Strategic And Growth-Driven Website Development

Website redesigns are time consuming, while often missing the mark on deadline and budget goals. That’s where our Agile website development process comes into play:

Traditional Process

  • Goes over budget
  • Takes too long to launch
  • Not rooted in strategy
  • Lacks prioritization
  • Painful and time consuming

Square 2 

  • Stays within budget
  • Fast speed to market
  • Captivates your users
  • Prioritized for impact
  • Easy and enjoyable

Website Redesign Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: strategic, Agile and data driven.

Conversion-focused, optimized for UX and zipped up with QA, our Agile website redesigns do not rely on a templated approach. Copy and design is driven by data and tailored to tell an engaging story for each aspect of your business.


Every website redesign project includes the following:

  • Content Audit
  • SEO Strategy
  • Prioritization Workshop
  • Messaging Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Website Blueprint
  • Strategic Copywriting
  • Navigation Design
  • UX Design
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Responsive Design
  • Enterprise-Level Security
  • Fast Load Times
  • Marketing Automation Configuration
  • Analytics And Insights
  • content audit

    Content Audit

    A review of your site's current content to identify gaps in messaging or what only needs to be optimized.

  • seo strategy

    SEO Strategy

    Search engine experts craft an SEO strategy that boosts traffic, builds demand and generates quality leads.

  • prioritization strategy

    Prioritization Workshop

    A collaborative meeting to prioritize the most important, impactful site pages for your business.

  • messaging strategy

    Messaging Strategy

    Our website development project starts with creating target personas and mapping messaging to the buyer journey.

  • content strategy

    Content Strategy

    We create content offers that extend reach to draw prospects into your site and further down the funnel.

  • website blueprint

    Website Blueprint

    You'll receive a detailed master plan that is a page-by-page culmination of all website conversion strategy.

  • strategic copywriting

    Strategic Copywriting

    Our experienced writers and editors execute on content that educates and captures your target audience.

  • navigation

    Navigation Design

    Information architecture is simplified, making it easy for users to discover and engage with your content.

  • ux design

    UX Design

    Combining user interface and interaction design, your site will provide users a seamless experience.

  • conversion optimization

    Conversion Optimization

    Our redesign infuses strategy into every aspect of every page with the specific goal of conversion in mind.

  • responsive design

    Responsive Design

    Responsive web design adapts for screen size, platform and orientation, so your site looks great on any device.

  • enterprise security

    Enterprise-Level Security

    We build sites with enterprise-level security. All data is kept safe and secure, so your site never gets hacked.

  • fast load times

    Fast Load Times

    We ensure your website pages load fast on all devices, which is proven to dramatically increase conversions.

  • marketing automation configuration

    Marketing Automation Configuration

    We provide integration with your marketing automation software and CRM for a seamless flow of data.

  • analytics

    Analytics And Insights

    We'll set up Google tracking, Analytics, Search Console and other customizable tools to maximize your data.

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Our experienced development team takes a data-centric approach to rebuild websites with a faster time to market — so you see results right from the start.

Comprehensive Platform Expertise

We understand all major CMS platforms and easily integrate with your marketing automation system.

Unsure about which platform to choose? Our tech experts are here to guide you on selecting the right platform for your needs.

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Square 2 Marketing is consistently recognized as a best-in-class agency for website content and design. We work closely with you to identify top priorities and build a website that draws your target audience right to you.

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