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What Inbound Marketing Would Do Instead Of One Super Bowl Ad

How Inbound Marketing Leverages $5 Million To Drive A LOT Of Leads

Sticking with our Super Bowl theme today, I thought I would show you how an inbound marketing pro would spend the same $5 million dollars that advertisers plan to spend on a single 30-second Super Bowl ad.

While it’s too late to help the advertisers in Sunday’s game, it’s not too late to share an alternative inbound marketing approach with all of you.   



Inbound Marketing Wants To Know: Does Super Bowl Advertising Work?

The Experts Weigh In, And Super Bowl Advertising Doesn’t Impact Sales

I love this time of year. The magnifying glass is on advertising in a big way. Why? The Super Bowl creates a huge storm of conversation around whether advertising actually works. On the day of the Super Bowl, companies are going to invest $5 million for a 30-second TV ad, and the age-old question is in play: Does it work?

I’ve been very vocal over the years, writing articles like this. But today, I want to see what other experts have to say. So, here’s what a variety of experts are saying about whether Super Bowl advertising actually drives sales. After all, marketing has but one job, and that is to drive revenue.



The Old Guard Vs. The Young Gun: Outbound Vs. Inbound Marketing

How Cam Newton And Peyton Manning Remind Me Of Inbound Marketing Overtaking Outbound

My articles are usually serious with a sprinkling of brash. But, over the next few days, I thought I would lighten things up a bit as we all get ready for my favorite national holiday, Super Bowl Sunday.

Today, I wanted to compare the old guard, Peyton Manning, and traditional marketing to the young gun, Cam Newton, and inbound marketing.

You might not know this, but there are a ton of similarities between Peyton Manning and traditional outbound marketing, and there are even more similarities between Cam Newton and inbound marketing. So, without any national anthem, jet flybys or fireworks, here we go.



Do You Need Marketing Automation To Do Inbound Marketing?

If You Do, What Inbound Marketing Software Is Right For You?

It’s an age-old question: Can I do inbound marketing without inbound marketing software? The good news is that yes, you can. The bad news is that if you don’t use software to manage your inbound effort, the actual effort can be exponentially harder.

Now, you should be asking the question: What marketing software do I need if I want to practice inbound? That’s where the information gets a little more complicated. However, I’m sure that after you read this article, you’ll have a much better idea of what tools achieve what functions and, hopefully, what you need for your company.



Inbound Marketing Revealed: Blogging And Content Need To Work As One

Blogging Drives Visitors, And Content Drives Leads  Now Pull It All Together

Here’s a secret to inbound marketing: The more you blog, the more visitors you get to your website. And the more new content you publish, the more leads you attract. When you break it down and think about how inbound works, it becomes obvious.



My Inbound Marketing Isn't Working And I Don't Know Why!

It’s Not Inbound Marketing Causing The Failure

Inbound or outbound, it doesn’t matter. Marketing is one of the harder aspects of your business. The complexities stretch from business strategy (what your business is designed to do) to messaging (what you say about your business) to operations (how your business takes care of its customers) and competition (what other businesses are doing).

The marketing tactics, which most people consider marketing, are often the least important. Yet, they get the most attention. The marketing strategy, which is the most important, often gets the least attention, if any. Ask any CEO: Do you want to change the way you talk about your business, or do you want to redo your website? The website is going to get picked every time.



If Your Inbound Marketing Isn't Working, Whose Fault Is It?

You Can Blame Your Inbound Marketing Agency, But The Real Answer Might Surprise You

When plans don’t come to fruition, it’s very frustrating. You started executing inbound marketing 10 months ago, and todays lead flow is a trickle instead of the torrent you were told it would be. Someone has to be to blame, right? Someone has to take the fall.

It might not be as black and white as you think. Having executed more inbound programs for more clients than any other agency on the planet, we’ve seen it all. In most cases, no one is to blame, and not one party or one single piece contributed to the lower-than-expected flow of leads.

Instead, there are a number of contributing factors that all converge and make it look like perhaps your inbound marketing agency doesn’t know what they’re doing.



Inbound Marketing: How Often Is Too Often When It Comes To Email?

Delight – Not Disturb – Your Prospects With Inbound Marketing-Designed Nurturing Campaigns

Inbound marketing uses email marketing, just like every other marketing methodology. Email marketing is so efficient in its ability to deliver ongoing messaging, educational offers and reminders about a business’s value proposition that it must be part of any company’s marketing tool kit.

But, how much email is too much? Can we overdo it? The answer is yes. You can over-email, incorrectly email and poorly structure your lead-nurturing campaigns to the point at which you’re actually turning prospects away. Today, we’ll help you try to avoid turning leads into losses.



You Already Paid For It – Now Use Content To Close More Sales

Marketing Has Whitepapers, E-Books And Blog Articles, And Sales Should Be Using Them All

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you already know that you need content on your website in order to turn visitors into leads. You’ve also probably invested at least some money into the creation of this content.

You might have hired an inbound marketing agency or a content marketing agency to help produce this stuff. Maybe you wrote and designed it yourself. Either way, you paid for it and now you need to use it.

It’s one thing to use it in marketing, but there are even more ways to use this content in your sales process that are guaranteed to help you get and close more leads, more quickly and for a higher ticket average. Yes, you heard me correctly: Content helps you drive revenue.



What Does A Chief Inbound Marketing SCIENTIST Do In A Major Snow Storm?

Inbound Marketing Experiments, Of Course

Like the 80 million other folks who managed through the blizzard of 2016 this weekend, I had a lot of time on my hands. So, what did I do? I ran some inbound marketing experiments. I thought it might be fun to share a few of those with you today.

We won’t have the data on the experiments yet. I usually let them run for between one week and four weeks, depending on the data sets. But, you’ll at least get a glimpse into the mind of an inbound marketing scientist, something very few people ever have.

Here are a couple of my favorite experiments.