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Drucker & Scaccetti (D&S) is an accounting firm specializing in providing strategic tax, business and financial consulting. The firm serves individuals, entrepreneurs, corporate executives, professional services firms and family-owned businesses.

Facing A Growing Challenge

Not uncommon with professional services firms, Drucker & Scaccetti’s initial growth stemmed from successful networking.

But over time, growth slowed and became unpredictable. The firm tried a handful of individual marketing tactics at different stages – from email newsletters to traditional public relations and in-office events. 

These approaches did little to help D&S reignite sizable or steady growth.

Devising A Tailored Inbound Marketing Solution

Through weeks of collaboration and strategic planning with a core group of decision-makers at Drucker & Scaccetti, we learned whom the firm wanted to work with and how to create an emotional and remarkable message that would resonate with its target personas.

In uncovering that D&S’s prospects were actually seeking more than just another CPA that handles taxes, we developed the concept of Tax Warriors® who help their clients leverage Tax As A Business Strategy®. 

The differentiated and remarkable message became a rallying cry for the type of clients D&S wished to attract. 

With an approach that spoke to the true pains of the firm’s prospects and clients, the Pennsylvania Institute of CPAs (PICPA) recognized Drucker & Scaccetti for its strong branding and marketing efforts.

Driving Quantifiable Results

After adopting the fundamentals of inbound marketing and tailoring its message to what made them remarkable, Drucker & Scaccetti saw monthly website visits rise 1,650% and over 5,000 new blog subscribers. With such an increase in traffic, D&S also converted an average of 1,033% more leads per month.


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