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Fastest Sales Method For Increasing New Customer Sales

One of the most challenging aspects of being consistently successful in sales is securing appointments with key, high-value prospects that do not yet know you or the value you may offer them.

The most effective sales method to getting these meetings is through referrals from your existing customer relationships. You should be asking for referrals routinely.



4 Metrics For Measuring Content Success

You can't manage what you don't measure. In the constantly changing world of content marketing, data is necessary for awareness and improvement. Keeping a close eye on your numbers lets you know what's working (so you can capitalize on it) and what isn't (so you can fix it).

Metrics also help you understand how each piece of content relates to your end goal of making a sale. Paying attention to the numbers through each stage of the buyer journey creates a thread you can follow from click to conversion.



10 Website Upgrades To Drive Leads And New Customers

Your Website Is Still An Underused Revenue Generation Asset

Whether you’re running a demand generation campaign or an inbound marketing campaign, eventually all solid marketing efforts drive your prospects to your website. This means if your website is subpar, if its missing key components or if it fails in any number of other ways, your marketing, lead generation and revenue growth efforts are going to be below expectations.

We see this over and over again. Clients spend time and money running paid ad campaigns, doing email marketing and even executing large-scale account-based marketing (ABM) efforts, but when prospects visit their current website, it’s missing conversion points, has no visitor-optimized experience planning and lacks emotional messaging. These missteps have a major impact on your marketing’s ability to produce results.



4 Parts Of A Successful Sales Compensation Plan

Sales compensation is a common roadblock for CEOs and business owners of B2B companies that are struggling to grow. Their salespeople have been paid in ways that do not support the CEO’s need to increase sales.

In this article, we’ll ask questions to help you define your company’s growth objectives. Once those are defined, we’ll outline how to include the objectives in a sales compensation plan that supports them.



Is The Latest Google Update Driving Down Organic Website Visitors?

The Mobile-First Index Update Is Affecting A Lot Of Websites

At the end of March, Google announced a change in how they apply their indexing algorithm, moving away from a desktop-first indexing approach to a mobile-first indexing approach.

What this means is that their crawling, indexing and ranking systems are now looking at how your site performs on mobile first. It’s possible if you saw a dramatic drop in organic website visitors in April and are noticing additional drops in May that your site may need some adjustments to respond to the mobile-first indexing methodology.



Video Marketing Vs. Written Content: Which Is Right For Your Content Marketing Strategy?

Which Type Of Content Is Going To Generate More Leads? Video Or Written?

Almost everyone knows content marketing is here to stay and understands how much content can influence prospects, sales opportunities and even customers. The more content you have, the more opportunities you have to educate, advise and guide your prospects and your customers so they have an amazing experience with your company before, during and after the sales process.

But one of the questions we get asked most often while we’re creating a client’s content marketing strategy is this: “What kind of content should we use?” Whitepapers and e-books are the most common, but with so many types of content these days, choosing a type can be almost as complicated as creating the actual content. One of the biggest and hottest trends is video.



HubSpot Introduces The Flywheel: How To Use It To Drive Revenue Growth

You Can’t Market, Sell Or Service Without Understanding Your Prospects Buyer Journey

HubSpot is innovating the software you need to get customers, take care of customers and grow your business. We’re innovating how you map tactics to each stage of the buyer journey, all the way from before prospects even know you exist to how you delight them as customers.

It’s one continual journey that never stops. We spent the time to think through how to plan your attack at each stage, prioritize your efforts across the entire journey, map tactics to each stage, track your performance in each stage and optimize that performance over time.

Welcome to the Cyclonic Buyer Journey™. Let’s do more than just replace the funnel; lets Smash The Funnel™ with a system for repeatable, scalable and predictable revenue generation.



Improve Your Sales Process With One-On-One Meetings

Even the best salesperson can use a little guidance. Help all of the members of your sales team understand how to surpass their sales goals and contribute to improved overall sales performance by giving them regular feedback.



How Content In Context Should Drive Your Content Marketing Strategy

Understand What Your Prospects Need At Each Stage Of Their Prospect Journey

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the content marketing wave. You know you need content, but how much? What format should your content be in? What frequency is necessary? What results should you expect? How much should you invest in your content? What’s the best way to track the influence the content is having on prospects, lead generation and the success of your sales team?

The secret to navigating the content marketing waters is having a deep understanding of your prospects. What are their biggest issues, pains and challenges? But that’s just the beginning. Then you need to understand any and all of their questions, where they are in their buyer journey, whos going to be integral to the final purchase decision, what other options they’re considering and, finally, the personality profile for each of the decision-makers.



6 Tips To Transform Your Website Homepage From Business Focused To Prospect Focused

Your Website Homepage Looks Great But Never Generates Leads — We’ll Tell You Why And How To Fix It

This should sound like a common situation. Amazing websites that don’t produce any leads are all over the web. They’ve been built by talented designers and highly skilled website development teams that have no idea how to use those sites to generate leads. While the designs look amazing, they might limit the amount of leads you get. Yes, that’s possible. Great designs don’t always translate into huge lead flow.

But that’s only 50% of the challenge we see when we look at prospect websites. The other half is what the site says. Who wrote the copy for your new beautiful site? You wrote it? You probably wrote the copy so the words on the pages are all about you, not about your prospects.


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