Trying to get an inbound marketing program off the ground?

How do you avoid the mistakes other companies make and incorporate their lessons learned into your inbound marketing strategy today?

Join a group of marketing professionals and business owners – CEOs, VPs of Marketing and Marketing Managers – who are taking the fast track to inbound marketing success.

Each month, an Inbound Cohort – a unified force of up-and-coming inbound marketers – spends two hours working through a set of specific challenges with an Inbound Coach.

These challenges include:

  • Writing content that converts
  • Nurturing leads properly
  • Using HubSpot and other technologies to gain campaign intelligence
  • Incorporating deep insights into ongoing campaigns
  • Building an inbound website
The Secret Sauce Of Inbound Marketing and the Four Critical Components That Tie It All Together

The Secret Sauce Of Inbound Marketing
And The Four Critical Components That Tie It All Together

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How An Inbound Cohort Works

  • Each marketer joins a cohort with members from other companies using inbound marketing.
  • Join an existing group and jump right in, or wait for a new Cohort to launch and start from the beginning.
  • Each month, a cohort meets on the same day, at the same time, via conference call and/or video chat. This allows you to schedule time to work on your company's sales and marketing every month.
  • Cohorts are limited to no more than 20 companies, though we try to cap them around 12.
  • We are currently accepting requests to join the next cohort launching in June.
Group Coaching Not For You?

Group Coaching Not For You?

Learn How To Meet One-On-One

Sample Inbound Cohort Session Schedule

Month 1 – Marketing Strategy, Missing Link?

Month 2 – Planning The Inbound Effort

Month 3 – Expectations And Results

Month 4 – The Secret To Getting Found

Month 5 – The Inbound Website

Month 6 – Content That Converts

Month 7 – Nurturing Leads To Close

Month 8 – Using Social Media With Inbound

Month 9 – Optimizing Inbound Results

Month 10 – Key Metrics With Inbound

Month 11 – Using Technology For Better Results

Month 12 – Inbound Sales

What To Expect In Your Session

  • Prior to each session, you'll get an agenda and prep work to make sure that when sessions begin, you're prepared to apply the learning directly to what you're doing.
  • After each session, you'll receive homework – a specific set of action steps to hold you accountable for enacting change.
  • Each session is recorded in case you have to miss one or two. Everyone in the cohort receives a link to the recording after the session wraps up.
  • Between sessions, email your facilitator with any questions, concerns or specific details associated with your company. We're here to help you work through the issues and get your company better results from inbound marketing.

Inbound Cohort services are $650 per month, billed directly to your credit card every month. The Cohort requires a 12-month commitment, and there is a 60-day cancellation policy.

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