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revenue generation e-bookThe sales funnel is dead. The classic model no longer represents the buyer journey your prospects are on. The modern buyer journey has evolved beyond the funnel as technology is transforming the way people buy products and services.

We believe the new Cyclonic Buyer Journey™ model better aligns with the complexities of modern buyer behavior. In this cyclonic model, buyers shift in and out of different stages, skipping certain stages or visiting others more than once.

To drive consistent, repeatable and predictable revenue growth, your company must rebuild its marketing strategy to align with the new buyer behavior.

When you download The Mega Guide To Revenue Growth, you’ll learn how to use the Cyclonic Buyer Journey model to:

  • Generate revenue by adapting your marketing to the new buyer behavior
  • Develop marketing tactics that leverage current buyer behavior trends
  • Upgrade and optimize your marketing strategy and improve your ROI

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