Lead Management, Scoring And Nurturing Services

Email Marketing And Lead Management Services

Streamlining and measuring how your leads flow through the Cyclonic Buyer Journey™ to customer acquisition is key to increasing revenue.

If you need guidance on lead nurturing, management or scoring, we’re here to help. Our team of sales and marketing technology experts will design and build email marketing campaigns and lead nurturing tracks to support the entire customer life cycle.

Our approach to strategic lead management includes the following services:

  • Lead nurturing
  • Lead management workshops
  • Lead status stage development
  • Lead management process flow
  • SLA development
  • Lead scoring
  • Email marketing campaigns

Transform your lead management process into an efficient, effective engine for growth by ensuring that your sales organization is speaking with qualified leads.

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Effective Email Marketing

Email marketing is used to move prospects through awareness, consideration and decision stages until they ultimately become loyal customers.

We target each educational email to a specific persona pain or question so prospects get something of value in their inboxes. Promotional emails keep prospects engaged in the buyer’s journey by directing them to relevant content offers.

We offer comprehensive analytics on email open rates and click rates so you can evaluate the impact of your email marketing program and continuously optimize it to improve results.

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Strategic Lead Nurturing

The goal of lead nurturing is to engage prospects, build trust throughout the customer life cycle and turn that trust into sales.

We build nurture tracks to support the entire customer life cycle. Using buyer journey insights, we design and execute lead nurturing campaigns for each target persona and each phase of the buyer journey. Once your nurture tracks are designed, our expert production team builds them out and makes sure that they run smoothly. We also provide reports with metrics to evaluate, analyze and optimize each campaign.

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