Case Study: Enterprise Lead Scoring And Lead Nurturing

A Customer-Driven Nurture And Lead Qualifying Process For Pitney Bowes

case-study-pitney-bowes.pngPitney Bowes, Inc. is a global enterprise that serves 90% of Fortune 500 companies and supports 1.5 million small businesses worldwide.

Learn how the expert team at Square 2 Marketing helped to create a faster, simpler model for lead management, develop a systematic lead nurturing methodology and maximize the efficiency of marketing and sales technology solutions for Pitney Bowes.

“Square 2 Marketing is unlike any other agency as they are truly a full-service, interactive one as they deliver the nurture content and scoring model with pinpoint precision with all the details and their methodology all in a comprehensive document. What distinguishes them from most agencies is that they want to learn about our business and care deeply about the results of their finished product.”

- Darren Senzon, Global Email Marketing Automation Manager, Pitney Bowes

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