How To Leverage Video Across The Buyer’s Journey

Learn Tips, Tricks And Best Practices

Video is a powerful way to strengthen engagement with your brand and maximize results from your sales and marketing efforts.

To stand out in today’s chaotic customer journey, you need to do more than just include video – you have to deliver the right video to the right audience at the right time.

Discover the best practices for using video across the buyer’s journey by watching our on-demand webinar, cohosted with TwentyThree, makers of a powerful video marketing platform.

Bring your brand to life with video assets that drive results.

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Eric Keiles, CMO and cofounder at Square 2, and Christoffer Larsen, VP of Marketing at TwentyThree, will show you how to:


Leverage video to fast-track leads through the buyer’s journey


Use video marketing automation to time messages perfectly


Deliver a better customer experience with video