Make Prospects And Customers
Fall In Love With You

Every business wants to grow, but it’s an elusive pursuit. Most company leaders don’t recognize that revenue growth comes from creating a remarkable experience for prospects and customers.

It’s not about inbound, outbound, demand generation or any one technology. Revenue generation and month-over-month revenue growth require the orchestration of strategy, tactics, analytics and technology – the four pillars of sustainable and predictable revenue growth. We help you create a buyer journey using our proprietary Cyclonic Buyer Journey™ model and then deploy tactics, track metrics and use technology to scale your revenue generation machine.

Our Approach: The 4 Pillars
Of Revenue Growth

If month-over-month revenue generation was easy, you wouldn’t be here. It’s hard because most companies don’t understand the components required to build a revenue generation machine – strategy, tactics, analytics and technology. If you’re missing even one of these pillars, you’re probably missing your revenue goals.

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This includes creating a disruptive, compelling and emotional story for your company. It means your business is remarkable when compared to your competition. You’ve also selected and prioritized your target audience. But most importantly, you recognize that strategy includes getting marketing and sales aligned, creating an amazing sales process and focusing on generating revenue from your customers in addition to generating new customers.

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Almost everyone knows what tactics and channels are available to generate revenue, but what people miss frequently is how to orchestrate all the tactics, prioritize the best tactics and apply tactics to marketing, sales and customer service to generate incremental revenue.

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How we track the performance of revenue generation programs has changed dramatically. We don’t look at tactical performance. Instead, we look at the performance of tactics by the buyer journey stage, how tactics impact how many sales opportunities and new customers are created, and how the program gets better over time.

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With so many tactics getting worked on, no one can do it without technology. You’ll need platform technology like HubSpot and Salesforce. But you’ll also need additional technology to drive results, such as tools like Drift, Sendoso, and Seventh Sense.

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Building A Revenue-Generating Machine

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Like the architectural drawings for your home, you can’t build the house without the plans.

Buyer Persona

Deepen your understanding of your prospects and identify their motivations and pains to inform a sales and marketing approach that will resonate with their needs.


Create disruptive, compelling, memorable and emotional stories that connect with your personas. Help get prospects excited to have you guiding them through their buyer journey.

Be Remarkable

Set yourself apart from the competition with a set of easy-to-share, easy-to-remember focused attributes about your business that clearly get people talking about it.

Sales And Marketing
Alignment: Creating An Amazing
Experience For Prospects

Drive revenue growth and create a seamless buyer journey by creating a seamless experience from click to close. This requires a tight alignment between your sales and marketing execution.


You need tactics for all stages of the Cyclonic Buyer Journey – marketing tactics, sales tactics and customer service tactics. Most people know the tactics we’re talking about, including email marketing, websites, search, paid ads, video marketing, conversational marketing like chat, account-based marketing (ABM), lead nurturing, and customer cross-sell and upsell campaigns.

So many tactics, so little time. We’ll show you which tactics will drive the best results for the least effort. We’ll help you prioritize tactics based on your business goals. Need leads? Turn on chat. Need revenue? Start marketing to your current customers. Need new contacts for a targeted sales effort? Launch an account-based marketing campaign. All tactics are NOT created equally.




Today’s analytics are more than tactically oriented, like the performance of email marketing. Instead, you’ll want to look at how your tactics are advancing and accelerating the buyer journey as well as how tactics are impacting big numbers, like sales cycle days, close rate and sales opportunities generated month over month.

Buyer Journey Analytics

Cyclonic Buyer Journey chart
Sales analytics chart

Sales Analytics

Track the most relevant metrics, like sales-qualified leads (SQLs) and sales opportunities. Look at pipeline velocity, the number of referrals, revenue by lead source and sales cycle in days. There are several key metrics for measuring sales performance.

Customer Revenue Analytics

You can’t analyze revenue without looking at cross-sell and upsell performance. You have to look at renewal or repurchase rates. Knowing exactly how happy your customers are can make the difference between missing and exceeding your revenue goals.

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The technology you need is like a fingerprint – every company is different.
Leverage the optimal tech stack and integrations for your business’ goals.

Sales, Marketing And
Customer Service Technology

Improve your ability to engage with prospects and customers, and deliver the information they need at the right time through marketing automation, CRM systems, chatbots, email powered by artificial intelligence, automated sending programs and more.

Platform Technology Vs.
Point Solutions

You’re going to need to consider platform tools like HubSpot, which provides support for marketing, sales and customer service, or solutions like Salesforce for CRM, Drift for chat, Seventh Sense for email and Sendoso for automated send programs.

They Love Us, And So Will You

It was pure joy. You took our business to another level. We were in the dark for a while and now we have a whole new strategic direction. Your team and this offering are beyond impressive.”

They Love Us, And So Will You

Square 2 has been a fantastic agency to work with. The team is responsive, and the work has been top-notch. They have listened to our needs and built out a solution that fits our budget and our goals, and they continue to deliver the highest quality work.”

They Love Us, And So Will You

Working with Square 2 has been amazing. They help us think through our sales and marketing strategy, and then they help us execute a buyer journey for our prospects that has far exceeded our expectations. They even helped me write a book.”

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I align my organization around revenue growth? open

It starts with your company’s commitment to revenue growth. Once everyone is behind this approach you need to merge the agendas, objectives, goals and teams that support marketing, sales and customer service.

Making revenue generation a company-wide initiative gets everyone aligned behind creating a remarkable experience from click to close and through delivery. True revenue growth comes from a never-ending commitment to this type of prospect and customer engagement.

If you think this is something you do for a few months to “see if it works,” don’t bother starting. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Your organization has to be all-in to see results.

How do I measure results? open

What would it be worth to you and your company if you had a machine that handed you enough leads each month for you to hit your sales goals? This is what you are working toward.

But in the meantime, there are a lot of ways to measure results and an unlimited number of metrics. But the best way to measure the success of a revenue generation program is to track revenue, new customers, average revenue per new customer, revenue from new customers, new revenue from current customers, number of sales opportunities, number of sales-qualified leads, number of marketing-qualified leads, number of referrals and the sales cycle in days.

Don’t expect a hockey stick up and to the right, unless you’re planning on making an investment of $100,000 a month. Most companies see a slow and gradual, steady up and to the right across all the metrics we mentioned. This is what you want. Over time, there is a compounding effect that accelerates the results. Once you get there, your return on investment (ROI) will far outpace any expectations.

How long will it take to get going and see results? open

It’s impossible for us to answer this question because every business is different. But generally, companies typically start to get results when all the strategy and foundational plan components are live. This can be in 30 days if you choose an Accelerator Engagement or in four to six months if you choose a traditional retainer engagement.

You need to consider this a never-ending journey. There will always be room for improvement. You should always be setting goals, striving to hit those goals and increasing the goals over time.

Who in my organization is involved? open

We like to work with a single point of contact, but in most cases, you’ll have people from sales, marketing and customer service involved. It’s always better to have senior management like the CEO, COO, CRO, CMO, etc. involved, too. In the beginning of the engagement, more executive participation is encouraged. This is a strategic initiative, and they should want to be involved. This might be the most strategic initiative the company has tackled in years.

Eventually, as the program moves into optimization mode, someone in marketing can work closely with us on the day-to-day execution of the program, with the executive team monitoring the program through executive-level dashboards.

How much time will the engagement take from the key contact on our side? open

Depending on the engagement, Accelerated Engagements require more time over a shorter period. Plan on meeting with us daily for about an hour a day over 30 days. Traditional retainers might require about two to four hours a week for as long as we’re working together.

You and your people should look forward to working with us. This is time that will pay off in a massive return once the lead and revenue generation machines are completed and running optimally.

Can I see some examples? open

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