to know where your numbers and revenue are coming from.

For example, let’s say you’ll finish the year at $25 million in revenue, and you’ll start next year with $15 million in booked business. If you want to grow to $35 million in revenue, you’ll need an incremental $20 million in new revenue. Where is that coming from?



Content Marketing In 2019: What Major Changes Are Coming Your Way?

Content Marketing Is Changing Very Quickly; Don’t Miss Out On These Massive Moves

The Content Marketing Institute (CMI), one of the best places to research the history of content marketing, has examples of content marketing that go back hundreds of years.

CMI notes the term “content marketing was first used in 2001. Want to learn more about the history of content marketing? Check out this infographic.

For a lot of that time, however, content marketing didn’t change much. It has evolved from quantity to quality, and many more tools and formats are available for deploying content marketing. But the biggest changes are yet to come. 



'Tis The Season For Goals: 6 Experts Weigh In On How To Set Goals That Move The Needle

If You Want To Grow, Your Team Needs To Know Exactly What You Expect

What gets measured gets done. Setting goals for your company, your leaders and everyone in your organization is critical if you have any hope of growing your business.

This exercise can quickly get out of hand and lead to misalignment across your entire team. How do you ensure that everyone on the team has goals that align perfectly to your corporate goals and produce that everyone rowing together feel you’re looking for?


Turn Customers Into Advocates By Asking Them For Feedback

Gain Useful Insights As You Leverage Customer Enthusiasm

GettyImages-926101410Does your business need brand advocates? A whopping 92% of customers will trust the recommendations of friends, family and other customers above all other forms of brand communication.

Brand advocates share their positive experiences with a company or product. They’re customers who feel so strongly about a business that they will actively promote it without being asked and without any compensation.

Think of them as super fans, similar to someone who wears their team’s jersey or puts a bumper sticker of their favorite band on their car.



Does Your 2019 Planning Include Marketing, Sales AND Customer Service Revenue Generation?

Now Is The Time To Set Expectations For Revenue Contribution

With 26 shopping days until Christmas, you have 26 days left to wrap up all your 2019 planning. One of the items on your list should be top-line revenue forecasting. Typically, this is a sales exercise.

The sales leadership team looks at what they did last year and sets a goal for what they can do this year. Usually, they do this by adding some percentage on top of this year’s results.

This is woefully incomplete and usually results in missed goals and underperformance. It leaves out major factors that are likely contributing to your difficulty hitting and exceeding revenue goals.

Here’s what you’re missing.



Why Sales And Marketing Dashboards Might Be The Perfect Gift For A Great 2019

Knowing What Marketing And Sales Tactics Are Showing Results Is A Missing Ingredient In Many Revenue Growth Programs

With Thanksgiving behind us, the focus is now on finishing the year strong and getting ready to kill it in 2019. This is the perfect time to look at how you’re using scorecards and dashboards and reworking your metrics tracking package to provide more insights in 2019.

What gets measured gets done. Today, it’s easier than ever to track almost anything and then present that data in an easy-to-understand, easy-to-analyze and easy-to-act-on format.

If you don’t feel like you have access to info, if you don’t feel like you’re making decisions based on data or if you don’t feel like data is driving your ongoing optimization adjustments, you need an upgrade to your dashboard game.



4.5 Free Keyword Research Tools For Phenomenal SEO

Load Up Your SEO Toolkit With These Outstanding Free Tools

You’ve been tasked with increasing organic traffic to your website with search engine optimization (SEO). Awesome. SEO is a great way to make more people aware of your company without having to spend money on costly advertising campaigns.

But SEO isn’t easy. It takes time, and it’s going to require some tools. While you can find a lot of great tools with really cool capabilities like SEMrush, Moz, SpyFu and Ahrefs, those all cost money, and you need to get started now without going through a complex buyer journey to find the best tool to spend your budget.



Great Web Copy: 7 Tips For Irresistible Copywriting

Captivate Your Audience With These Insider Copywriting Tips

You’re staring at a blank page and you can’t fail.

You need to inspire the visitors on your website to keep reading. You need to keep them engaged. You need to create a profound sense of urgency that they absolutely must purchase your products and services.

If you succeed, then you’re the hero that helped your company crush its digital marketing goals and drive incredible revenue growth.  If you fail… you can’t fail.



6 Tasty Side Dishes To Change Your Entire Content Marketing Strategy In 2019

These Content Marketing Upgrades Will Drive Better Results Next Year

Almost everyone knows you need content marketing tactics and highly relevant educational content to attract people to your company, move them into your revenue cycle and nurture them through their buyer journey and the eight stages in the Cyclonic Buyer Journey™.

But content marketing changes just as fast as some of the other tactics in your arsenal, and with Thanksgiving tomorrow, we thought we’d share some of the more innovative content marketing techniques we’ve seen outpacing other approaches in terms of conversions, leads and increased sales cycles.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving, and then consider adding these content marketing applications to your 2019 content marketing strategy.