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Mike Lieberman, CEO and Chief Revenue ScientistWed, May 9, 2018 3 min read

[Infographic] How Brands Are Using Artificial Intelligence in Their Marketing

{}Artificial intelligence, or AI, is leaving its mark all over the world. Whether your mom has recently embraced Alexa or your business executives have implemented AI-enabled software, this technological assistant helps everybody.

If AI isn’t currently part of your marketing strategy, it’s time to adapt your methods. Here’s how brands today use AI in their marketing.

It Enhances Current Strategies

Let AI help you create a sophisticated strategy and deliver top-tier customer service. Better communication between your brand and customers makes it easier to reach out to your audience and engage.

Look at the rising popularity of voice search. Products, such as Google Home and Alexa, changed current keyword planning, as AI now works at answering consumer query triggers with predicted intelligence. This gives businesses a better idea of their target market to refine strategies and create more effective customer matches.

It Allows Businesses to Get Personal

Marketers face many problems with data analytics. You need to know your customer to sell to them but wadding through data analytics can be time consuming and confusing. AI can do this for you. AI can speak to customers, gather data, and pass on the information to you.

AI pulls marketing information and data in real time, determining what your customers want and the leads who appear most promising. Marketing can leverage that data to provide a truly unique customer experience. With AI pulling the data, the marketing department has more time to be creative, experimenting with new strategies customers will love.

It Improves Communication

Delighting your customers is important. Use chatbots to create a personal experience with your customer and provide one-to-one communication. AI uses natural language and dynamic menus to answer questions and generate an automated process that guides customers along their journey.

AI enhances the conversational experience, whether it’s helping consumers shop online for the perfect pair of jeans or offering personalized recommendations based on their interests.

It Improves Customer Service

As brands press forward to create a personalized experience for their customers, they ensure they have stellar customer service to match. Consumers expectations are higher than ever. You can’t dedicate a personal human assistant to everyone, but you can create that experience with chatbots and personal assistants. Sephora, for example, uses chatbots to give beauty advice and share products with each online individual.

Chatbots are expected to power 85 percent of all customer service interactions by 2020. Businesses implement this technique to answer common questions and meet their customers’ needs 24/7.

It Makes It Easy to See the ROI

Profitability is key, and AI promises to come through on its return. Brands using AI are already seeing the return on their investment.

AI allows marketers to put more money into creating while spending less on execution. Old processes, from data analysis to customer queries, are now handled by new technology. The marketing team has more time to tailor unique customer content and shape innovative customer experiences.

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Mike Lieberman, CEO and Chief Revenue Scientist

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