For Scalable Revenue Growth, You Need Continuous Improvement

Unlock the performance of your marketing program by regularly analyzing your data, uncovering insights and informing your ongoing action plans.

Ongoing Audits
And Review

We’ll keep regular watch over your website, content, conversions, paid programs, search results and sales efforts, so you never miss a chance to improve performance.

Benchmarking And

We’ll set goals, track your progress and assess ways to help you exceed your performance metrics.

Execute Needed

We’ll make any data-driven program upgrades, like changing your lead-scoring model based on data review.

Optimize Your
Prospects’ Buyer

We’ll regularly review your prospects’ buyer journeys and the content you’re deploying to engage prospects and convert them into sales opportunities.

Build Your Monthly
Action Plans

Set up your 30-day and 90-day plans. Whether they’re big projects or little upgrades, we’ll help you prioritize and organize based on data and expected results.

Proactive, Regular

You’ll get weekly email updates with your insights and recommendations based on your data. Plus, you’ll get two 45-minute meetings each month to review your program performance, identify insights and talk about actionable recommendations.

HubSpot Support

If you need extra support for HubSpot (like how to change a workflow) or any individual training on HubSpot tools used in your program, we’ll take care of that too.

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Top 10 Insights Uncovered During An AAIR Engagement


See insights and the associated recommendations from actual client programs.

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How Does An Audits, Analytics, Insights And Recommendations (AAIR) Engagement Work?

To uncover insights and drive improved results, you’ll need experience digging through the data. You’ll get that experience when you leverage our team in an AAIR engagement.

You’ll work directly with the growth consultant or growth strategist from your initial engagement, and they’ll help you:

  • Track your progress toward business goals and program performance metrics
  • Stay informed through ongoing communication on what insights and recommendations they uncover
  • Leverage MAXG, your AI-powered insights and recommendations engine, to analyze your performance data from HubSpot, identify areas of improvement and prioritize recommendations
  • Plan and build out your action plans for the next 30 days so your resources and budget are deployed toward the tactics that drive the best results for the least effort
  • Get fast access to insights and recommendations in weekly email updates and twice-a-month meetings to plan for upcoming months

The Missing Piece In Our Revenue Puzzle

"We’ve been working with Square 2 in an AAIR engagement for the past few months and the experience has been enlightening. They regularly uncover areas that we need to optimize on a monthly basis, and then once those upgrades are installed, our results improve."

The Missing Piece In Our Revenue Puzzle

"Square 2 has been helping with ongoing optimization, and they’ve uncovered a number of data-driven recommendations that informed our action plans over the past few months. These recommendations have been very valuable in us seeing improved results month over month."

The Missing Piece In Our Revenue Puzzle

"It has been refreshing working with an expert crew that is constantly tracking, reviewing and monitoring what we’re doing from a marketing perspective. Square 2 has regularly brought new ideas and upgrades to us, and based on data, contributed to us seeing a healthy lift in results."

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