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PRESS RELEASE: Square 2 Marketing Makes A Bold Move To Dominate Inbound

Posted by Lauren Moreno

Tue, Oct 21, 2014

Industry-Leading Inbound Marketing Company Expands Its In-House Web Design Capabilities With The Acquisition Of Savvy Panda 

Warrington, Pa., Oct. 21, 2014 | The world’s leading inbound marketing and inbound sales agency just got savvier. The acquisition of web design and development firm Savvy Panda enables Square 2 Marketing to offer its clients more complicated and robust web development to complement its inbound marketing and inbound sales engagements.

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Inbound Marketing Website Vs. Traditional Website: Which Do I Have?

Posted by Mike Lieberman, Chief Inbound Scientist

Mon, Oct 20, 2014

Inbound marketing teaches that not all websites are created equal, and most websites are actually created with a misguided mission in mind.

Think about some of the sites you’ve visited lately. You may recall that most sites on the Internet are simply designed to provide company information to anyone who might stumble upon those pages.

We like to refer to sites like these as “electronic brochures.” These companies are putting as much information about themselves, their products, their services and their people on the site for you, the visitor, to wade through and check out. This is a mistake, and here’s why.

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Inbound Marketing: Optimization Is The Future Of Marketing

Posted by Mike Lieberman, Chief Inbound Scientist

Fri, Oct 17, 2014

Life before inbound marketing probably sounded something like this ...

You get your campaign assets together: print ads, banner ads, direct mail, sales slicks and some pay-per-click ads.

You launch your campaign and let it run for 30, 60, maybe 90 days before getting together to evaluate the results.

You know what you spent on the campaign, but do you know what you actually received from that investment?

Sure, you might know some of the metrics, like the number of people who clicked on your ad or the number of people who landed on your homepage from a PPC ad. But, beyond that, it's a bit of a black hole.

Fortunately, that "wait and see, hope it works, keep your fingers crossed" feeling you used to have is now gone forever. If you’re practicing inbound, you should expect more. Find out how to do it differently.

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Inbound Marketing: It’s All About Your Prospect's Experience

Posted by Mike Lieberman, Chief Inbound Scientist

Thu, Oct 16, 2014

One of the strengths of inbound marketing and inbound sales is the ability to arm yourself with the weapons you need to create a remarkable experience for your prospects. This starts from the very first time they visit your website to the time they sign with your company and all the way through their experience with your products and services.

In fact, much of the recent research has proven that the experience is actually everything. Give your prospects an experience that connects with them emotionally, and it’s your deal to lose.

Take a look at this video to see how The North Face delivers a remarkable experience. While this is a consumer example, The North Face gave these prospects the experience of a lifetime AND got them to have it while wearing their product.

Here’s how you can create a similar experience for your prospects.

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Inbound Marketing: Make Your Website Responsive Or Kiss Off 20% Of Prospects

Posted by Mike Lieberman, Chief Inbound Scientist

Wed, Oct 15, 2014

Your inbound marketing effort is starting to pay off. You’ve pushed up your site visitors to 1,000 people per month, but your site – while accessible via devices – is not designed to be responsive.

Did you know that you are telling 200 people, who all proactively stopped by, to take a hike?

A recent review of our client base shows that, today, 20% of website visitors are looking at websites via their smartphones or tablets. This means that if your site isn’t responsive, these people are going to have a frustrating and less-than-remarkable experience with your website design.

The result is that they’re likely to bounce off and find another, similar site that's responsive. 

Every prospect is precious, so let's make sure that this scenario never happens to your business. Here’s how we’re going to prevent it.

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