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You don’t have to go looking for prospects – they’re already searching for you. The power of inbound marketing is its ability to create a lead generation machine for your business that runs every day, every week and every month all year.

Your prospects are looking for you right now. Focus your marketing on being visible when they search, creating engaging content to pull them into your orbit and then providing a digital experience that tells a story powerful enough for them to want to do business with you and only you.


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Our Approach: What Makes Us Special

We’ve been doing inbound marketing longer than any agency on the planet. We’ve honed our approach, methodology and processes over the past 20 years to ensure our clients get the results they need to grow their companies.

The secret is a proprietary buyer journey model, the Cyclonic Buyer Journey™, that our clients use to map out every touch point along their prospects’ buyer journeys. We’ve learned that the results you need require strategy, tactics, analytics and technology. Those four pillars make up every engagement with our clients.

Successful inbound marketing requires strategic orchestration of your story, perfectly sequencing your tactics, artfully selecting the right analytics and the application of technology to make the deployment and optimization efficient. The result is more leads, more sales opportunities and month-over-month revenue growth for our clients.


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The Formula For Inbound Marketing Success

No random acts of marketing here. You won’t see us trying stuff out hoping it sticks or learning on your dime.

Our team has a very specific approach and methodology to planning, building and growing your inbound marketing program.

Strategy Before Tactics

No matter what we recommend, we start with strategy. We need to have a detailed profile of your target personas. We need to know exactly how to disrupt their status quo, emotionally connect with them and engage them with your company. We need to know what makes you remarkable. Together, that forms your story.

In addition, we need to know your goals and the business outcomes you expect to make sure our plan matches them perfectly. Then we can start working on tactics. Some of those tactics are highlighted below.

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Website Design And Optimization

Start generating leads and converting customers immediately with a website designed to set you apart from the competition and guide prospects through the buyer journey. Learn More

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Content Marketing

Generate new leads and turn those leads into customers with engaging educational content delivered in perfect context to their buyer journey. Content that helps prospects feel safe and gets them to know, like and trust your company – that’s content that produces results. Learn More

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Search Engine Optimization

Drive meaningful traffic to your site and engage with more prospects searching for the solutions you provide through comprehensive on-page and off-page SEO strategies. Learn More

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Email Marketing And Lead Nurturing

Nurture prospects through the buyer journey and engage existing customers through strategic email marketing campaigns that leverage their interest in your content and services. Learn More

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Video Marketing

Reach a wider audience and enhance your ability to connect with prospects and customers using engaging video, a must-have for modern marketing. Learn More

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Social Media Marketing

Expand your reach and increase engagement with those who’ve expressed an interest in your business through a targeted social media strategy that meets your audience where it is. Learn More


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Conversational Marketing And Chat

People are on your website right now and they want to talk to you. Turn on chat tools and allow them to converse with you, when and how they want. Use the chat tool to answer their questions, help them find content and serve up important website pages. Then route those conversations directly to sales and close more new customers faster. Learn More

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HubSpot For Marketing, Sales And Customer Service

HubSpot was born from the inbound marketing movement 10 years ago. We help you leverage the technology across all of your inbound marketing tactics so you generate results from your marketing efforts. Learn More

The Complete DIY Playbook For Creating Killer Video Content From Home

The Complete DIY Playbook For Creating Killer Video Content From Home

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They Love Us, And So Will You

Square 2 has an amazing team of professionals who are top-notch in their area of inbound marketing. We recently completed an Accelerated Engagement, and are incredibly pleased with the amount and quality of everything from web design changes, assets, workflow design and creation, and strategy.”

They Love Us, And So Will You

Square 2 has provided the knowledge and follow-through to allow TruMethods to take our company to the next level with a new professional website and inbound marketing strategy. Square 2 showed us how to plan, execute and grow our inbound marketing program so we saw an increase in leads month over month. We would not be the business we are today if it wasn't for Square 2.”

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much do your inbound marketing services cost? open

We don’t provide flat-rate pricing or packages. Every single company we work with gets a customized, personalized and co-created plan that includes strategy, tactics, analytics and technology. Pricing depends on your goals, business requirements and timeline. For more information on the investment required to work with Square 2, view our pricing page.

Can you help me with HubSpot? open

Yes, for over 10 years we’ve been working with companies that purchased HubSpot. We’ve helped more than 250 companies purchase, deploy and gain full value from their investment in HubSpot. We onboard, train, set up, optimize and integrate HubSpot into many of our clients’ inbound marketing campaigns.

In addition to HubSpot, we have extensive experience with Salesforce as well as other marketing and sales technologies.

How does inbound compare to demand generation? open

Demand generation is the process by which leads are generated through outbound marketing tactics like paid digital advertising and account-based marketing (ABM). Inbound marketing helps deploy the tactics required to help your company be visible when people are looking for products and services like yours.

In other words, demand generation is more about buying attention, and inbound marketing is more about earning attention. Many of our clients deploy both types of programs. To learn more about these two terms, check out our blog post on the topic.

Have you worked with companies like mine? How are you going to be able to write to my industry? open

Yes, inbound marketing requires a lot of content creation. Over the years, we’ve worked with a wide variety of clients in many industries. Because of that experience we’ve created processes and methodologies that quickly get our team up to speed on your business, industry and customers. It’s a proven process that often has our clients asking, “How are you guys better at writing for us than we are writing for ourselves?” We consider that the greatest compliment.

View some of our work to see how we’ve helped businesses like yours.

How do you know what’s working and what’s not working? open

It’s never been easier to see what marketing is working well, what marketing is working just OK and what marketing isn’t working at all. What’s challenging for most people is knowing where to get the data, how to analyze the data and what insights to derive from the data.

Our team has experts at everything data. Each week, we’ll be reviewing your data and using our expertise to bring insights and recommendations to you as we plan for your ongoing engagement. Over time, the program performs better and better. Not every agency is capable of delivering in this way.

How long is it going to take to get results? open

Everyone asks this question, and the answer is different for every client. It depends on your starting point. It depends on how much you invest in marketing. It depends on how well you engage with our team. It depends on a whole host of variables.

Typically, it takes four to six months to get results. But we do offer Accelerated Engagements, and clients that choose this option get results in just 30 days.

How much of my time is required? open

Your level of involvement depends on your specific engagement. Standard retainers feature a weekly touch-base meeting. In Accelerated Engagements, we recommend a daily huddle to move as quickly as possible. No matter your engagement, you’ll have access to a growth strategist to answer questions and provide guidance.

Who will be working on my engagement? What experience do they have? open

Every client gets an experienced team that includes a growth strategist, web developer, UX designer, content strategist, copywriter, editor and paid media specialist. In addition, your team will include marketing automation specialists in platforms such as HubSpot CMS, HubSpot Enterprise CMS and WordPress. Every client has a partner at the firm who oversees the engagement and checks in regularly. No junior people are left alone to manage clients at Square 2.

Meet our team to learn more about the people you’ll work with.

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