The Results

gliffy results

Early in our SEO research, we found a number of visitors coming to Gliffy via search terms for use cases, such as uml diagram. Though Gliffy ranked well for these educational keywords and was getting traffic from them, searchers were using them to learn, not to shop.

Rather than continuing to focus on those keywords, we targeted conversion keywords, such as uml diagram tool, in which the intent is to find a product, not just information. As a result, since the updated website launched, Gliffy:

  • Is up nearly 11% in sessions per user
  • Is up 10% in average session duration
  • Is up 2% in pages per session
  • Has reduced its bounce rate by nearly 37%

The improvements in these “sticky” metrics reflect our ability to target and attract high-quality visitors with a deep interest in Gliffy’s products.

The [Square 2] team was knowledgeable, responsive, on top of it and willing to work within our budget and timeline. It was a big project and involved a lot of coordination and work, but we were able to do it thanks to the hard work and cooperation of the team.

– Liza Mock, Editorial Content Manager, Gliffy