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Arbill provides innovative industrial safety products, services and training programs to increase the safety of workers on the job. The global company supports some of the largest Fortune 500 companies, from Coca-Cola to Harley-Davidson.

The Challenge Of Reaching Prospects With An Ineffective Message

With a company tagline that no longer expressed the message it wished to convey and a disparate approach to branding and design, Arbill couldn’t create the kind of lead generation it needed. 

In addition, the industrial safety company implemented inconsistent marketing tactics that unsurprisingly failed to drive leads. 

Without tactics unified by a comprehensive marketing strategy, Arbill was a clear example of a business in need of inbound marketing.

“Everyone Goes Home Safe Tonight”

Unlike many of its competitors, Arbill had a truly remarkable passion for protecting workers on the job. 

Building an emotional, prospect-focused message around the concern for worker safety was an important first step in Arbill’s inbound marketing program. Its new message – “Everyone goes home safe tonight” – spoke directly to the true reason people need Arbill’s products and services. 

With a powerful brand – from its new message to consistent design across Arbill’s website, brochures and sales assets – Arbill and Square 2 Marketing implemented an inbound marketing strategy that dramatically increased the online visibility of the safety firm and converted visitors to tangible leads.

Driving Quantifiable Results

Driven by a message that addressed the pains of their prospects, Arbill increased its leads by nearly 500%. Leveraging the fundamentals of inbound marketing, Arbill also increased monthly website traffic by 326%, which included over 23,000 views of several of the company’s blog posts.


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