Stop Guessing And Start Reaching Your Revenue Goals

How Many Visitors, Leads And Sales Opportunities Do You Need?

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Do you know the answer? Do you know how many website visitors you need or the number of sales opportunities? You can’t hit your revenue goals if you don’t know your numbers.

Don’t worry, we’ve been helping companies figure out these important metrics, and we’re going to help you too. 

In just 30 minutes, we’ll ask you a few questions and work through all of your Revenue Cycle metrics, including modeling your current state and your desired state.


Finally, you’ll know exactly how many visitors, leads, sales opportunities and proposals you need each month to hit your sales goals.

As a bonus, we’ll also recommend some ideas on how you can increase visitors, leads and sales opportunities.

Interested? Just complete the form and we’ll reach out to schedule your no-obligation Revenue Cycle session with the co-founder of Square 2, Eric Keiles. No sales call here, just help to better understand your numbers and how to improve them.

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We Like When Our Clients Tell Our Story For Us

Gary Pica Jr.
"We didn’t have a good handle on the metrics associated with closing business when we met Square 2. They showed us the model and the light bulb went off. We were doing the wrong kinds of marketing tactics and expecting the wrong results."

Gary Pica Jr., Director of Marketing, TruMethods

Want to learn more about the Revenue Cycle, how it stops random acts of marketing and why it helps you focus on marketing and sales execution?