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    11/10/2023 |

    7 HubSpot Integrations That Will Take Your Marketing to the Next Level

    When your marketing and sales tools work together rather than in a silo, everyone benefits. Fortunately, you can integrate HubSpot with 100+ apps and web services to help your team work more efficiently.

    In this post, we’re going to cover seven HubSpot integrations that make a big difference in your ability to craft meaningful marketing campaigns and sales processes. Let’s dive into them to make sure you’re getting the full benefit out of HubSpot.

    1) Connecting Ad Accounts: Facebook/Meta, Google Ads, LinkedIn

    Connecting your ad accounts to HubSpot is like opening the floodgates to understanding the impact of your marketing efforts. It enables you to:

    • Track the usefulness of different campaign styles.
    • Answer critical questions like, "Do our click ads create leads or just traffic?" and "Do our form-fill ads create solid leads?"
    • Seamlessly connect marketing with sales, so your sales team can see how leads were generated.

    While connecting offers valuable insights, it’s not always 100% perfect. Users are only sometimes tracked from their origin journey, with little cross-platform tracking. 

    Additionally, building your ads within HubSpot lacks the detailed power that you get natively on Meta Business Manager or Google Ads. Be aware that although connecting your ads to HubSpot enables smooth tracking, using the same content can lead to tracking errors, so tread carefully and duplicate that ad.

    2) HubSpot for WordPress

    The HubSpot for WordPress integration bridges the gap between your website (if you’re using WordPress) and HubSpot, making life simpler for marketing in several ways. It offers:

    • One-click installation for your website.
    • Better handling of non-HubSpot forms.
    • The ability to work within HubSpot without leaving WordPress.

    But it’s not without drawbacks. Tracking from non-HubSpot forms may not be as perfect as you’d like. Depending on the form software your company uses, HubSpot isn’t always able to insert itself to collect the form data. Some users find the integration a little clunky and prefer more robust reporting within the platform.

    3) Sales Hub Integrations: Outlook and Gmail

    Integrating Microsoft Outlook and/or Gmail with Sales Hub transforms how you manage your sales activities. Here's why it matters:

    • Tracking and logging emails provides clear data points for measuring engagement.
    • It eases the transfer of deals and contacts between departments.
    • You can track valuable metrics, such as how many touch points it takes to close a deal.

    There is one downside to tracking and logging emails from your sales teams – unintentional tracking of non-sales-related emails. Your sales team must be trained on when to log and track emails so that your CRM stays as healthy as possible.

    4) Slack/Teams

    Slack and Microsoft Teams integrations bring efficiency to your sales and marketing teams. They allow you to:

    • Automate messaging for smoother collaboration.
    • Flag leads and deals for teams where they work.
    • Improve context for tasks and emails.
    • Create tasks, tickets and notes without leaving Slack.
    • Associate channels with deals and companies.
    • Connect your inbox to a channel for greater visibility.

    However, these integrations can suffer from limited adoption, and some users may want more options to fine-tune notifications. If implemented and managed correctly, these connections can provide a clear and powerful way to engage across your teams and even with your contacts (depending on the platform).

    5) LinkedIn Sales Navigator

    LinkedIn Sales Navigator opens the door to valuable outreach opportunities on a platform where your audience already exists. It offers the ability to:

    • Reach out to prospects and leads via LinkedIn.
    • Automate features to streamline your outreach.

    Remember, automation can sometimes make your interactions seem robotic, so be sure to maintain the human touch in your LinkedIn communication.

    6) Zoom/Teams/Meet

    Integrating video conferencing tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet into HubSpot is a no-brainer. It offers:

    • The ability to use more of what you already pay for.
    • A smoother transition for meetings and discussions.

    However, some messages from these platforms might not be seamlessly pushed into HubSpot – keep an eye out for this limitation.

    7) ZoomInfo

    ZoomInfo helps fill in the gaps in your contact and company data. It's essential for maintaining a comprehensive database. But since moving prospects to and from the platform can feel a bit clunky, be prepared to invest some time in optimizing your workflow.

    Fuel Revenue Growth With HubSpot Integrations

    Incorporating these integrations into your HubSpot experience can significantly boost your marketing and sales efforts. So, go ahead, connect those ad accounts, enhance your WordPress experience and supercharge your Sales Hub. Your business will reap the rewards!

    Jacob Davis, RevOps Manager headshot

    Jacob Davis, RevOps Manager

    Jacob is the RevOps Manager at Square 2 and a true purveyor of data, graphs and analysis. He has been in digital marketing for most of his life; he's a nerd, serial hobbyist and HubSpot wonk. Workflows, automation (the more complex, the better) and maximizing the sales team's utility in HubSpot are all immensely exciting to this guy. Jacob has worked in the B2B and B2C space for health care, SaaS, nonprofits, events, museums and more.

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    The Secret to Generating High-Quality Leads for Your Sales Team


    The Secret to Generating High-Quality Leads for Your Sales Team


    Eliminate Hit-or-Miss Marketing Moves

    Get advice, tips, tools and guidance to generate more leads for your company in this weekly email newsletter.

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