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Joanna Swartwood, Director of Marketing and Revenue GrowthTue, Jun 28, 2016 5 min read

Little’s Big Impact: An Inbound Marketing Success Story

Inbound Marketing Powers John Deere Equipment Distributor

Photographs.pngLittle’s is southeastern Pennsylvania’s premier John Deere dealer, providing licensed equipment for both commercial and residential customers. With four locations, Little’s is a prime player in a regional niche market with a heavy demand, and the company is looking to make a big impact by leveraging inbound marketing to further dominate its region.

Little’s web presence was seriously outdated and lacking any real lead-generating power. Even worse, for both current customers and prospects, the Little’s website was cumbersome and difficult to use. Based on the large size of the products-based website, it was estimated that launching the full, brand-new site could take six months. In the meantime, Little’s marketing wasn’t producing measurable results, and website lead generation remained at a standstill.

Little’s partnered with Square 2 Marketing to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy, with a priority focus on transforming its website into an inbound marketing machine.

A Results-Based Approach To Inbound Marketing

The Square 2 Marketing team applied an agile, phased rollout approach to Little’s inbound marketing engagement and to the website project. The team dove into developing a strategy while concurrently writing, designing and building a launchpad site.

The team built out three target personas and launched user experience research and testing for each persona group as the website concept was planned. This research was incorporated as the delivery team created and implemented new messaging, a design overhaul for the website and three optimized bottom-of-the-funnel offers for each of Little’s new target personas. The conversion-based landing pages were built and deployed quickly on HubSpot along with corresponding trackable CTA buttons to drive traffic to the new offers from elsewhere on the site.

Simultaneously, a local SEO strategy was designed and executed to propel Little’s organic website performance, immediately improving search traffic and leads. The technical SEO data for Little’s four locations was coordinated and synced across major search directories and social media profiles, including new Google My Business pages set up for each Little’s location. Separate, search-optimized location pages were added within the launchpad site to fuel its traffic potential, coupled with a streamlined user experience implemented on these key pages.

The Phase I launch was to be delivered within three months. Each month afterward, pages would be added to the site on an ongoing, incremental basis, ranked in priority order based on impact, potential and effort evaluated for each website page.

Little’s Big Results

The Phase I launch was completed in less than 60 days. Using an agile, priorities-based approach to inbound marketing made the team increasingly efficient, and the focus could quickly turn to optimization and fueling results.

For Little's, the impact has been huge.

The Litte's website used to average 56 total visits per day, with only three visits coming in from organic search. Within 24 hours of launching the Phase I site, it had 301 total visits and 181 organic visits.

Since then, visits are up 80% and leads are pouring in, with 12 qualified, bottom-of-the-funnel offers submitted within the first week of launch. Organic traffic also is pouring in, with over 1,400 keyword-based searches sending visitors Little’s way. 

Organic traffic increased 1,366.67% in 30 days with a sound inbound marketing strategy.


Little's is now ranking in the top three search results for 40 of its target keywords, and 85 keywords rank in the top 10 search results.

The Little family has owned and operated its business for 70 years. The current owners are third-generation employees, and they realized that their marketing needed a major upgrade to take their business to the next level. Dave Little (one of the co-owners), his family and his team could not be more pleased. He writes:

Square 2 Marketing has provided the knowledge and follow-through to allow Little's to take our company to the next level with a new professional website and inbound marketing strategy, making our goals for our future in the Philadelphia market area a reality. The development of the website was made easy working with Square 2 making the changes and updates for us as the web site developed and we changed our ideas and vision. The website will set us ahead of our competition.

We look forward to continuing the journey!