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Our Agile Retainer Engagements leverage a monthly retainer model that uses the Agile methodology to produce campaigns that are responsive and flexible while prioritizing results.

1. Responsive

Agile allows us to respond to your campaign needs four times faster than other forms of marketing. The ability to make quick adjustments based on metrics and your changing needs results in improved performance.

2. Flexible

Agile forsakes a rigid checklist of deliverables in favor of strategic flexibility. Collaborate with your agency team every month to refine your approach and choose tactics based on current needs and desired results.

3. Prioritization

Our Agile marketing engagements focus on measuring performance to prioritize what’s working over what’s not producing results, and then continually improving both the selection of tactics and their delivery.

4. Data-Driven

We use data to measure the performance of your campaigns and the effectiveness of our efforts. Tracking key metrics in real time, we’re able to make quick and seamless adjustments to improve results.

5. Results-Oriented

Rather than focus on a specific strategy, we pursue those that work. Through continuous monitoring and measuring, we’re able to determine which strategies are producing results and prioritize them to realize the biggest return.

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