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Mike Lieberman, CEO and Chief Revenue ScientistMon, Oct 17, 2016 10 min read

How Inbound Marketing Experts Provide Forensic Marketing For Business

What Is Forensic Marketing, How Does Inbound Marketing Support It And How Do You Use It To Improve Lead Generation?

Forensic Inbound MarketingMany of the professional services have a forensic component to their offers. Accountants, lawyers and tax specialists all provide a level of forensics when it comes to their specialties. If you Google the word "forensic" you find the following definition: "of, relating to, or denoting the application of scientific methods and techniques to the investigation of crime."

Crime? What crime has been committed with regard to your marketing activities? The answer is your marketing has been criminal in its inability to create a steady, predictable, repeatable and scalable lead generation engine for your business. It’s criminal that you’ve let this go on for so long without doing something about it.

So we apply forensic marketing in the hopes of uncovering what happened, what is currently happening and what needs to happen to change your marketing from its current impression-based approach to an inbound marketing approach that drives leads and revenue for your company.

Here’s how we assess your current marketing with forensics to uncover areas of opportunity.

How Easy Is It To Find Your Business?

People are looking for companies just like yours right now. They’re looking on search engines, on other websites, on social media and on review sites. Your business has to be easy to find in all those places and an entire host of other places. Start looking around on our own. Pretend you don’t know anything and search like a novice, not the expert.

For instance, clients always tell us they want to be found for a few critical keywords. When we do our research, most of the people searching aren’t using those keywords. They’re using different keywords, keywords someone with less experience would be using. So start looking around.

Can you get found on search engines, social media as well as related websites like industry sites and publication sites? If the answer is "no," a forensic marketing expert can help you identify why you’re not around and what you can do about it.

How Likely Is It For A Prospect To Convert Into A Lead On Your Website?

Again, pretend you’re a prospect and tour your website. Are there offers on the site for people who don’t want to talk to you yet? Are there pages for all your personas? Are there pages for all your personas based on their stage in their own buyer journey? Does your website tell a compelling emotional story?

If you’re missing even one of these, you’re going to need a forensic marketer to look at your website and give you some suggestions on how to add what you’re missing. So many corporate websites look amazing but are horribly deficient in the areas you actually need to produce leads.

Good news: It’s not too difficult to upgrade a well-designed, well-built website to include the missing pieces, so work with a partner that can scientifically assess what might be missing and then recommend those required additions to help you turn more visitors into leads.  

How Do You Nurture Those Leads So They Become Sales Opportunities?

Nurture_Leads_With_Inbound_Marketing.jpgOnly about 10% of your leads are going to be sales opportunities right from the start. Most are going to be in the beginning or middle of their buyer journey and not looking to speak with one of your sales reps. How you nurture those leads is critical to getting them to want to speak with you when they’re ready.

Want an example? Look in your own inbox. Do you have emails from people you don’t know, have never talked to or never requested contact? Are they emailing you over and over and over again? Sure you do, because we all do. These are examples of horrible lead nurturing campaigns.

Instead, add value, earn their trust and continue to educate them on why they should even consider doing it differently. A forensic review of your lead nurturing will look at open rates, click-through rates, pathing, workflows and offer mapping to see where your program might have broken down and how to improve it so you get more opportunities for your sales team.

How Do You Nurture Those Sales Opportunities So They Become Customers?

Getting a sales opportunity is not the end game, even for marketing. Getting a new customer or client is the end game here for marketing and for sales. To finish strong, you need a solid sales process, with a continuation of the nurturing experience into the sales process.

You need to create such a remarkable experience that when clients enter your sales process they want to tell everyone about it. Make that your goal. A forensic review of your sales process looks at conversion rates through each of your current deal stages. It looks at your communication tools and the engagement rates of those tools, and it looks at your close rate to see where you might be adding friction to the process.

This extremely valuable review typically produces revenue in weeks, not months or years, because it uncovers areas that are preventing people from hiring you today. One example might be an overly complicated contract that finds its way into legal instead of allowing the business buyer to make the purchasing decision without needing legal, carving two weeks off your sales cycle.

How Do You Service Those Customers So They Tell Your Story To More Prospects?

Look, we’re marketing and sales experts, so we don’t have to worry about how well or how poorly we actually deliver our products or services, right? The reality is we do. If you provide a poor experience, that’s going to make your job much more difficult and you’re going to need to invest twice as much in marketing than you would if you provided a wonderful experience.

Two times the investment because you’ll need to generate two times the leads to help fill up the lost revenue from unhappy clients. But provide an amazing experience and the company will grow faster with a lower investment required because every single client will be talking about your business and they’ll all be thrilled to continue with you for years and years.

This is a very prospect-centric approach. If you look at the topic areas, we’re not talking about social media, email, influencers or paid search. Those are tactics. The review above is from the prospect’s perspective and it flows all the way through to their experience as a customer.

This full circle needs to be part of your own continual review so that what you do from a sales and marketing perspective is constantly contributing to the growth of your new revenue-generation machine. That’s how inbound marketing and inbound sales produce quantifiable business results for the companies we work with.

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Mike Lieberman, CEO and Chief Revenue Scientist

Mike is the CEO and Chief Revenue Scientist at Square 2. He is passionate about helping people turn their ordinary businesses into businesses people talk about. For more than 25 years, Mike has been working hand-in-hand with CEOs and marketing and sales executives to help them create strategic revenue growth plans, compelling marketing strategies and remarkable sales processes that shorten the sales cycle and increase close rates.