"Fire Your Sales Team Today"

Applying Inbound Marketing Strategies To Your Sales Process

It’s time to face reality: that same old traditional sales process your sales team has been using for years is never going to perform like it used to. The reason is simple: buyer behavior has changed and, for better or worse, it’s never going back. The constantly increasing pace of technological advances, the rise of social media platforms and the rapid exchange of digital communication methods have a dramatic impact on how people make purchase decisions. Until your sales process matches up with that shift in buyer behavior, getting the leads your business needs to succeed is going to be tough.

describe the image"Fire Your Sales Team Today" offers a new way of approaching your sales and marketing strategies. You'll learn the importance of building a Reality Marketing™ sales funnel, rich with educational content that establishes your company as the obvious choice to do business with.

This innovative sales and marketing book illustrates why it’s so important to fire your sales team and rehire them under the updated title, “sales guides.” It’s time to get rid of all those outdated, intrusive sales tactics and replace them with a more consultative sales process. One that drives close rates through the roof and earns the loyalty and respect of your prospects.

Most importantly, you’ll learn how to merge your sales and marketing departments into one powerful and cohesive group -- The Revenue Department, where guided sales tactics collaborate with inbound marketing strategy and everyone’s efforts are compounded in the right, revenue-boosting direction.

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