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Family-owned Little's has been selling and servicing John Deere equipment in the Philadelphia region for more than 65 years, but its web presence needed to be brought into the 21st century.

Retooling The Website For
Inbound Marketing

Little's products-based website was cumbersome and hard to navigate, and it wasn't optimized for search. The site averaged just 56 visits a day, with only three of those visits coming from organic search.

Accordingly, the Square 2 Marketing team made website redesign the starting place for its strategic inbound marketing plan. While concepting the new site, the team simultaneously dove into user experience research, identifying and developing three target personas and creating an optimized bottom-of-the-funnel offer for each persona.

The team's original estimate of six months for a new website was refined to 90 days for delivery of Phase I. But because of the team's Agile, priorities-based work methods, Phase I launched in fewer than 60 days. Within 24 hours of that launch, the new site had 301 visits, with 181 of them from organic search – 60x more than the average on the old site.

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