Shorten Your Sales Cycle And Increase Close Rates

Get These 10 Secret And Little-Known Sales Metrics That Help Companies Improve Sales Operations

Sales execution, sales operations and sales enablement have become critical to a company’s success over the past few months. 

Knowing how your salespeople are doing above and beyond quota attainment is the difference between success and failure this year and beyond.

Finally, an infographic that shares the secret and little-known metrics highly successful sales teams track on a weekly and monthly basis.

This new infographic illustrates:

  • What pipeline velocity is and how to track it
  • Why revenue by lead source is critical
  • The importance of knowing the percentage of total website visitors that become sales-qualified leads
  • An alternative lead-qualification scoring model
  • The importance of referrals and how they accelerate sales

What People Are Saying

“I saw this data presented at a workshop, but this infographic made all the data come to life for me.” Sales Director, Assisted Living Center, Philadelphia, PA

“When Square 2 shared these metrics with us, it changed how we track sales performance. We’ve hit our sales goals month over month since we switched.” Tim Fitzpatrick, VP of Sales, TruMethods


Sales Has Changed; How You Track Sales Performance Has To Change, Too

This infographic gives you the guidance and direction you need to gain insight into sales performance that will inform your month-to-month sales plans.

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