Cut Through The Noise And Connect On A Human Level

Your prospects and customers are overwhelmed by information and too many choices. To drive growth, you need to get their attention and form genuine connections with them. Our scientific methodology for marketing, sales and customer engagement helps you create One2One relationships at scale.

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Growth Starts With Relationships


What It’s Like To Partner With Square 2

  • Amazing Work... Still Can’t Believe it

    “We’ve been working with Square 2 for over six months and I am still amazed at two things: How well they got to know our company and how they can ‘speak’/write about us in such a simple but beautiful way that we could never do ourselves. Their deliverables are always amazing and so tailored for us.”

    - Tatiana Dominguez, The Leadership Program

  • Great Firm

    “Our firm has worked with Square 2 for over five years. They have provided great insight, tools and tactics for us to use. They helped us execute various stages of our marketing plan and helped us rethink sales and marketing at the firm. They are a great firm and their strong leadership has built a team that is responsive to their clients.”

    - Rosalind W. Sutch, Drucker & Scaccetti

  • Kick-Started Our Demand Gen Engine

    “Square 2 provided sound strategies, best practices and operational expertise that enabled our small team to start generating demand very quickly. With their help, we also accelerated the development of our own capabilities and expertise, which has been invaluable as we start to tackle more advanced projects and campaigns.”

    - Steve Chang, GuideSpark

  • Smart, Patient And Disciplined

    “The very patient, smart and disciplined team at Square 2 partnered with us to build and stand up our inbound marketing capabilities as well as facilitate an even closer relationship between sales and marketing to get quality leads flowing. Simply put, we could not have gotten this far, this fast without our team at Square 2 Marketing. Call them if you want the same.”

    - Neil Patel, Legacy Navigator

  • Outstanding Experience With A Great Team!

    “I HIGHLY recommend Square 2. What stands out so much is that the Square 2 Marketing team provided both a high-level strategy as well as a highly detailed, tactical plan – well beyond what I have seen from other companies. I was impressed with everyone we worked with, as they brought in multiple team members with specific expertise to help in each area.”

    - Mark Somol, Zeal Technology

  • Great Partner That Works As An Extension Of You

    “Square 2 has consistently met expectations and worked hard to deliver no matter what. They are very flexible and take the time to understand your business in order to deliver real value. They are very agile and focused with a great team. I highly recommend.”

    - Luciano Cunha, To-Increase