For Scalable Revenue Growth, You Need Campaigns That Produce Results

Unlock the performance of your marketing campaigns by using a team that ONLY works on campaigns, leverages your data to drive optimization and is committed to hitting your goals.

Planning Your

Your campaigns get a systematic planning framework, with 90-day strategic planning and 30-day campaign cycles to help keep your campaigns focused. Align your campaigns with business outcomes, key metrics and growth goals.

Building Your

Your campaigns are designed by channel (paid search, paid social, ABM) and to support your prospects’ buyer journeys. Your campaign assets (landing pages, emails, social ads) are created to support any and all channels.


Executing Your

Your campaigns get launched on the appropriate platform (social, search, email) and your Campaign Team monitors them.

Analyzing Your
Campaign Results

Your campaign dashboards are set up, monitored and reported on weekly. Your Campaign Team uncovers insights buried in the data and uses them to drive your ongoing action plans.

Optimizing Your
Campaign Results

After your campaigns are running and we have baseline data on each campaign, they get regular attention, optimization, adjustments and upgrades based on performance. 

Ongoing optimization of your campaigns ensures month-over-month goal attainment.


Dedicated Team
Delivers Results

You’ll work with a senior Campaign Strategist as well as experts in paid social, paid search, RevOps, organic search, email marketing, video marketing, content marketing and account-based marketing (ABM).

All this team does is work with clients on their campaigns.

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The Top 10 Campaign Improvements That Drive Results


See insights and the associated campaign recommendations from actual client programs.

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How Do Campaign Engagements Work?

To get your campaigns to produce results, you need a team that only works on campaigns all day, every day. You’ll get that experience when you work with your team in a Campaign Engagement.

You’ll work directly with your Campaign Strategist, who helps you plan, execute, analyze and optimize your campaigns every month. They’ll help you:

  • Track your progress toward business goals and specific campaign performance metrics

  • Stay informed through ongoing communication on what insights and recommendations they uncover

  • Plan and build out your campaigns every 30 days and align your campaigns with your 90-day strategic goals

  • Ensure all your campaigns are tracked with dashboards, reviewed with you weekly and optimized as needed

The Missing Piece In Our Revenue Puzzle

“We’ve been working with Square 2 in a Campaign Engagement for the past 12 months and the experience has been enlightening. They regularly uncover areas that we need to optimize on a monthly basis. Once those upgrades are installed, our results improve.”

The Missing Piece In Our Revenue Puzzle

“Square 2 has been helping with a number of very specific campaigns, including account-based marketing. They’ve uncovered several data-driven recommendations that informed our action plans over the past few months. These recommendations have been very valuable in us seeing improved results month over month.”

The Missing Piece In Our Revenue Puzzle

“It has been refreshing working with an expert crew that is constantly tracking, reviewing and monitoring how our campaigns are doing. Square 2 regularly brings new ideas and campaign upgrades to us, and this contributed to us seeing a healthy lift in results.”

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