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    05/31/2023 |

    HubSpot Product Peeks for May

    One of the great things about the HubSpot team is their willingness to listen to those who work in the platform, pulling through product updates from their digital suggestion box and putting minor tweaks into action that makes life a bit easier for us HubSpot nerds. If you (or your team) want the latest updates, subscribe to our product peeks.

    This month, we’re diving into those small quality-of-life updates that make HubSpot the industry-standard in ease of use and will make anyone wonder what they did without them. Let’s start!

    Product Peek 1: Book Meetings on Behalf of Other Users

    There is always one reluctant user who hasn’t dipped into the wonderful world of HubSpot yet or is too busy on other projects. HubSpot’s newest Open Beta is here to help the subtly titled “Book Meetings on Behalf of Other Users.”

    The nice part is that you’ll be able to report on who scheduled the meeting and who the meeting is assigned to. You might have been booking with a meeting link before and trying to track or count who booked what meeting, but now the sales development rep (SDR)/business development rep (BDR) can do so right from the contact record.

    Anyone with Sales Hub Pro or Enterprise can do it (it’s a public beta), but they’ll need a sales seat to book. Booking the meetings is as easy as it is for your sales team click the Schedule a Meeting button on a contact.

    Meeting scheduler screenshot
    Only now it has the additional drop-down option on the top left of “Host.” Find the right person, see their availability and away you go.

    Let’s say the user you are booking for uses Zoom instead of Google Meet or Microsoft Teams HubSpot will use the software that the host has enabled, so they get the meetings right where they need. That also means those users will need their calendars synced and connected. The SDRs can add themselves or others as attendees to the meetings with a click. 

    Meeting scheduler screenshot

    Product Peek 2: Filtering Forms (and Lists)

    Anyone just starting out in HubSpot might not know it, but after a few years in a busy CRM, the laundry list that amasses in lists and forms can get unruly. You and your team try to build out naming conventions and make them searchable, but what ends up happening is only a couple of people know the right list to use, and we all know how that typically ends up.

    Add new viewer screenshot

    HubSpot has heard our cries and added views and filters to make it much more manageable. Want to keep the forms available for the dev team in one place so they can add the correct forms to the landing pages? Create a landing page view for forms, save it and give them access! Have a handful of super-important forms that need to be closely monitored? Build that view and save it for yourself.

    This new feature is for everyone at all tiers, so get out there and get organized!

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    About the Author

    Jacob Davis, RevOps Manager

    Jacob is the RevOps Manager at Square 2 and a true purveyor of data, graphs and analysis. He has been in digital marketing for most of his life; he's a nerd, serial hobbyist and HubSpot wonk. Workflows, automation (the more complex, the better) and maximizing the sales team's utility in HubSpot are all immensely exciting to this guy. Jacob has worked in the B2B and B2C space for health care, SaaS, nonprofits, events, museums and more.

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    The Secret to Generating High-Quality Leads for Your Sales Team


    The Secret to Generating High-Quality Leads for Your Sales Team


    Eliminate Hit-or-Miss Marketing Moves

    Get advice, tips, tools and guidance to generate more leads for your company in this weekly email newsletter.

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