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Marketing And Sales Don't Work Like They Used To

All those old-school tactics are costing you more and giving you less.

So what's left to do?

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Your prospects are looking for you right now.

Do they see you?

Inbound Marketing helps you generate leads by putting you where your clients are looking

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How Does Inbound Marketing Work For You?

Be the hero in the office and nail your sales goals.

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What Does A Successful Inbound Engagement Look Like?

You don't want a vendor. You want a strategic partner.

Do Or Die

You don't want your inbound marketing agency learning how to do inbound at your expense. We take a scientific approach, so each and every inbound marketing tactic we recommend, has been tested on us, first. You can be sure, if we recommend it, we know it works. We practice what we preach.

Strategy Before Tactics

We never jump to the tactics without creating a marketing strategy or sales plan FIRST. With a plan in place (complete with schedules, editorial, and projections), we have a clear game plan as to how to match your goals and objectives to the perfect inbound marketing and lead generation program.

Inbound Optimization

Anyone can implement an inbound marketing program, but optimizing it daily, weekly and monthly (HubSpot makes it easy!) so it generates leads is an acquired skill. Your team tracks performance daily, weekly and monthly; then makes enhancements and improvements that ensure the best results from your campaign.

Secret Weapon

We don't settle for simple marketing automation, we strive for marketing optimization. To do this, we leverage the industry-leading marketing software, HubSpot, to integrate all of your marketing and sales efforts into one place (no more piecing different systems together!). This new technology is the backbone to an effective inbound marketing program.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It.

Hear how inbound marketing really works for companies just like yours. Ditch your interruptive and "get your name out there" tactics for new revenue-generating inbound tactics. These companies have done it. You can too!


Our company grew 20%, in part to the work Square 2 Marketing did with us. They literally changed the way we think about sales and marketing.

Portal Solutions

The team at Square 2 Marketing helped us refine our marketing strategy and create an inbound marketing program that is generating leads. We've realized revenue from our investment in marketing for the first time in years.

Drucker And Scaccetti

Square 2 Marketing helped us bring our marketing into the 21st century, now prospective clients call us, instead of us having to meet them at networking events.

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