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A One-Time-Only Offer For The New Book, The Inbound Sales Effect

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Buyer behavior has changed dramatically. Inbound marketing has provided the platform for new marketing that matches the new buyer behavior, but sales still lags behind.

Finally, there’s a book that helps sales teams adapt to the new buyer behavior — The Inbound Sales Effect: How Progressive Companies Use Inbound Sales To Close Inbound Leads.

Mike Lieberman and Eric Keiles, co-authors of Reality Marketing Revolution and Fire Your Sales Team Today, continue to reinvent and refine sales with their latest offering. But there’s more good news for you!

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The Inbound Sales Effect contains indispensible insight into the mechanics of Inbound Sales. By reading the book, you will:

  • Learn why your sales efforts might not be working like they used to
  • Discover how to create an “experience” for all your prospects so they say “yes”
  • Understand the secret questions to ask that trigger the buy button
  • See how to apply Inbound Sales analytics and metrics to your sales funnel
  • Leverage existing marketing content in your sales process to educate clients and make them feel safe

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