Preparing Your Business For The New Normal —
An On-Demand Video Series

Your business will never be the same, whether you like it or not. The COVID-19 crisis is prompting consumers to radically change the way they buy and connect with companies just like yours. Will your business be ready to handle this change when the crisis is over?

Rather than pine for the old days, use this unusual time to get invigorated to change your business.

Eric Keiles
Eric Keiles
Chief Marketing Officer
Mike Lieberman
Mike Lieberman
CEO, Chief Revenue Scientist

20-minute on-demand video chats about what’s on the horizon.

Watch as Eric Keiles and Mike Lieberman discuss changes that are already happening in your customers’ buying habits, sharing examples of businesses that are changing their strategies and brainstorming solutions for businesses just like yours on how they can change to be remarkable.

Eric and Mike are the co-founders of Square 2, a leading digital marketing agency, and the authors of three books on sales and marketing. 

Watch On The Horizon Recordings
Monday, April 20

Businesses Have To Pivot

Proactive businesses big and small are pivoting and adopting digital transformation. How are you going to respond?

Tuesday, April 21

Working From Home, The New Normal

We’ve been working from home for years. We’ll share tips on setting a schedule, using Zoom and running daily huddles with your teams.

Wednesday, April 22

Content, How It Changed Last Month

Content is more important than ever, but the playbook has been turned upside down. Learn why video, timely content and authenticity is critical.

Thursday, April 23

Rethinking Marketing’s Digital Transformation

Trade shows are canceled, prospects are at home and marketing that worked last month won’t work this month. Today you need advocacy, social media, content, video and new tools to succeed. Learn what to do.

Friday, April 24

Rethinking Sales’ Digital Transformation

You can’t call anyone, you can’t visit people, travel is banned and sales tactics that worked last month won’t work this month. Today you need video, compelling emails, chat and disruptive content to drive sales. Learn how to change your sales today.

Monday, April 27

Rethinking Customer Service’s Digital Transformation

 Your relationship with your customers has never been more important. Learn how to get more reviews, feedback, and referrals. Turn customer service into a revenue-generating center.

Tuesday, April 28

Creating A More Engaging Website Experience

If people can’t visit your business, they’re going to visit your website. Learn how to create a remarkable website experience with chat, video, educational pages, interactive content, customer stories and more.

Wednesday, April 29

Understanding Your Prospect’s Buyer Journey

If you want to generate more leads and close more business in today’s fast-changing environment, you must be intimate with each prospect’s buyer journey. We’ll talk about the Cyclonic Buyer Journey™, mapping questions to the journey, answering those questions and looking at every touchpoint as an opportunity.

Thursday, April 30

Is Your Business Digitally Remarkable?

Once you know all of your touchpoints across the buyer journey, now you must make each one remarkable. What does it mean to be remarkable? How do you make your company remarkable? Learn why you should be working on this every day.

Friday, May 1

Now More Than Ever, Your Industry Needs Leaders

Your company needs thought leadership. We’ll talk about how to find your voice, leverage your opinion and get your story out into the world digitally every single day.

Monday, May 4

Think Before You Email. How To Not Over-Email Your Prospects

We’re all getting way too much email. Learn how to run an effective email campaign in today’s environment.

Tuesday, May 5

How To “Do It Live:” Setting Up A Live Video Program Like Ours

 You want to generate LIVE content. Here’s a step-by-step playbook to set up your own videocast.

Wednesday, May 6

How To Think Like A Publisher: Everyone Writes

The more you publish and the more you write, the more visitors and leads you generate. Find out how to get everyone in the organization to create content.

Thursday, May 7

Why Marketing Automation And CRM Are Like QuickBooks For Your Business

Marketing and sales technology are backbone platforms for your business. See how to choose them and how to get full value from them.

Friday, May 8

Companies Are Opening Up, What You Need To Do Now To Be Ready For More Openings

How to adjust your story, your marketing and your sales approach as people start to go back to work.

Monday, May 11

The Pandemic Is Forcing Us To Rethink Social Media

How to leverage Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. It’s different than it was 30 days ago and it will be different going forward.

Tuesday, May 12

ROI Might Not Be The Key Metric For Measuring Marketing Performance

How to measure marketing? What are the key metrics? How to set up automated tracking and measurement.

Wednesday, May 13

How To Think About Revenue Generation As A Science

There are numbers that show you how well or how poorly revenue-generating programs are working. You need those numbers to grow your business. We’ll give you insight into how to set this up so you’re ready for the future.

Thursday, May 14

The One Marketing Improvement You Can Right Now To Generate Leads Today

Adding even one piece of educational content to your website is easy, you probably have it already and it will generate leads immediately and into the future.

Friday, May 15

Why Marketing Needs To Work Hand In Glove With Sales

Ending the feud between marketing and sales might be the secret to sustained revenue growth. How to do it now so you gain the benefits as business picks up.

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