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Joanna Swartwood, Director of Marketing and Revenue GrowthFri, Sep 30, 2016 7 min read

Inbound Marketing Skyrockets Results For Compliance Wave


Agile Inbound Marketing At The Speed Of A Startup 

inbound-marketing-results-growth.jpgCompliance Wave, a compliance and ethics startup based in Red Bank, N.J., has aggressive goals.

Joel Rogers, CEO, and Jay Sullivan, chief creative officer, aren’t shy about their marketing and business goals. They needed a HubSpot inbound marketing agency partner to propel their startup’s website conversion rate from an already impressive 5% to 6.5%, and fast.

Compliance Wave partnered with Square 2 Marketing to craft a hyper-aggressive inbound marketing strategy and website redesign plan in November 2015.

Using Agile inbound marketing, the Square 2 Marketing team delivered a strategic inbound marketing plan within 30 days of the new client kick-off meeting. Included in the plan were a new interim home page with updated messaging and a refreshed design, and a “Phase II” version a longer-term, more permanent home page that added in new interactive features and compelling new offers to drive the website conversion rate up quickly.

Interior pages of the website would be written, designed and built in waves, prioritized by importance, potential impact and effort required to complete each page.

Compliance Wave approved the plan on the spot, and the team immediately got to work.

A New Inbound Marketing Website In 30 Days

logo-ComplianceWave.pngWithin 30 days, the interim new home page was live, showcasing an updated, modern look and feel for the Compliance Wave brand. Along with the new home page, the team updated and optimized key HubSpot landing pages for existing pieces of content while also creating and pushing live a new e-book, with updated branding and pain-centric messaging for Compliance Wave prospects.

Because of strategic and Agile website planning, the delivery team was able to get right to work on writing, designing and building the next set of interior website pages, ranked in order of importance by biggest potential impact and by efficiency.

Every 30 days after the initial launch, for 120 days, the strategy and delivery teams tackled prioritized sections of the Compliance Wave website. Working in close collaboration with the Compliance Wave team, the pages were revised, finalized and launched in 30-day cycles, until the website update was complete.

Lead Nurturing Matrixes Accelerate The Sales Funnel

agile-inbound-marketing-results-for-cw.jpgTo reach its goals, it’s key for Compliance Wave to make the most out of every single inbound opportunity. Compliance Wave looked to Square 2 Marketing to create optimized conversion paths for its most qualified and most ready marketing-qualified leads (MQLs) in the pipeline and improve its email conversion rate.

Square 2 Marketing got to work outlining a comprehensive lead nurturing email workflow strategy to accomplish these goals. The team designed a mega-matrix of trigger-based, lead nurturing workflows designed to deliver prospects a tailored experience as they move through their buyer’s journey.

Square 2 Marketing evaluated the journey for each lead type and brainstormed ways to accelerate results. Content offers were inventoried and mapped according to target personas and their respective stages of the buyer’s journey. Twelve core emails were written, designed and built, and from them, seven unique lead nurturing workflows were implemented. Top-of-the-funnel leads receive middle-of-the-funnel offers, middle-of-the-funnel leads receive bottom-of-the-funnel offers and bottom-of-the-funnel inquires receive immediate attention from the Compliance Wave sales team. All new inbound contacts are auto-enrolled in the appropriate workflow when they convert on the site for the first time.

Additionally, together with Compliance Wave, the team also worked to define which leads were the most qualified for the sales team to call.


The team keeps its focus on results, and that focus lets it respond quickly, producing strategic, high-quality turnarounds in terms of both deliverables and ongoing strategy.

The results are impressive, by any standard.

Website traffic is up 93% and website contacts are up 256.32% year-over-year. Leads are up 89.09% month-over-month. The Compliance Wave website is converting site-wide at 12.6%. 

inbound-marketing-results-compliance-wave-email-conversion-rate.pngThe team’s focus on lead nurturing and email marketing is demonstrable in the analytics. Since beginning its partnership with Square 2 Marketing in November 2015, Compliance Wave’s email conversion rate has increased from 2.80% to 15.55% in September 2016.

The Compliance Wave team is excited about the success of its inbound marketing program.

A True Inbound Marketing Partner

Compliance Wave doesn’t just trust the numbers behind its inbound marketing; it trusts the people behind its inbound marketing. In this success story, inbound marketing tactical measures and data only tell part of the story. Compliance Wave has received the greatest value from the partnership it has formed with its inbound marketing team. Square 2 Marketing has truly embodied what it means to be a strategic partner in working with this successful startup.

Unlike most agencies, the agency team is not just delivering a list of tactics each month. The Square 2 Marketing team is always evolving and growing based on what it learns together with Compliance Wave. Instead of quarterly or even annual marketing plans, the team collaborates with the client monthly and creates Agile 30-day inbound marketing plans based on priority (what’s going to make the greatest impact for the least amount of effort?).

Marketing priorities and goals are established each 30-day cycle, and a comprehensive inbound marketing mix of conversion rate optimization, social media, Google AdWords and LinkedIn PPC, retargeting and content marketing continue to fuel the program as additional channels are added in, building a true inbound marketing machine.