Not Enough Leads?

We’ll Show You How To Add More In Just 30 Minutes

From trade shows and conferences to in-person meetings and networking events, many of the tried-and-true lead generation tactics have been canceled, leaving businesses desperate for leads. Give us 30 minutes, and we’ll show you how to replace those lost leads and add more.

How This Session Will Revitalize Your Business

  • We’ll dig deep into your business and current lead generation efforts, then suggest strategies that will help you attract more leads now and in the future.
  • We’ll discuss the type of experience today’s customers expect during the buyer journey.
  • We’ll suggest ways to transform your marketing and sales efforts so that they align with the demands of today’s customers.
  • You’ll get ideas on how to better leverage your website to drive more leads.
  • You’ll get suggestions for easy-to-implement technologies that can help generate leads well beyond what you’ve lost.

Get Back Your Lost Leads – And Then Some


We Like When Our Clients Tell Our Story For Us

"It’s easy to work with Square 2. It’s very straightforward, and they are extraordinarily responsive, which is not typical in business. For any question I have, it’s responded to remarkably fast."

Eric Miller, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Miller Welding & Machine Co.

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It’s ALL In The Numbers

1,000% Monthly organic traffic after starting near zero

Website visits increased 1,000% in just two months

32 keywords gained top-three ranking in Google search results