Stop Scaring Off Prospects

Get The 30-Minute Sales Process Makeover

Are prospects ghosting you? Then it’s time for a sales process makeover. When prospects suddenly go dark, your sales process is often to blame. From ordinary to extraordinary, in just 30 minutes we’ll turn your drab sales process into one that gets noticed, closes faster and closes more frequently.

How This Session Will Revitalize Your Business

  • We’ll discuss your business and the importance of having a sales process that makes prospects feel comfortable from the very first interaction.
  • We’ll dig into your current sales process to gain insight into how leads are handled.
  • You’ll get insight into how your prospects are experiencing the buyer journey and why it’s scaring them off.
  • You’ll receive recommendations on how to update your sales process to meet the expectations of today’s customers.
  • You’ll get tips on how to make prospects feel comfortable and confident enough to advance through the buyer journey.

Give Your Sales Process The Makeover It Deserves


We Like When Our Clients Tell Our Story For Us

"Square 2 has helped our fast-moving startup find and instill lead management and nurture strategies that work for our team. Everyone on our Square 2 team is so pleasant to work with and they make even highly technical stuff easy to understand."

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progressive-forms-icon Progressive profiling forms added to all landing pages

mql-lead-icon One extra marketing-qualified lead (MQL) a day added to the pipeline

24-hours-icon Able to follow up with all MQLs within 24 hours