Stop Selling And Start Guiding Your Prospects

Today’s prospects don’t want a sales pitch – they want to be advised, guided and helped along their buyer journey. Our sales enablement services help clients create a strategy that positions the sales team to guide prospects along a unique buyer’s journey, leading them comfortably and confidently to an informed purchase decision.


Buyer Journey

To give prospects an amazing experience, you have to know every touch point along the way and design an experience that makes prospects say, “WOW!”


Sales Process

Prospects won’t buy unless they feel safe. Your sales process has to help them feel safe quickly. Then it has to keep them feeling safe, while making it obvious you’re the perfect company for them.


Sales Emails,
Sales Content And
Chat For Sales

The only way to build a sales process is with repeatable and scalable execution. Every rep has to be doing the same thing at the same time within your sales process for you to grow.


CRM Implementation,
CRM Optimization
And Sales

CRM tools like Salesforce and HubSpot are designed to make the sales process, sales tools, sales analytics and sales performance highly efficient and repeatable.


Sales Technology
Integration And Training

Picking the right sales tools and technology isn’t easy. We’ll help build the use cases, evaluate the software, install it, train your team and make sure it talks to your other mission-critical systems.


Sales Analytics And
Sales Dashboards

Getting data out of your CRM is tricky. But you want to do more than just build reports and dashboards. You want to make sure that you’re uncovering the insights in the data to inform your action plans.

Our Approach: Sales Strategies That Keep On Giving

From refining your process and reviewing assets to implementing tools and incorporating analytics, our approach emphasizes ongoing optimization across your entire sales process.

Go beyond sales coaching and reinvent how you think about sales strategy. Nurture prospects from initial engagement to the moment they’re a customer...and beyond.

Sales process framework

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Give The Experience They Crave

Leveraging a range of tactics and techniques, our experts help your team execute an effective sales strategy that improves the buyer experience, shortens sales cycles and increases close rates.


Revenue Growth Strategy

Stop thinking about marketing and sales separately. Start building your new revenue team. Revenue growth comes from a single and seamless experience that starts with marketing, flows through sales and finishes with happy customers. Learn how to install a revenue generation machine for your company. Learn More


Account-Based Marketing

Align sales with marketing by creating highly efficient and targeted sales campaigns that go after high-potential accounts. Using customized strategies and tactics designed to convert prospects into customers’ account-based campaigns helps connect, engage, nurture and close big deals for your business. Learn More


Content For Sales

Prospects have questions, and the sales team needs to be able to quickly deliver content in context to their questions. Let our team identify the content you need to move prospects quickly through their buyer journey and the content they need to help prospects feel safe and ready to buy.
Learn More


Video For Sales

It’s been proven that most people want to watch, not read. Build a library of short sales videos that help your reps tell your company’s story in an emotional and compelling way. Help reps make their own videos to inform, advise and guide prospects right from their own laptops. Learn More


Sales Emails And Lead Nurturing

Nurture prospects through the buyer journey and fast-track them with strategic email templates that sales will leverage. Help the sales team be highly efficient by creating lead nurture workflows that work behind the scenes to keep the conversation going without direct sales involvement. Learn More


Lead Scoring Modeling

Not all leads are created equally, and you don’t want reps following up with unqualified leads. Create a scoring model that puts the best leads in the hands of your best reps. Modeling can be based on website signals, email signals, intent data signals, demographic or psychographic data, progressive profiling and other innovative techniques. Learn More


HubSpot And Salesforce Optimization

Using HubSpot and Salesforce? So are many other companies. We help integrate, migrate, streamline and optimize the setup, implementation, reporting and ongoing optimization. These two platforms can work very well together – we’ll ensure it. Learn More


Sales Technology

Improve your ability to engage with prospects and customers, and deliver the information they need at the right time through CRM implementations and integrations. Accelerate the sales cycle with sales technologies like chat, chatbots, automated email follow-up and interactive sales playbooks. Learn More

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Our Clients: Sales Teams We Gave A Makeover

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They Love Us, And So Will You

We’ve worked with Square 2 for years now. They are a great partner and they provide all the strategy and execution we need to hit our lead gen and new customer goals month over month.”

They Love Us, And So Will You

Working with Square 2 has been amazing. They helped us think through and build out the strategy for our team to proactively drive additional revenue from current clients, new divisions at current client companies and new contacts at existing clients. The account-based approach and campaign was a huge success.”

They Love Us, And So Will You

Our firm has worked with Square 2 for over five years. They have provided great insight, tools and tactics for us to use. They helped us execute various stages of our marketing plan and helped us rethink sales and marketing at the firm. They are a great firm, and their strong leadership has built a team that is responsive to their clients.”

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much is it going to cost? open

That’s hard to say for sure. Depending on what you need us to help you with, that’s going to impact the investment required.

If we’re redesigning your sales process and adding some new sales emails, that type of engagement is going to be a lot less expensive than an engagement that includes implementation of HubSpot CRM, adding sales content for the sales reps to use, training the sales reps on the new CRM, redesigning your entire sales process, writing 20 new emails for the reps to use and loading them into the CRM, creating custom dashboards and coaching sales leadership on how to uncover insights buried in the data.

Do you do sales coaching? open

We’re not going to be the best at coaching your reps on how to handle objectives, how to get a meeting, how to use the assumptive close or how to come up with questions to get prospects talking.

Our work is going to focus on teaching the reps how to tell your new story, how to use our new sales process and how to use the new tools we created for them. We will train them on how to use the new tools and how to use any new technology we introduce into the sales team. We’re more about sales operations than we are about traditional sales rep coaching.

What kind of results should I expect? open

You should expect to see everyone on your sales team handling prospects the same way every day. You should expect to see increased conversion rates. You should expect to see shortened sales cycles. You should expect to see increased close rates and higher average revenue from new customers.

How long is it going to take? open

That depends on you. The more help you need, the longer it’s going to take. The more you get everyone in sales on the same page, the shorter it’s going to take to see results. The more aligned marketing and sales are, the better the results. There are a lot of variables here. Results will vary.

How do you track success? open

We set up dashboards to track key metrics. We review these monthly, if not more frequently, and use this data to inform insights, recommendations and action planning. This ensures we optimize the efforts over time, which is one of our secrets to success.

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