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Don't Fear Your Sales Funnel, Attack It With Inbound Marketing Metrics

You Can’t Really Move The Needle On Revenue Unless You Know These Numbers Cold

Ask any CEO or business leader if they want more leads and the answer is going to be a resounding "yes!" But ask them to give some of the marketing metrics behind their lead generation efforts and the answer is almost always going to be "I’ll have to get back to you on that."

That has to change. If you have a "C" or "V" in your title, or if you have anything to do with marketing or sales, you have to get intimate with your funnel, your funnel metrics and all of the data that goes into helping you understand the health of your revenue funnel.

With the click of an app button on my smartphone I can tell you we’ve generated 17,865 visitors to our website as of yesterday morning (when I wrote this article). I know that’s down from last month and up from a year ago last June. I also know how many leads these visitors produced — exactly 290, also as of yesterday morning. This is the ultimate top of the funnel, and if you don’t know those numbers in this way, you’re not really using inbound marketing to its fullest potential.



What's The Difference Between An Inbound Marketing Coach And A Consultant?

Coaches Tell You What To Do And Consultants Help You Do It

If you think about a baseball team, it’s filled with coaches but they never pick up a ball, bat or glove. They just watch their players and work closely with them to improve their skills. They give them the benefit of their extensive experience. The best teams usually have the best set of coaches.

Consultants on the other hand are accountable and responsible for delivering work. They might write a marketing plan, give you a redesigned website comp or create a new funnel analysis model to help you better understand your conversion flow, but they’re doing work and delivering it to you.

Do you need help doing the work, or do you need help knowing what work to do? That’s usually the key question when deciding if you need a coach or a consultant.



Little’s Big Impact: An Inbound Marketing Success Story

Inbound Marketing Powers John Deere Equipment Distributor

Little’s is southeastern Pennsylvania’s premier John Deere dealer, providing licensed equipment for both commercial and residential customers. With four locations, Little’s is a prime player in a regional niche market with a heavy demand, and the company is looking to make a big impact by leveraging inbound marketing to further dominate its region.

Little’s web presence was seriously outdated and lacking any real lead-generating power. Even worse, for both current customers and prospects, the Little’s website was cumbersome and difficult to use. Based on the large size of the products-based website, it was estimated that launching the full, brand-new site could take six months. In the meantime, Little’s marketing wasn’t producing measurable results, and website lead generation remained at a standstill.

Little’s partnered with Square 2 Marketing to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy, with a priority focus on transforming its website into an inbound marketing machine.



10 Reasons Why Your Inbound Marketing Agency Won't Generate Leads In Month One

Just Because You Want Or Need Leads Doesn’t Mean You’re Going To Get Them — No Matter What Anyone Says

Put points on the board early! Get me leads and then we’ll talk! I need leads this week! I know I only have 200 people coming to my website, but if you’re so good at inbound, get me 50 leads this month.

I could fill up this article with sayings from prospects and clients like these above. If I’m being positive, these people are trying to challenge us to see what we can do. If I’m being realistic, they’re being unreasonable.

Some inbound marketing agencies are telling clients they can get them leads in the first month. In some cases, that’s a reasonable and responsible promise to make. In other cases, it’s a sales promise that won’t be delivered. It's not because the agency didn’t try hard and it's not because they didn’t know what they’re doing — they didn’t get the leads because inbound isn’t automatic.



Warning: 12-Month Inbound Marketing Plans Are A Waste Of Time

Why Data-Driven Marketing (Like Inbound Marketing) Has To Run On A 30-Day Planning Cycle

We used to do 12-month marketing plans. It makes sense. I’ve been doing long-term planning like this for 30 years and, as a life-long marketer, that’s just what we did. But today 12-month marketing plans are obsolete in just a few months, so why go through the trouble to create them?

When you’ve been practicing inbound marketing for as long as we have, you start to see trends. One of the most significant trends is that data drives your decision-making, and when you start planning for a client’s inbound campaign, you have very little data. The data comes when you start executing.

To take advantage of the data and to create more agile, flexible, dynamic and higher-performing marketing campaigns, you have to shift to 30-day planning cycles and consider agile marketing methodologies to help your team improve performance. 



The Future Of Marketing Is Revealed Here For The Very First Time

It’s Part Marketing And Part Delivery But Together They Produce An Experience Worth Talking About

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, then you know I like to write about personal experiences from time to time. Recently I had an experience, or I should say my son had an experience, that shined a light on the future of marketing. So, I thought I’d share it with all of you.

My son has been driving for about five years and he’s had his own car (a used car) for about three years. As luck would have it, he had his first flat tire on the way to his summer internship in Greenbelt, Md. Like any reasonable kid who runs into a tough spot, he called me for help. “Dad, how do I change this tire?” We talked about it, there was some FaceTiming and, to his credit, he wanted to change the tire himself, even after I suggested he “call someone.”

After a reasonable effort he was unable to remove the jack from the car, and he agreed to call a tire service to get help. Of course, my suggestion was to Google "tire repair, Greenbelt, Md." Off he went and I went back to work.



How Much Should My Inbound Marketing Program Cost?

The 6 Factors That Impact The Investment Level For Your Inbound Marketing Program

This seems like the question of the day. You want to do inbound, you know some inbound agencies and now you’re trying to decide how much to invest in inbound. But you can’t really trust the agencies to give you a budget because they want you to spend more and you don’t know how to set your own budget since you’ve never done this before.

So I’m going to give you a workflow that will allow you to create your own ideas for what your investment in inbound marketing should be and it’s going to be based not on what we want you to buy, or even what we think will work, but rather on only one factor — your business goals.

I mean, let’s be reasonable. If you have a $10 million company with an average revenue per new client of $10,000 and you want to drive an incremental $10 million in sales through your company, you have to be ready to invest more than the CEO who wants to drive an incremental $100,000, right?

Here are some factors to help you set your budget.



Social Media For Sales: Inbound Marketing Tips Sales Can Use Today

Inbound Marketing And Account-Based Marketing With A Focus On Social Selling

Maybe you’re a sales rep and someone sent you this article, maybe you're a VP of sales and hoping to hit your sales target this month, or perhaps you’re a VP of marketing trying to work more closely with the sales organization to deliver a more effective click-to-close marketing strategy. Regardless of your role, there are social media sales tips you can use today to get more leads and more new customers tomorrow.

Here are a couple of key principles to keep in mind. First, buyer behavior has changed so dramatically that many of the old sales tactics no longer resonate with today’s prospects. Second, almost every single research-based data point shows that sales has to stop interrupting and start educating your prospects. Finally, new tools are available that make salespeople’s jobs easier, and social media is at the center of that discussion.



Advertising Is Easy And Inbound Marketing Is Hard

Ads Are Set It And Forget It; Inbound Marketing Requires Constant Care And Feeding, But Inbound Still Fits Today's Buyers Better

I was watching TV the other morning and saw the same car dealership commercial that’s been running for the past month or so. The thought occurred to me: “Wow, that’s so much easier than what we do.”

If you think about it, you make the ad and then run it over and over and over again. If it works, you get leads and new customers without any additional work on the part of the agency or the client. Banner ads, PPC, TV ads, radio ads, print ads and outdoor ads all work like this; once it’s set up, you’re done. Advertising is really set it and forget it.



You Can Be The LeBron James Of Your Team WIth Inbound Marketing

Get The Tools You Need To Dominate The Marketing Game

LeBron James is going to go down in history as one of the best players ever. All he needed to do was win enough championships to be in the conversation with Michael Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain and Magic Johnson. After winning his third NBA title last night, he did exactly what he needed to do to be considered among the best ever.

The connection to inbound marketing is interesting. There are a lot of similarities in how individuals, whether they’re marketing managers, VPs of marketing or CEOs, can have a more dramatic impact on their own marketing and go from an ordinary player to a superstar performer.

Here are some ways you can become the LeBron of your marketing team.