Join A Collaboration Of Like-Minded Experts

Square 2 isn’t the kind of place where you disappear into a cubicle and crank out unremarkable work. 

Our agency is home to a family of sharp, experienced team members who inspire each other to continually push the envelope and drive greater success. The desire to grow each and every day is what unifies our team and makes our agency stand out from the competition.

Of course, making a remarkable imprint on the marketing world also takes the ability to step away from the computer and simply enjoy each other’s company.

Together we share breakfasts, lunches, happy hours, celebrations of life events, and recognition for professional and personal accomplishments. If this sounds amazing to you, this might be the place for you. 

Team equals family is a Core Value. We live this Core Value every single day.

In addition, each member of the Square 2 family benefits from:

  • A completely distributed and remote team
  • Unlimited time off after one year
  • 30-day sabbatical after five years
  • Vacation bonus after five years
  • Mentor programs
  • Maternity and paternity leave
  • Weekly rewards and recognition
  • Certification days and professional development rewards
  • Stretch assignments
  • Health insurance and dental insurance
  • 401(k) plans and employer contribution

Our Cultural Imperatives

b Bold
i Inquisitive
c Collaborative
o Original
a Agile
s Solutions-Oriented
t Tech-Savvy
aa Attentive
l Light-Hearted


We embrace radical ideas and forthright communication with each other and with our clients. We are bold with clients, bold with each other and bold in our approach to growing the revenue of our clients. We love people with ideas, opinions and perspectives, and we encourage team members to share those boldly.

5:1 Human/Canine Office Ratio

Square 2 By The Numbers

27% Crazy Sports Fanatics
19% Gamers
32 Happy Hours/Year
143 Hours Of Exercise/Week

Available Revenue, Marketing And Sales Careers

Growth Strategist

Works with clients to counsel, coach and advise them on remarkable marketing strategies that grow their businesses.

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HubSpot Specialist

This position, reporting to the Chief Operations Officer and working closely with our Director of Interactive Services, is responsible for everything HubSpot. This is a highly visible role, perfect for someone wanting to move out of the shadows and into the light at one of the top HubSpot Partner shops on the planet. We’re looking for someone to work with clients, work with our team and lead our HubSpot practice.

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Marketing Operations Specialist

This position, reporting to the Chief Operations Officer, will set up, track and report on marketing programs for client companies.

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Team Member Success Stories

Some of our team members travel the world while they work, while others work from home nearly every day of the week. Read some of the unique stories of our Square 2 family members.


Fighting Illness With Support And Flexibility

Having fallen ill at work, a team member rushed Joanne to a local ER where doctors found cause for concern. After countless doctors’ appointments – often three per week – Joanne was ultimately diagnosed with a life-altering illness.

Already supporting Joanne in her quest to discover the cause of her ills, our partners learned of Joanne’s need for initial treatment – requiring two weeks of daily doctor visits – as well as ongoing medical care. They simply told her, “Do whatever it takes to get better.”

Rather than opting to take a leave of disability, Joanne was afforded the flexibility to work however she pleased, building her schedule around her medical needs and working from home as often as she needed. Her specialists were amazed to learn that Joanne wasn’t “returning” to work, but never needed to stop working despite her consistent treatment.


An Asset From Prague To Edinburgh To Madrid

Already working out of our smaller Indianapolis office, Crystal openly wondered how far she could push our policy permitting team members to work from “anywhere with an Internet connection.”

Wishing to travel to Europe, especially to visit family in Prague, Crystal approached her leaders about the prospects of traveling across the Atlantic, while also continuing to work remotely. With only the requirement of working during regular business hours in the States, Crystal booked a one-way ticket from Indy to Prague.

From the Czech Republic, Crystal traveled to Edinburgh, Scotland, where she learned of a UX design conference. Upon her request, the company purchased Crystal a ticket. After her week stay, Crystal flew to Spain, where she visited many cities, including Seville and Madrid. Her trip continued in Milan, Italy, followed by a return to Prague. How her trip will end, not even Crystal knows.

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