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    What Is an AI-Activated Agency?

    Our passion at Square 2 has always been to teach our clients how to use a system to generate revenue. In addition, we’ve strived to skate to where the puck is going instead of where it is today. Our commitment to driving results for our clients has led us to embrace cutting-edge technologies, and at the forefront of this revolution is artificial intelligence (AI).

    An AI-Activated Agency is actively experimenting, testing and trialing a wide variety of AI-powered tools and technologies. Our focus is to harness the power of artificial intelligence to supercharge campaigns, optimize targeting and deliver personalized experiences.

    We test almost everything we do for clients in a lab environment first before we bring new tools and techniques to them. Our core value of Practice What You Preach means we must have success using these new tools to drive business for us before we start using them to drive business for clients.


    The Top 10 Ways Innovative Agencies Are Helping Clients Generate More Leads With AI-Activated Technology

    Get practical advice around AI tools, including how to use AI and new frameworks that help marketing teams generate more revenue.

    Where We're Helping Clients Apply AI Tools and Techniques

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    Data-Driven Insights

    AI empowers us to analyze vast amounts of data with unparalleled speed and precision. By understanding your target audience’s behavior, preferences and online activities, we create highly targeted and personalized campaigns. This ensures that every interaction with your brand is not just a touch point but a meaningful engagement.

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    Predictive Analytics

    Say goodbye to guesswork. AI algorithms predict future trends and customer behavior based on historical data. This allows us to optimize our strategies in real time, ensuring that your marketing efforts are always one step ahead.

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    Personalized Content Recommendations

    Tailoring your content to the unique preferences of each user is crucial. AI algorithms analyze user behavior and preferences, serving up personalized content recommendations. This not only enhances the user experience but also significantly increases the likelihood of converting a visitor into a lead.

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    Efficient Content Creation

    Today marketing requires a massive amount of content, and AI provides us the opportunity to create content at a much lower price point.

    Square 2 uses a three-tiered approach to AI-generated content:

    1) AI-only content for social posts, some emails and short-form content requirements

    2) AI plus human content creation for longer-form blog articles, pillar pages, website pages, landing pages and email campaigns

    3) Human-only content for thought leadership level materials that AI simply can’t and shouldn’t support

    AI Tool Enablement Services – We'll Help You Install AI for Your Marketing Organization

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    AI Assessment
    An assessment of your current marketing and/or sales operation with a focus on where AI can add value, drive efficiency or improve results.
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    Recommended AI Tools
    A recommended set of AI-tested tools from the Square 2 Lab environment tools that we’re using or have tested and tools that have proven positive outcomes with our team or our clients.
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    AI Tools Rollout
    Full deployment and configuration of these AI tools for your company, based on your requirements and use cases.
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    Team Training
    Training your team on how to use the tools.
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    Ongoing Support and Access to Experts
    Access to our team for ongoing questions, challenges and any issues that come up post-implementation.

    Hear From Clients Like You

    These business leaders worked with Square 2 to get the right AI technology for their company.
    Digital Marketing Specialist
    Karl Fauerbach
    Intelligent Video Solutions
    “We wanted to use AI more aggressively, and the team at Square 2 helped us figure out a few targeted use cases, selected the right AI tools and helped us get them into production so we could be more efficient and effective with our marketing operations.”
    Marketing Manager
    Astrid Hall
    Resolute HR Pros
    “We had a lot going on from a marketing perspective and didnt have the time or expertise to focus on all the new AI tools and AI applications. Square 2 looked at our needs, designed a plan and helped us quickly get up to speed on new AI.”
    Director of Client Services
    Doug Coombs
    “I especially liked that the AI tools Square 2 recommended to us were the ones they were already using, had already tested and had seen positive business outcomes as a result of those tests. It helped us get going faster and much more efficiently, we couldnt have done it without the Square 2 team."

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