Embrace The Voice Of Your Customers

What Is Advocacy Marketing?

Advocacy marketing is a strategy that incorporates the designed involvement of current customers in your sales and marketing programs, encouraging them to proactively talk about their positive experiences with prospects.

You have happy customers and clients who would be thrilled to tell their story. Advocacy marketing creates a program to get their attention, reward their participation and leverage their content and their voice to help you close more new customers quickly.

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How Advocacy Marketing Works

Integrating the voice of your customers into your brand is an increasingly important factor in revenue generation success. Today, 81% of buyers research online before buying, and they trust their peers more than they trust marketing messages.

Having your customers publicly advocating for your company gives your prospects content they need to conduct their research, validate their opinions and make smart buying decisions.

Advocacy also makes your current customers feel more connected with you, reducing churn and fostering revenue growth.

Advocacy Marketing Services

Services delivered in an advocacy marketing program typically include:

  • Strategic program development
  • Customer outreach and communication
  • Creation of the reward program
  • Customer activity development
  • Application of technology and portal setup (if necessary)
  • Program launch plans
  • Metrics and tracking

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