The Results

The infographic proved to be an effective lead generation tool for innius. It resulted in 41 leads in the first week of going live on the website. Two of the contacts who downloaded the infographic immediately went on to request a consultation with one of innius’ sales reps.

Additionally, the infographic has provided the company a powerful way to tell its story and explain the value it brings. The company’s CTO, Rine le Comte, commented that the infographic “told a very clear story about the app.” The sales and marketing departments were also pleased with the infographic.

innius inforgraphic


We’re thrilled about the way the infographic turned out. It helps us better explain the value of innius, while also giving our prospects helpful, educational information. It’s a great tool for us to use in the sales process.

– Luciano Cunha, VP of Sales and Marketing, To-Increase