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Joanna Swartwood, Director of Marketing and Revenue GrowthMon, Oct 3, 2011 4 min read

Improving A Company’s Internet Presence - How Effective is SEO?

Improving A Company’s Internet Presence - How Effective is SEO?

Many years ago companies were able to make it to the top of search engines by simply adding in keywords into the metadata of their websites and unfortunately many companies still think that’s what it takes. But although this practice still continues today, the effectiveness of this single SEO act is useless. This begs the question, “How can I get my website to the top of google?"

Improving A Company’s Internet Presence - How Effective is SEO?

As search engines such as Yahoo, Google, and now Bing adapt and improve their technology for searching through millions of websites, the “science” behind how to get your website at the top of these searches becomes more and more complex. What once used to be an easy insertion of keywords to metadata, is now a literal computer science which requires a team working to maximize results.

Factors such as website structure, keyword density, directory submissions, linking structures, and standardized content and picture protocols, just to name a few, must be completely in sync and directed towards the goals of the SEO Campaign. It is a literal science that takes time, experience, and innovation to master. Additionally, it is key to monitor SEO efforts and make necessary changes as technology and the goals of the website change. SEO is proven to yield the highest ROI out of all internet stratgeies and when done correctly can yield huge dividends.

Can’t I Just do Paid Search Listings?
Yes, but not with nearly the success and ROI ratio as seen in SEO marketing efforts. Think about it how often do you pay attention to or click any of the paid listing on the right side of a search engine.

A paid search listing refers to paying a fee for each time your add is displayed or clicked on a particular search engine. If done incorrectly, paid search listings can be extremely expensive and not nearly see the ROI of SEO marketing. Additionally, SEO marketing creates organic search results which are preferred by users.

Additional Benefits of SEO as stated on

  • Results are gradual. Improved organic rankings typically take months. However, those improvements do not vanish when a marketer’s budget is reduced or runs out, as happens with paid search. Instead, higher organic rankings tend to persist for months.

  • Searchers are more open to organic results, defined as the central section of any results page. They generally find them more relevant—or simply more acceptable—than advertising. Therefore, they tend to click on organic results more often than on paid search ads.

  • Marketers sometimes find the SEO process complex. Many call it a “black-box” technique, since optimization requires deciphering the hidden ranking algorithms of search engines. For some marketers, that means full-blown SEO efforts depend on help from an agency.

  • SEO becomes crucial for marketers that want to ensure their company is ranked high in results relevant to their brands, products or services—not to mention being ranked first for the company name itself.

  • While each search engine constructs its own method for ranking organic results, the SEO process tends to improve a marketer’s rankings across all search engines—one process, many results.

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