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Mike Lieberman, CEO and Chief Revenue ScientistTue, Dec 19, 2017 17 min read

Digital Marketing And Revenue Generation Gifts For Your Marketing Leader

Here Are A Few Revenue Generation Gifts For Your Head Of Marketing

digital marketing strategyYesterday we gave gifts to your CEO, and today we’re giving gifts to the people responsible and accountable for running marketing at your company.

These gifts are a little more tactical and a little less strategic. In a lot of cases, the marketing team is interested in some of the same metrics that your CEO might be interested in, but for the sake of gift giving, these are going to be more about marketing and less about revenue.

The challenge is not what to get for your CMO or VP of marketing but rather how to prioritize the sheer number of great gift ideas. Marketing has changed so much in such a short period of time that most marketing teams and most marketing executives are challenged with keeping up on the latest technology and latest techniques along with knowing what to do to move the needle.

Here are some wonderful holiday gift ideas for the CMO or marketing leader in your world.

Gift #1 – A Top-Of-The-Funnel Marketing Campaign That Delivers High-Quality Leads

A lot of the people who reach out to us know they need more leads, but they don’t currently get any from their online or digital marketing. The best gift for a CMO, VP of marketing or marketing leader is a lead generation program from online visitors.

The best way to get a gift like this is to launch a top-of-the-funnel conversion campaign for visitors already coming to your website. One of the best ways to get started quickly is to leverage assets you already have, and if your site is getting monthly visitors, you have an opportunity to start with that asset.

If you’re getting 1,000 visits a month, then with a top-of-the-funnel, educational-offer-oriented campaign that’s executed effectively, you should be looking at between 10 and 30 new leads every single month. Please remember, these are top-of-the-funnel leads, not bottom-of-the-funnel leads, so they will not likely be asking to meet with one of your reps or watch your demo. However, they might be interested in educational content that helps them become smarter.

This type of campaign is relatively easy to plan, build and then grow. If you have content that does answer a prospect’s question and helps educate them, a campaign like this can be up and running in one to two weeks. If you don’t have the content and that needs to be created, you should be looking at 30 days or so before you see your first lead.

But for the marketing pro who is in desperate need of leads, this is the gift that should keep on giving all year long.

Gift #2 – A Paid Ad Campaign That Produces an Immediate Stream Of Sales-Ready Leads

revenue generation strategyIf the marketing person in your life likes the first gift idea, they’re going to love this gift idea. While marketing-qualified leads from gift one are nice, sales-ready leads like those from this gift are even better.

However, those are harder to come by, and for this gift you’re going to need to invest some of your hard-earned marketing budget in a paid ad campaign either on AdWords or on social media.

But this gift does produce bottom-of-the-funnel, sales-ready leads in days, not weeks or months. Plus, if you design all of the campaign elements correctly, this can be a highly effective and wonderful gift for the marketing person in your life.

Speaking of campaign elements, first you need to have the right target audience identified, either audience demographics and micro-segmentation if youre using social targeting, or keyword targeting based on personas on search engines. Either way, you have to know whom you want to attract before you get started.

Next, you need a compelling ad. Try our demo is not compelling. Make sure your message is disruptive, emotional and compelling. This will attract more clicks, drive more conversions and, while driving more leads, it’s also going to improve your quality score (both Google and Facebook use conversion rates as a ranking factor) and lower your average cost-per-click. Make sure your campaigns are built correctly using negative keywords and audience attribution modeling.

But the key here is your offer. Give them an offer that gets them excited. Make sure it adds value for them, not just you. Take our free trial, “schedule a demo and “sign up for a free consultation” are all sales calls in disguise, and the disguise isn’t even good.

Some of our best bottom-of-the-funnel offers for clients include schedule a free safety audit, let us assess your concrete floor,” get your compliance score and learn three ways to save over $3,000 on your taxes in just 30 minutes. These are all high-value bottom-of-the-funnel offers that produced a huge flow of sales-ready leads for our clients. You just have to think about what your clients need and how you can give what they want as part of your sales process.

Gift #3 – A Website That Converts Visitors Into Leads 24 Hours A Day, Every Day

Everyone knows your website is like your retail store that never closes. People come by and look around; some stay, while some go. Hopefully the people who stay eventually engage with your site, come out of anonymity and become leads. But did you know that this simple process is actually much more complicated than it sounds?

The people visiting your website are getting a feeling from the first time they visit it. They’re also trying to get information; the combination of emotion and logic combine to help them decide whether to stick around or bounce. The big challenge is you have just 10 seconds to get them to decide if they’re sticking around or not.

If you don’t think your website is one of your most important marketing assets, think again. If you don’t think the message on your website home page is instrumental in getting new business, think again. If you don’t think what your website looks like, how it works and how visitors flow through it have anything to do with whether they ever do business with you, think again and think hard.

When people visit your site, they get an initial feeling, and that feeling is hard to change. Your website has to help prospects quickly get to know, like and trust you. Your website now primarily does what your sales team used to do. If your website is failing to deliver on the know, like and trust factor, youre losing a ton of leads to your competition.

Gift three has to be a website that looks better, works better, says something better and clearly helps your prospects feel like your company is hands down the best in your industry.

Gift #4 – Insights Into What’s Working Well, What’s Not Working As Well And What’s Not Working at All

digital marketingThis gift is a little less concrete than our first three gifts. This is the gift of insight. Marketing performance is now filled with data, and while reports, dashboards, spreadsheets, graphs, charts and lists are wonderful, what you do with that data is much more important. To act on the data you’re provided, you’re going to need insights. Those insights are the key to creating the action plans that drive improved performance. Without insights, you’re lost.

So many tools promise insights, including marketing automation tools, dashboard tools, reporting tools, analytics tools and functionally specific tools like search, social or content marketing tools. But few ever deliver actual insights.

For example, tools will show you the six landing pages on your website and tell you their conversion rates. You can compare them and rank them, seeing the one that performs the best and the one that performs the worst. But now what? How do you know what to do to improve performance? It’s the missing piece. You can Google best practices landing pages, watch some videos on conversion rate optimization on landing pages, take a class or read a book. However, in the end, these best practices will not take into consideration your business, your industry, your prospects, your visitors, your website, your data and your landing pages. So here we are again: What do you do?

The gift of insights involves knowing what’s worked before in similar situations, knowing what tests or experiments to run to help narrow down the options for your pages, knowing how to prioritize the fixes based on effort and impact, and knowing what other data to look at to get more clarity on what the potential upgrades might look like. These insights are hard to come by, but theyre a truly valuable gift for any marketing pro trying to improve performance.

Unfortunately, right now insights like this come primarily from experience, and massive experience at that. Larger agencies that have worked with a wide variety of businesses in a wide variety of industries and have a wide variety of programmatic execution are typically the best places to start when trying to get insights like the ones were talking about here.

Gift #5 – Gifts You Can Give To The Sales Team To Better Align Sales With Marketing

It’s better to give than receive. I love this time of year not for what I get, but for what I get to give. We’re applying that here, too. Instead of getting, we’re suggesting you give. Give to the sales team so that in 2018 you can have your best working relationship ever.

Sales and marketing alignment needs to be on the strategic radar for every marketing team. One way to do that is to give sales some tools necessary to do their jobs better. Tools to help them close more new customers more frequently. Tools to help them close new customers faster. Tools to make the process of closing new customers easier.

For example, marketing can provide content in context to the sales conversations salespeople are having with prospects. Here are some examples: If you’re talking about the build vs. buy option with prospects, then you should have a document that outlines the advantages of both. Delivering this is going to help your prospects make the build vs. buy decision that’s right for them.

If in the sales process prospects ask for references, then a marketing team that can more systematically deliver video, advocacy information, success stories or case studies for sales to use is going to mean fewer referral requests and more impressed prospects.

This is also one of the easier gifts to come up with, because you can simply ask the sales team: What can we do to help you close more new customers faster and with more frequency? What are prospects asking you for that you don’t have or need to hunt down? What questions do they have and how can we give you materials to help you answer those questions? Salespeople are going to be quick to respond. Then you can be the hero, deliver the content and have sales tell everyone how closely they worked with marketing to close the new customer. It’s a win-win.

There’s nothing like the smile on a marketing execs face when one of the lead-generating tactics is producing more leads than expected, those leads are high quality and the sales team is turning those leads into new customers. The gift ideas above are sure to put a smile on that special marketing pro’s face.

Keep in mind that these gifts are only one piece of a bigger gift, which is the revenue machine we talked about yesterday. What good are leads if they don’t produce new customers and revenue increases? At the same time, if you’re not getting any leads, you have no hope of hitting your revenue goals in a systematic, process-oriented way.

I also like to remind people that the journey toward sustainable, predictable and repeatable revenue is a long one. Even the longest journey starts with a single step. Don’t discount these gifts because they simply get you started. Instead, gracefully accept them, use them and build on them month over month until you have your revenue machine running at high speed.  

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Mike Lieberman, CEO and Chief Revenue Scientist

Mike is the CEO and Chief Revenue Scientist at Square 2. He is passionate about helping people turn their ordinary businesses into businesses people talk about. For more than 25 years, Mike has been working hand-in-hand with CEOs and marketing and sales executives to help them create strategic revenue growth plans, compelling marketing strategies and remarkable sales processes that shorten the sales cycle and increase close rates.